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This online venture is for friendship and community more than anything else, and it fascinates me that the PNW seems so lightly represented here! What, we have more options and freedoms to seek out interesting folks in person?

My Lutheran upbringing gave way long ago a world of information and the myriad of cultures that join us all in community. I have enjoyed Unitarian fellowships for helping me see what a broad scope of wisdom is available from so many sources.

My 2 kids are each married, healthy, happy, and raising families of their own. Experiencing life with grandies has brought a wealth of love and joy I could not have imagined.

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Florida bank announces it has closed all of Donald Trump's accounts | VozWire
tinkercreek comments on Jun 14, 2021:
Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be true!!!! Just keep stabbing where it hurts him most!~
Edit: apparently this requires a trigger warning.
tinkercreek comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Bravo, and your sons are lucky young men.
A few witticisms to start the day: I don’t feel old.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 17, 2019:
Oh, how I needed those laughs, thank you!!
I've got a new dump of memes
tinkercreek comments on Mar 31, 2022:
Magic words over excess food, while children starve - the blind righteous.
Did everyone remember to eat moldy cheese on this moldy cheese holiday?
tinkercreek comments on Oct 10, 2020:
That one slipped right by me, and I doubt English aged cheddar is nowhere near close enough.
Gotta love March.
tinkercreek comments on Apr 4, 2021:
8 of the next 9 mornings in Oregon are expected to chill out below 35' - and I DON'T LIKE IT!
Love dogs they are fun
tinkercreek comments on Aug 3, 2019:
Looks like very comfy dog seats to me!
Welcome to my virtual birthday party! The only party I am allowed to have.
tinkercreek comments on Apr 11, 2020:
Happy Birthday, Sweetie! So glad to have you among my 'imaginary friends', sharing life as folly and consternation! Hope you have a lovely and healthy year ahead.
The chicks 3 weeks later.
tinkercreek comments on Apr 4, 2021:
Yippee, good job there!
I am officially taking myself out of the singles category.
tinkercreek comments on Aug 31, 2019:
Wishing you all the best, open eyes, and engaged wisdom! I think Deiter put it well.
I have some rhubarb growing in my garden that can be harvested.
tinkercreek comments on Jun 27, 2020:
It's easy to save by just chopping/slicing raw and loading into freezer bags!
I saw this, and since it is one of my all time favorite songs, I thought I would share.
tinkercreek comments on May 2, 2020:
LOVE IT! We used to sing this in parts in college, such fun!
A little higher on the scammer IQ scale but still scammer, I think.
tinkercreek comments on Mar 21, 2020:
Run, Forrest, run.
Matt Groening sure knows how to pull the info.[]
tinkercreek comments on Jan 30, 2021:
Our home-town hero (one of them), and he's great! Ya know, I was that kid, took the Dr, nurse, and my mom to hold me down for a shot til I was about 10. I still can't figure why it all was so scary, given my falls & scrapes, but the logic finally hit me after that.
Heckler Gets Everything Wrong - Steve Hofstetter []
tinkercreek comments on Oct 31, 2021:
This is awesome, thanks for posting!
Governors of Texas and Georgia lift masks mandates
tinkercreek comments on Mar 3, 2021:
Great, just send us all the vaccines and medical gear!
A follow up to my post on humor. I need to find my Nick apparently. []
tinkercreek comments on Aug 24, 2019:
Wow, I guess there are some Hollywood types worth following!
Took my trowel and claw to my planter boxes and pots in the back garden today.
tinkercreek comments on Oct 5, 2019:
Wow, that's a lot of wonderful work! I love the blue pots and all the potential as you begin planting.
One day, a wife came home early and found her husband in their bedroom making love to a very ...
tinkercreek comments on Nov 24, 2019:
So often the truth - from either partner!
Not a robot ?
tinkercreek comments on Jan 13, 2020:
A dark laugh to start the day, nice! :-/
Had a lovely evening picnic at a winery tonight with 8 other local divorced women I met on Facebook.
tinkercreek comments on Oct 13, 2019:
Congrats for surviving that, and with grace, I am sure!
Is it too obvious?
tinkercreek comments on Apr 30, 2019:
Steampunk has it right, with a specialized belt!
Good Afternoon All!!!! Happy Thursday!!!! We had 6 inches of snow in the Capital Region the last 2 ...
tinkercreek comments on Jan 30, 2021:
Hey, WE had snow in Portland, almost shut us down! Chelsea was not impressed, as it was too wet.
Sarah McBride elected to state Senate highest in the country
tinkercreek comments on Feb 15, 2021:
WOW! So humbling and inspiring to see the strength and brilliance of this new Senator! Ms. Braver was kind and insightful in her interviewing structure, and I felt a sense of pride, from way over here, to know we have such an exquisitely qualified person within US government.
Made my style of pan pizza tonight.
tinkercreek comments on Jan 11, 2020:
A bit too much meat in that for me, but I like the idea of mixing Ricotta with the shredded cheeses!
Who ya gong to call in emergency? Taco that is 😃
tinkercreek comments on Nov 24, 2019:
Very clever!
This is the Orchid Rock Rose.
tinkercreek comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Beautiful blossom, and worth watching for daily!
Truth in advertising
tinkercreek comments on Sep 7, 2021:
Hey, Texan friends, little house next to me is going on the market!!
This probably belongs in politics, but it a woman's right to chose should never be political
tinkercreek comments on May 21, 2021:
Great collection!
Reaction of Otter When I Eat in Front of Her - YouTube
tinkercreek comments on Apr 4, 2021:
Incredibly cute, but don't otters need an aquatic environment??
Thought of the day....
tinkercreek comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Yeah, naw.
Signs, Signs, everywhere signs (admit it if you sang that.)
tinkercreek comments on May 21, 2021:
Of course I did~ and love this sign!!
Hello! I need some help, pretty please! My new house closes escrow this Friday, and I am eager to ...
tinkercreek comments on Sep 25, 2019:
I agree that local nurseries will be your best guide! Bosky Dell Natives just outside of West Linn in Stafford is great, and Loen Nursery in Sherwood should also be a good resource for you :-). Al’s and Seven Dees could also be helpful if you find an experienced team member. Your new home looks lovely, hope you have fun with it!
Dog right after coming to new home from shelter , pure love and thanks
tinkercreek comments on Mar 3, 2021:
That looks exactly like my grand-dog, as well as their sofa. Wrong kid!
One of my two best girls lost her fight with cancer a couple of weeks ago.
tinkercreek comments on Mar 21, 2021:
I am truly sorry for your loss and Moxie's. I hope the warming spring days bring you both loving memories and gentle healing.
What is being lonely?
tinkercreek comments on Nov 19, 2019:
Years of interviewing dozens of job applicants helped me with the unexpected skill of making small talk. The best way to know an applicant is to get them talking and I think that works in social situations too, for most folks enjoy the opportunity to talk about their own stuff. Downside of that can be getting trapped in that conversation, but there are 'creative' ways of ducking out of that!
Just so you know, stepping on a gummy bear with bare feet that has been solidifying for a year is ...
tinkercreek comments on Apr 4, 2021:
I can only imagine, ouch!
EPA Shuts Down Local Ghost-Entrapment Business
tinkercreek comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Hahaha, what a story!!
If you have ever seen a tarantula wasp you know they could handle a murder hornet.
tinkercreek comments on May 14, 2020:
I'll just believe you, thanks.
Put on the breaks! []
tinkercreek comments on Feb 24, 2021:
Ooowwww!! I'm amazed the poor thing got back up again, but is likely headed for the Equineropractor!
How are your gardens doing?
tinkercreek comments on Jun 11, 2021:
I've been too busy working on it (Owe! Ouch! #@&!!@#!) but hope to get some pics tomorrow - while it rains, so I don't have to water!!
Has anyone checked to see if that the first that have been inoculated for cond19 have not changed ...
tinkercreek comments on Feb 24, 2021:
The ones I know are fine . . . so far. 😱
Senior moments are a thing.
tinkercreek comments on Sep 1, 2019:
Hahaha, I prefer "Teflon brain".
If men’s logic about vaginas was applied to themselves.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
tinkercreek comments on Dec 8, 2019:
Seems I was blissfully unaware of those assumptions. Hmmm.
So That explains that
tinkercreek comments on May 22, 2021:
Quite likely the case with many ancient writings!
Sharing a sunset.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 20, 2021:
Soon, very soon.
Finally Friday Memes 🤣
tinkercreek comments on Oct 5, 2019:
Oh, the colander was best!!
My kids are asking for an indoor dog. What are the best indoor dogs?
tinkercreek comments on Apr 23, 2021:
Medium-sized poodle mix, young adult, with known social history. Mixed with something short or smooth-haired would be best to avoid grooming needs, but they are smart and friendly. My first puppy looked like a sheltie, but his mom was a white poodle and he was an amazing 30-lb dog!
My son with his best friend at Penn State.
tinkercreek comments on Apr 4, 2022:
Cute pic!
If there is only one good Friday are the fifty-one other Fridays bad?
tinkercreek comments on Dec 18, 2020:
Ongoing xtian nonsense, there was nothing good about it.
Some cuteness for sunday
tinkercreek comments on Aug 8, 2021:
Thank you, I LOVE goats!!
[] Smaller than a bee hummingbird
tinkercreek comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Oh my, imagine those teeny-tiny-wittle-itty-bitty feathers!!
The granddaughter I'm now raising got an award for most improved GPA and, for the first time ever, ...
tinkercreek comments on Apr 3, 2019:
Those are major accomplishments for both of you, and SO nice to get the recognition - WELL DONE!!
Zoom group my power went out. I'll see yous on Thursday.
tinkercreek comments on Feb 15, 2021:
Oh dear, hope you all stay safe and warm!
My Ornamental Plum has a plum! I am changing my yard to clover and I am loving it! So are the bees!...
tinkercreek comments on May 24, 2020:
I don't think there is enough sun on my grassy area for clover, but there are also few weeds. Your roses are beautiful. Waiting, waiting now, as tomorrow begins a nice warm streak after one more cool night!
This describes 2020 in a nutshell
tinkercreek comments on Dec 8, 2020:
Love it - and stolen 😎.
My son had fallen off hid bike and hit his knee, elbow and ribs just minor scrapes nothing a band ...
tinkercreek comments on Feb 28, 2020:
Oh my, busted!
No I will pass on that costume
tinkercreek comments on Aug 8, 2021:
I dunno, it looks very appropriate for global warming and wildfire smoke.
Girl Scouts set up cookie sale stand outside marijuana dispensary - those kids were certainly ...
tinkercreek comments on Feb 15, 2020:
Some good business advice came from those scout leaders!
Invasive giant beauty, Reynoutria sachalinensis (giant knotweed or Sakhalin knotweed.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 20, 2021:
We have those everywhere, and they are lovely!
A sign of the times
tinkercreek comments on Aug 8, 2021:
I know those guys!!
These are bearded iris with one Siberian iris.
tinkercreek comments on Jan 18, 2020:
Iris have always been favorites of mine, and I have some little minis coming up in a pot on my front porch. They cheer me every day!
Not sure if this is the best group to post this in, but since we love to laugh here: a tribute to ...
tinkercreek comments on May 12, 2021:
My hero!!!
I don't always have time to stop and smell the cactus today I did.
tinkercreek comments on May 21, 2021:
Wow, those are beautiful!
The Bay of Chaleur storm systems are a sight to behold.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 10, 2022:
Looks like a great show, thanks for sharing!
During a visit to my doctor, I asked him, "How do you determine whether or not an older person ...
tinkercreek comments on Jun 3, 2021:
You're right, the young folk are all out to get us!
Design a dog
tinkercreek comments on Jun 11, 2021:
Terribull - truth!
I met two nice guys yesterday, and while we went our separate ways, I want to share with folks here ...
tinkercreek comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Dog park regulars are generally great folks!
Tom Selleck served in the 160th Infantry Regiment of the California Army National Guard from ...
tinkercreek comments on Jun 22, 2019:
Wow, even more handsome without the mustache!
You Should Have Left (2020) Directed by David Koepp.
tinkercreek comments on Dec 30, 2020:
Added to my watchlist on Prime!
Hi all.
tinkercreek comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Sounds like a very healthy change of pace for you all. From someone who chooses to live with trees and hills around, I hope there are lots more of the 'alternate home' visits for you!
Petunia's father, Roy, died Saturday morning at 1:30 a.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 18, 2020:
Sorry for your and Petunia's loss, you spent a long time giving him so much help and comfort.
The one little peacock thinks that it is a turkey. The other one hides out in the barn
tinkercreek comments on Jul 20, 2021:
One day, the comparison will be reversed, right?
How much to get a 7 year old dog vaccinated?
tinkercreek comments on Sep 6, 2020:
Pet vaccine clinics are great, and I've used them for years. Cost depends on which vaccines the dog needs so if you have previous vaccine records, do be sure to bring them along. If the vaccinating vet notices anything concerning in the cursory exam they do, and recommends follow-up care, be sure you take that advice!
Mistaken Identity!
tinkercreek comments on Jul 18, 2020:
At least he has a more appropriate appearance, and is certainly more worthy of praise as a living person with respectable values!
This Norman Rockwell is still as powerful and disturbing as it was when he painted it.
tinkercreek comments on Jun 18, 2021:
There was a great documentary movie done on this and the surrounding events, though I don't recall the title. Many brave young people worked with dedication in support of helping the marginalized population to take action on their right to vote, and some paid dearly.
Happy birthday to Judy Garland born on this date, June 10th.
tinkercreek comments on Jun 10, 2019:
Oh my, that voice!
I generally stop after the fourth stage.
tinkercreek comments on Dec 30, 2020:
I can dance and sing, but wouldn't be able to do anything with that much booze!
Well, that's my job, so....
tinkercreek comments on May 25, 2022:
I want to be the deepest, darkest chapter in your sexual diary.
tinkercreek comments on Mar 30, 2019:
I think this entire chain is brilliant - well done!!
Medical humor.
tinkercreek comments on Dec 7, 2019:
With over 40 yrs working in medicine, these are all great - especially the first one!!
I cut my kid's hair then I went and cut my own hair.
tinkercreek comments on Nov 3, 2020:
Good for you! I somehow started cutting hair for friends in college, then my kids, so I learned a bit. My hair is long now and one length, grows very fast, so it's been quite easy to trim it myself. That's so cool your daughter likes it!
My daughter's adopted child is 12 years old.
tinkercreek comments on Sep 11, 2020:
Those are tough situations, and you show a strong character to not criticize or argue, wouldn't make a difference to them anyway. Good luck getting through tomorrow! My thought would be to decide on an exit plan like stomachache, headache, anything you could tell someone, or just leave quietly. I don't know if I could take it.
Argh! All the inspections went fine on the little house I’m buying except we are waiting on ...
tinkercreek comments on Aug 21, 2020:
Glad things are moving along for you! I know nothing of well water procedures, but your kindness and good communication skills should take you far in getting that chimney fixed properly!
Might work
tinkercreek comments on Jul 9, 2020:
What, no butt scanners?
Another pun. Kind of about my name, Herb, according to the guy who sent it to me.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 17, 2019:
I think it's cute!!
The naked man orchid. Is there a naked lady orchid to? Me wonders.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 20, 2021:
I would say most other orchids are "lady orchids".
Life lessons
tinkercreek comments on Oct 17, 2019:
That's certainly what my last couple days have felt like!
Meter readers are a bit soft here
tinkercreek comments on Dec 7, 2019:
Don't mess with Mama!
Yeah. I wanna know how it ends
tinkercreek comments on Feb 9, 2020:
That kid has promise!
I'm a little uncertain about which wine will go best with tonight's supper. Red or White?
tinkercreek comments on Jul 18, 2020:
Please translate "toast soldiers" - strips?
The 25 lb.
tinkercreek comments on Nov 27, 2019:
Ummm, I think the aroma of roasting turkey is nearly better than the meal!
Do the Math.....
tinkercreek comments on Sep 12, 2019:
Love it, that's great!
Our last night on the road.
tinkercreek comments on Jul 7, 2019:
Great news that you and your girl are completing a good trip, and thanks for sharing with us!
Someone I am talking to online suggested we discuss the "deep conversation starters" linked below.
tinkercreek comments on Sep 16, 2020:
It does call out the intention to share with your S.O,, but seems like a list of reasonable conversation starters for anyone. Do you have an objection to offering honesty too soon in a relationship? If so, just leave, for no one needs that.
Good question which is it ?
tinkercreek comments on Aug 12, 2021:
Maybe it's a steer.
It was rough, but we survived.
tinkercreek comments on Oct 19, 2020:
I'm thinking I need to start a list of these things to tell my grandkids - before I forget them all!
I could not resist getting this mask.
tinkercreek comments on Aug 23, 2021:
I like it, good choice~!
The hardest part of walking away...
tinkercreek comments on Apr 3, 2019:
Ego disguised as love - been there.
Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute - SNL - YouTube
tinkercreek comments on Sep 18, 2020:
They were so funny in the SNL classic era~!


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