Hi everyone out there I am a liberal political junkie. I'm not afraid to share my thoughts and opinions.. I'm all inclusive and like the people in my life to be open-minded.. I do not believe in organized religion. It promotes my god is better than your god. I think diversity makes us stronger. Very concerned about the social and political environment of this administration.

I'm getting back to living after 5 years of putting my life on hold. I am healthy and looking forward to the future. I've been active mountain climbing, white water canoeing and kayaking, sailing, swimming and motorcycling. I've taught theatre, music and dance to handicapped children and appeared in community theatre. My friends would describe me as independent, spontaneous, sexual, adventurous and spicy. I am meeting new people here all over the States and overseas. I'd like to visit as many places as I can. I live 5 minutes from the airport. I've made arrangements should I find a travel partner. I will relocate for happiness. I am looking for a man who wants a monogamous healthy long term relationship. Some of my friends and relationships have been younger than me. My age range for dating is wide 50-70. My profile pic is August 2017. Feel free to message me.

What Kids Are Really Learning About Slavery - The Atlantic
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Very upsetting and unsettling article about the teaching of slavery.
Enjoy a good conversation
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Always enjoy intelligent conversation.
For the thespians out there: What is the favorite role that you have ever played? Why? And, what is one role you would love to play some day?
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I was originally a theatre major in college and was active in community theatre in grad school. I played the female ski bunny opposite the Frank Sinatra character. Can't remember the name of the character though. Future character to play Michele's role in Dark Shadows.
Just finished a massage on a client of mine who said he wished he had worked less and goofed off more. Reminded me of the old saying, "no body on there death bed ever said I should have worked more". Any thoughts on this
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Good advice. More balance with work and relaxation is something we should do before we retire.
I'm ornery. I admit it. I raise meat goats in addition to the job building airplane parts for a living. Every year about a month before prices start going up at the sale barn for meat goat this "goat flipper" gets on FaceBook advertising to buy all classes of goat kids for a price per pound that is low anyway. All he has to do is sit on those goats and feed them out for a month to six weeks and then sell them for prime $ per pound. He benefits from the higher market as well as the weight gains on the meat kids. He counts on people not knowing whats what in prices and even lies when I call him out on it. I feel the producer, the person that does all the hard work and takes all the risk should get all the profit. I am sure Jeremiah Andrews hates seeing me post the truth! I track the markets and I have been informed by other goat producers they rely on my posts of market trends so they know when to sell their own animals.
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Agree if you do the work you should get the credit. Is their some sort of agricultural board you can lodge a complaint with? A state senator or representative?
Father/Son Ritual (for women & men to answer) I have observed a male-centered "ritual" (for want of a better word) that spans generations. I wonder how common the practice is. It goes like this: A father, stepfather, grandfather, or uncle goes up to a young male family member and (this scenario may differ but results are the same) roughly ruffles the child's hair or messes up his hair style or wraps his arm around the boy's neck and rubs his knuckles across the lad's head, sometimes inflicting discomfort or pain. In each case, the boy dislikes the "play," usually resulting in anger as a result. When someone complains, it's explained as a "guy thing" to *"toughen him up."* I have seen this played out throughout the young man's formative years. For the men, what experience have you had? How has it affected you? Does this behavior make the man tough and a leader or angry and vengeful? Does this happen in other countries, too? I'm really trying to get a grasp on this phenomenon. For the women, what have you observed, in both child and adult? How common was it?
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My uncle did it with my two cousins male and female but they walked all over him literally. My cousin Michele would climb up her father and do backward somersaults again and again.
The dangers of not dealing with reality.
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YEA! Totally agree. Congress and Trumpty Dumpty should do something human with gun laws.
A sobering chart .... how do we fix this !??
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Has life been decent or good to you for the most part?
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You know after looking at homeless people day after day on vacation I've got to say I have had a good life. Today I actually saw two policemen try to move a homeless person across the street in an open field.. Despite a dysfunctional childhood I always had clean clothes and plenty of food plus a nice home in a safe neighborhood to live in. It makes one think.
# Groups & Events We’re happy to announce some new features to help build community – ** member groups and events. ** The motivation for groups came after polling members (see "Give your thoughts on Agnostic.com feature priorities for 2018!" ) and noticing that as the website grows, it’s harder for members to keep up with all the new posts and to find similar members. Groups enable similarly-interested members to share topics more intimately than in the main forum. While the features are live for all members today, we are still actively working on improvements and bug fixes. We're happy to get your early feedback so we can prioritize what to work on. Here's some questions/answers: **What can groups be about?** Groups are typically either topical or geographic. Groups can be listed as "online only", "offline" or both as well as setup to be local, regional, state-wide, country-wide or international (default). We are currently pretty open to what can be a group but might come up with more guidelines depending on feedback. We do have limits on content (e.g., no nudity or overtly sexual content as it doesn't help the mission of this website and there are other websites that better suited). **Who can create groups?** Currently any level 5+ member can create a group by going to the main groups page and clicking "Create Group". You'll see a form that has some basic directions. In the next week or so, we will probably open it to newer members so long as they first join (participate in?) a few other ...
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Where is events directory?
Have you ever made a change to your environment that made a noticeable improvement to your sense of happiness or well being?
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Yes-@silvereyes-changed my environment 2 weeks ago-vacation of sorts lol
Are you in a band or were you previously? Post pics/ video...
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No but my ex was supposed to open tour with Aerosmith 22 years ago.
Where is your favorite place to vacation?
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On vacation going on 3 wks. Destination private.
Stairway to Heaven?
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Led Zeppelin would never approve.
Bottom lines.
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You just put 50 questions in your post-would take me a day to answer all of them. Going to try to answer one of them: . The individual makes decisions for themselves based on social programs that are available to them. When I was diagnosed with leukemia this is how I made my decisions. a. Boston hospital or Dartmouth Medical School-I live in NH, not a city person-chose to stay in NH and be at top Medical School. Ambulance would have gone to either. I had good medical insurance. b. Chemo or no chemo. Vs chemo but docs said I'd be dead in 3 weeks so went with chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant. c. Insurance issues-my policy converted to Cobra-got medical assistance from Hospital. d. Cobra cancelled-Applied for and received Obamacare. e. Medicare available, Social Security Disability. f. Medicaid home based program Hospitals provide social workers who help someone make these decisions. I am grateful of the assistance I have received for the past 5 years enabling me to recover. Paid into the system.
This is me when visiting, well, just about anyone else. Hehehe.....
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Are u a Virgo? Neat freak?
Hello I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I really like to know how many people on here are really interested in meeting genuine authentic say what you mean and mean what you say type of person?
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I was and I did here. On vacation with fellow site member now.
I am curious of anyone here that reads this, what brought you here.
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Tired of traditional dating sites-looking for intelligent conversation and diversity.
Tell Me About The Worst Date You Have Ever had....
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I answered this once before but it has an addendum. Met someone from dating site in my car for dinner. Phone call in parking lot revealed he forgot his reading glasses. Next door was Barnes and Noble Bookstore, a place he had never frequented. So after traipsing through the snow and ice in parking lot back to restaurant we are seated and the horror show began. He couldn't decide what to order and consulted his Siri on his cell phone.He didn't drink alcohol so I felt uncomfortable ordering a drink. When dinner was done he fretted over how much to leave for a tip-I offered the correct percentage and he consulted his Siri again ignoring me. We left the restaurant looking for a sports bar to watch the Pats game. He drove around in circles-no idea where he was going and I followed in my car until I found a place to turn around and announced I was going home. Later that evening I came down with food poisoning for 3 days. He called several times-wanting to know why I left. Gave him the brush off several times - now on vacation out west he called again. I never answered.
Here is a question for people hoping to meet someone on this site. Would you contact and try to date someone on this site that joined, but has rarely posted, answer a post, or participate on any of the subjects that are posted daily. I believe that reading some of the answers and participation by members gives one a bit of an insight on who they are. It affords one the opportunity to figure out if someone shares mutual interest in life and if they have similar ideas and some compatibility. Some members have never answered or posted since joining this community.
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I had made many friends on this site however I am currently vacationing with a fellow member on the opposite coast. You can get some idea from posts but messaging and phone calls are mandatory in establishing a friendship. I've had a few scammers here so frequent posting is a big clue who is serious.
Have you ever been skinny dipping?
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In Jamaica at Hedonism II last time.
Found this today and loved it (of course).
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Like it too but wih me it would be museum hopping.
Sexual compatibility is pertinent in any healthy relationship. You can be the perfect gentleman or hospitable woman—however, if there's nothing going on in the boudoir, that relationship is doomed. Now, there's duality involved in this scenario. Once the zenith of sexuality is obtained (factors of age, health, etc), there must be something else to take its place. The mental aspect must permeate the union. It's a rarity to find the combination of both.
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Mature adults can always find a way.
Super members
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Go to Meet and hit Supermembers.
I’m so upset and angry when I think about what happened to me, how rectal cancer came and stole my asshole and left me with menopause, neuropathy, and a weight problem. I hate my body, it betrayed me. So the trick is try not to think about it too much. But the pain is always close to the surface and sometimes more than others. Like when I have to visit doctors which still happens pretty often. Or when I go to a yoga class and am told to sense and love my body. Or when I see someone riding a 36” unicycle through my neighborhood and wonder if I will ever do that again. Like I said, I am thinking about it less, but sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t have to ignore it, maybe it’s okay to be sad and angry when something upsetting happens.
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5 year cancer survivor-we need to learn to accept our new normal. I just did. On vacation with fellow site member. With warts and all.
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