I'm here for good conversation & new friends. I'm friendly and despite the rumors, I don't care for the taste of human flesh... so don't be shy.

P.S. Here for friends. Not looking for love.

How do you handle talking to a parent when they are politically opposite of you?
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If there is no common ground and no desire from either party to openly discuss-- *and* listen... I'd avoid the topic. Ask that he does the same.
I Bought Me A Bike Today!
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I like it. :D Enjoy your ride.
Just a bad hair day..
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I wish that cat were mine. We'd look good together on a windy day.
Who gave you the 'birds and bees' lecture~
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Jewel Akens or my Mom. I mix them up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAPoxEdwLJM
Stand up comedy - How do they actually do it? I've been to comedy clubs. I don't laugh. Not really. It's more of a polite laugh because I feel peer pressured to laugh. It's also a guilty laugh. It takes courage to get out on stage. I don't want to be a dick. So I force a laugh to be polite. More than one person has said to me, "you should be a comedian". I'm glad people think I'm funny. I'm glad I can make people laugh. Most of the time my "funny" is really my anger, bitterness and intolerance for bullshit exiting through my snark pores. But I could never be a comedian. I could never get up on a stage, write a routine, and make people laugh. Anyone who paid money to sit in a chair "Ok, I'm here. Now make me laugh" would be sadly disappointed. I would be as unfunny as a knock knock joke. And if by some freak accident, I was able to force a few hyuk yuks and a gaffaw out of an audience, my career would be short. At some point, while trying to force the funny, I would stumble into the pit with Gilbert Godfreid (aaflac), Mark Richards (cramer - seinfeld), and our newest casualty Nicole Arbour (the fat shaming chic.) I feel bad for these people. I really do. I'm sure none of these people woke up and said "Hey... I think I'll piss off everyone, hurt their feelings and end my career." No, I think I'll leave my "funny" to the curious, spontaneous accident that it seems to be.
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Humor comes in so many different forms. My husband says I'm inadvertently funny. Ha. But, that sounds like an insult to me! ;-)
I'm at a crossroads(again) and I've been thinking about what "better" means. I've been working on making myself and my life better for few years now. What does better mean to you? What is your idea of an idyllic life?
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What you choose to focus on often helps mold your experience of this world. Mental framing is important. But, so is taking actionable steps to create the life you want to live.
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Depends on the relationship, depends on the depth of the betrayal. Some betrayals may end in broken trust beyond repair. Others, you learn and grow from, forgive, and move on. Just depends on what that betrayal is and what it means to you.
Is ignorance bliss?
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To some extent, I think so. There are times when knowledge can be a burden. I cannot constantly listen to politics, for example. Though, I don't like to remain fully ignorant... so I just try to control the feed of information.
Creativity versus Creation. Your thoughts and understanding of the arts, in terms of history and present day purpose. *ding ding* Go!
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For the artist, their creation is a tapestry of thoughts and emotions woven into a tapestry of expression. For the viewer, it either creates a majestic bolt of lightning encapsulating the very essence of beauty ... or it is the stench of a fresh turd wafting in the air. Maybe something in between. Unless the viewer is indifferent. Then the message contained in the art is received like a deaf man receives sound. All subjective, but it adds flavor to our lives.
Are you grumpy? as a default?
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I'm not particularly grumpy. Nor am I particularly bubbly all the time. I seem to fall in the center most times.
Hello health nuts! I know this isn't an aa meeting, but I have to get this off my chest: I'm a sugar addict.... & if you laugh now, you have no clue ;)
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yes, sugar. The threat is real.
So I posted something earlier that I took down because my intentions were being misunderstood. I mentioned that I felt awkward being on here seeking friends and community when it feels more like a dating site. I think the way I worded it made it sound judgemental, but in truth, I was only judging my own feelings. I am married and a friend looked over my shoulder today and wanted to know why I was on a dating site. I said it isn't just for that, and told her that I mentioned my husband in my profile and posts. I am also in a weird state of limbo right now in my life, so trying to not muddy my waters. I have chatted with some awesome folks on here. I like that. I am trying to decide if I belong here. What the hell does it even mean to belong someplace? #ExistentialCrisis
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I'm here for community too. My experience with the site is a good one. I've made a lot of connections. :)
When I'm threatened with eternal damnation.
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Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-air
Science fiction or science fantasy?
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I wonder what the difference is? They are both fiction... ? Or, do you mean Science Fiction vs. Fantasy?
What do you write about? I'm not talking genre. Positivity? Perseverance? Courage? Or weakness? Darkness? Submission? I'm dark. I've always been dark and disturbed. I seem to get more so with time.
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Depends on my mood. I write all different sorts of themes. Really, it's based around what I envision for the main character and what I think their struggle will be.
Anyone here practice Mindfulness on a regular basis?
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All the time. It has done wonders for my mood and ADD.
I think this is a pretty decent list of things we should consider giving up. My Achilles Heel is #6. Which one might you have trouble, giving up?
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8. Perfectionism ... makes it hard for me to get things done. In my case, it also causes some of the other issues on your list. Ex. sometimes I procrastinate, because I make things more of a chore than they need to be... and negative self-talk happens when I don't live up to my expectations.
Hi. I'm new to the site and just started browsing. If you're in the L.A. area, stop by, check out my profile, say hi. Philosophically, I'd describe myself as an atheistic secular humanist. A bit redundant, perhaps, but sometimes more clarity is needed. I hope to meet some interesting people here.
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Welcome to the site. Philosophically, I describe myself as questionable, at best. haha. Okay, I'm just feeling a bit silly today. I hope you're enjoying the site so far. See you around!~
Arranged marriage is still a thing in some places. Like the place my family is from, the place I am, India. I just met my cousin's wife and am shocked. Could such a thing still work? It's oddly tempting to surrender to the idea. To be pushed together with someone who is committed to making a marriage and entering into it with the idea that it may not be easy or perfect, but we're going to make it work. For the first time in my entire life, this is an honest consideration. Not going to lie, it's 100% because she's beautiful and can cook and seems to push him... And because I held my 1 year old nieces... Thoughts?
silvereyes comments:
I worked with a girl who had an arranged marriage. She was talking about how she saw a fortune teller (now, there is some woo in this). The fortune teller told her she was in love with someone who didn't love her back. And, she was quite taken aback by this as she thought it was completely true. The attitude of the husband seemed to measure up to that too. He didn't hold down steady jobs and she was the income bringer. It also seems like he was a slacker around the house and she did everything. He put very little effort into that relationship. I know looks aren't everything... but I wonder if there would've been a natural attraction if things happened outside an arranged marriage. This girl I worked with always had this depressed demeanor. Also, she at one time wanted to be a writer. She wrote a book that I read about an Indian woman who was *suspiciously* like her-- though she denied that was her (main character had the same dreams of being a writer in NYC and almost identical physical description, plus the same heritage???).. anyway, the woman in the book had a choice between choosing a husband and going with the one arranged for her that her parents were pressuring her about... in the book-- the woman chose to pick the man of her own choosing. So, I think you're tossing a dice with arranged marriage. And, as many people as I dated and found myself incompatible with, I'm not sure the odds are in favor of randomness. Some people just deal with it, because it's obligatory or an expectation to make the marriage work. But, when you have a choice, why give it to someone else?
Does Being On Agnostic.com Alot, Cause Any Issues In Your Home With Family ?
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nah, hubby is glad I get to let off my barrage of questions here LMAO also, for some reason, I get on less soap box rants about religion since being here. I guess I blew off some much needed steam.
So, as it is Lunar New Year, I have been participating in lion dance/martial arts demos with a school in a neighboring town I have a strong relationship with (got three more today.) The original point is that the lion in Chinese folklore chases away evil spirits and brings good luck and prosperity to institutions and businesses that receive "blessings." I don't buy into the spiritual side, but I find it an interesting tradition and an impressive art/sport. What non-secular traditions do you find yourself enjoying or at least adhering to?
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I meditate and do yoga. These things are often blended with religious elements. I practice them without those aspects.
Did you arrive at your decision of belief by means of research and critical thinking or merely personal feeling?
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Opening the bible and reading was a huge revelation for me. The majority *can* be wrong. False information is *everywhere.* And, you have to think critically and test yourself for built-in biases. Seriously, my trusting of information and what people say went down dramatically when I started reading that bible-- the book everyone told me was true and that we should be living our lives by it. Critical thinking always. However, I have personal feelings about things too. Not everyone can distinguish facts from feelings, unfortunately.
Good morning. Happy Saturday. Does anyone remember Fraggle Rock every Saturday?
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LOL that one is funny. Yeah. They were around when I was a kid. Actually, unless it was a rainy day, the only time I'd watch cartoons was Saturday morning. Mostly TMNT.
Does anyone get a high from learning?
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Teach me something. I need a fix.
At what point will the mass shooting become, too horrific?
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When it kills someone very "important" or "revered." Otherwise, it's a statistic or a tragedy that people forget within the hour. I know that's sad, but I don't understand how people are so detached from the issue.
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