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How did the republicans become anti-science?
twill comments on Sep 15, 2018:
Seems like both. But due to my contention that religion underlies almost everything on the "human behavior side of the planet equation", for me, it tips the balance from profit to religion
Regarding God's Creation Fairy Tale 1: In the Beginning.
twill comments on Sep 15, 2018:
The Mystery Diety....Sittin' around by hisself for 13,800,000,000 years and never got bored or lonely .
Are your words changing themselves on this site?
twill comments on Sep 14, 2018:
I din't seam two have and of these tipo issues hear
Just curious, what is the highest level you can get here?? I am level 6.6 ... what about you?
twill comments on Sep 11, 2018:
6.9 here. Does that mean anything?
No reason to spend your Monday cranky! []
twill comments on Sep 11, 2018:
Sometimes I have to realize that I have a real need for music and turn some on
Why do other people my age seem so old to me? I can't be the only one!
twill comments on Sep 11, 2018:
Because they've given up.
Questions for Democrats: Which Candidate is your top choice to run for President in 2020?
twill comments on Sep 9, 2018:
Many years ago, (10? 15?) , I heard Elizabeth Warren on the radio, explaining how our credit card industry operates. How it started, evolved, Etc. I've always liked her. She seemed very capable. I would always consider voting for her. Bernie just couldn't quite explain where the money for his social programs would come from (MIC! MIC! ) as obvious (MIC! MIC!) as the answer is ( MIC! MIC!) . So either he was being coy and dishonest, or was going to continue funding the MIC along with fantastic social programs. America CANNOT afford both. So I can't buy into what he's selling, as much as I'd like to. Hillary .....problem is.....if we had gotten her in 2016, she'd have been back in 2020. Along with another corporate clone in 2024. & 2028. Business as usual takes on a life of its own.......It tends to be business as usual. Obama cost me $1000's .........I can waste my own money thank you. I think that George Soros pegged him when he said that once Obama has your support, he doesn't offer much. He's out looking for more supporters. Obama gave up waaaaaay to much to RepublicanTs. No fight in him. He had the House & Senate and .....SUCKED. Might as well have voted for Romney ( MCCain probably had my vote in '08 before he "discovered" Sarah Palin. Yuck Poo!)
Will it ever be possible to solve the worlds major problems while MonoTheism dominate societies, ...
twill comments on Aug 29, 2018:
After my snack, I am particularly bothered by .....The Enablers. Enablers meaning "Liberal" media, Government, Social Assumptions. Or do I mean captives?
Will it ever be possible to solve the worlds major problems while MonoTheism dominate societies, ...
twill comments on Aug 29, 2018:
After my snack, I am particularly bothered by .....The Enablers. Enablers meaning "Liberal" media, Government, Social Assumptions. Or do I mean captives?
Wisdom from the dark ages of 1998 for the internet era
twill comments on Aug 27, 2018:
1st there is information. 2nd is Knowledge.3rd is wisdom. Then comes Data.......
Which are your favourite cities/towns to visit?
twill comments on Aug 26, 2018:
Likes: Nashville, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Cleveland, Galveston.......... Hutchinson, KS! Dis likes: Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Jacksonville, Denver So-so: Detroit
Any othet atheist who love gospel music
twill comments on Aug 26, 2018:
I Saw The Light: Hank Williams Gillian Welch does some nice work here I really like some Christmas songs.....Do they count?
A general question here. Why do people follow a belief system?
twill comments on Aug 24, 2018:
It's EZ, is one reason. Mental laziness leads one to seek answers already given. Could it also be that some people after struggling to survive all day, find it hard in the evening to contemplate the ways of the universe? Good question tho!
Who is the most overrated band in your opinion?
twill comments on Aug 21, 2018:
Counting Crows
Was becoming atheist difficult?
twill comments on Aug 21, 2018:
After many years of "not really believing", then holding out hope, and going to church, then "not really believing"....I finally opened my eyes to the incredibly unbelievable nonsense and decided that "I'm an Atheist". While growing up my family "always" went to church on Sunday, there wasn't a lot of religious pressure in the house, or during the week. It was just kind of "assumed" that prayer worked. God is alive. Jesus was resurrected, blah, blah, blah. We weren't active members of the congregation. So yeah there were those admonishments, but not much else. When I married and we had babies, we went down the christian road. I mean, we have to save their little souls, right? My wife claimed to be a believer..... But she was little more than indoctrinated if you ask me. She picked our church. Went through all of the rituals to join......then she was the 1st to quit. After all of that we went to several other churches , to find the one that "fit us" ......MADNESS! One day after we had not went to church for a while, she says: " I want to try the catholic church. It looks like a beautiful religion" I replied: " You just go ahead and go for it" I knew I was done forever at that point.
Hypnosis changed my mind on religion and christianity.
twill comments on Aug 18, 2018:
I had one hypnosis session back in the 80's. I quit smoking afterwards. Immediately.. It worked for me
Am I the only one who feels like a social misfit?
twill comments on Aug 16, 2018:
Hmmm. I thought by now, age 60, I'd be struggling to fill y time. Absolutely wrong, Ms. Goddess, U R absolutely right. Is it the same as always.......Time Management.? I can really trace my time wasting down to : Internet. What saves time is busyness and music. And...btw....U can call me anytime, for quality time. FYI!
How are members feeling about all the memes and links on the site? Asking for a friend. :)
twill comments on Aug 13, 2018:
Are they "meems"? Or are they "Mee-Mees"?
LAME CLAIMS TO FAME Nearly everybody has a lame claim to fame.
twill comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Helped roof the Kennedy house, saw Ted playing tennis on the courts. Can't think of 2 more Thought of another: stayed in the same hotel as Barack Obama when he was running for president. Omni in Richmond, VA. I came pretty drunk about midnight. Saw some Strange dudes in suits. Wandered past them. Found out a day later that they were secret service Can't think of one more.....yet!
LAME CLAIMS TO FAME Nearly everybody has a lame claim to fame.
twill comments on Aug 10, 2018:
Helped roof the Kennedy house, saw Ted playing tennis on the courts. Can't think of 2 more
On a different forum, and under a pseudonym, I've written about a recent experience with faithful ...
twill comments on Aug 9, 2018:
Very good. "Surreal experience" "Anti climatic nature"....true thoughts and experiences. I enjoyed reading the comments section also.
Just some of the places I’ve recently had the pleasure to visit!!
twill comments on Aug 9, 2018:
Where were the lights?
Am I the only one who does this?
twill comments on Aug 9, 2018:
Same here. Queen sized, left side
Last night during a conversation while hanging on the bar in our local tavern, somebody said that ...
twill comments on Aug 5, 2018:
GOD has probably engineered the greatest human genocide, that of childbirth. The death of mothers, newborns and the unborns.
PART 3 ISLAM: THE STRAIGHT DOPE A Self-styled Expert Explains Everything THE KORAN’S ...
twill comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Thanks for all of that. So many failings of Christianity fill my head, I rarely consider the other prophets of doom. As I just posted, if God has a message for us humans, why not just alight the stars as letters and sky write it out for us all to see. His version of Twitter. All of this writing, pencil and paper, by man, seems a little , IDK....weak?
Ayn Rand has come up in conversations with conservatives lately.
twill comments on Aug 4, 2018:
Hell even the "Liberal" media ignores her atheism and talk against Power Strokes.
Excerpt by David Whyte: "Unrequited love is the love human beings experience most of the time.
twill comments on Aug 1, 2018:
It's difficult.
Are you concerned the Religious Liberty Task Force could use this site to target you?
twill comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Seems like it'd be one of the 1st places they'd look.....
I'd love to know people's thoughts on New Age/Spirituality.
twill comments on Jul 25, 2018:
Good insight! I have no experience or knowledge. Altho I did watch a clip of Seth Andrews commenting on why Oprah for President would be a bad idea
So I got divorced.
twill comments on Jul 15, 2018:
I don't like payments either
Ricky Gervais on Noah's Ark. []
twill comments on Jul 15, 2018:
Climate Control onboard obviously. Because the polar bears lived next to the reptiles
Ex girlfriend won't stop texting me and has a new boyfriend that won't have sex with her.
twill comments on Jul 2, 2018:
Doesn't bother me any. She texted you. Won't stop. Not really funny, but truly sad. And I don't mean you John INFP!
It seems to be accepted practice to aim criticism toward the other person when a friendship or ...
twill comments on Jun 26, 2018:
During the marriage, according to her, it was all my fault. During the divorce, according to me, it was all her fault.
I am going to see Roger Daltrey perform the songs from "Tommy" at the Ravinia Pavillion tomorrow ...
twill comments on Jun 25, 2018:
Tommy is still on my playlist. Has been since I was kid. Sounds like a great time!
70 years ago my country took the bold move to provide healthcare, free at source for all, from the ...
twill comments on Jun 22, 2018:
TY For informing us w/ 1st hand knowledge
I’m on the November ballot unopposed to be State’s Attorney!!
twill comments on Jun 20, 2018:
So, was talking to a friend of mine this weekend at a BBQ.
twill comments on Jun 17, 2018:
At the grocery store, and in restaraunts, I point out to my kids what obese/ extremely obese people eat.....
Libtard logic.
twill comments on Jun 16, 2018:
I'm going back to Facebook.
Let's pretend we're wrong and a supernatural diety shows up on earth! What three questions would ...
twill comments on Jun 13, 2018:
1) Hi. How ya doing? 2) What's goin' on? 3) I guess I'm going to hell?
A question that I hope will not turn ugly as I truly don’t mean it to be.
twill comments on Jun 10, 2018:
I'm registered as a Republican. I never vote straight ticket. I don't consider myself a member of the party. What it has become is.....shallow. But then again, shallow, pathetic souls who don't even understand their inner selves, let alone the complex world outside of them....well they need somewhere to go . I suppose the reasons I registered and voted the way I do has to do with economics. But that along with everything else has changed. The invisible hand no longer is a viable solution (if it ever was) . Reckless de-regulation does not work when there is little respect for the laws. The takeover by religious zealots is the most most frightening of all. Faux Patriotism. Willful Ignorance. Here's my favorite: The RepublicanTs have convinced millions that the Poor People have all of their money. Count me out of that crowd. Today is a new day.
Don't Remember Where I Found This Wild Proposal for Israel-Palestine Conflict Satirical?
twill comments on Jun 4, 2018:
Nothing satirical about it. Problem is, nobody in power really wants a solution. There's always a solution. Always. Just has to be some willingness
Is it just me or where I live, but is it becoming less acceptable for men to go shirtless?
twill comments on Jun 3, 2018:
When I was more of businessman and less of a roofer, I'd keep my shirt on. Now that I am on the roof more, the shirt goes flying off rather quickly. Altho I am slim and don't have a beer gut, (I used to) it's a comfort thing. In mixed company, life in general, I always wear a shirt except at the pool or beach. Most men don't need to take off their shirts... the gut is already highly visible. ( I see it with the women too..... in general America's physical shape is poor)
[] How do you all feel about this?
twill comments on May 29, 2018:
The war intensifies
John F.Kennedy on economics...sounds a lot like Trump's plan
twill comments on May 23, 2018:
Of course it has never been proven that Kennedy was any good at being president. The more I learn about him, the worse he gets.
Now that the members of KISS are in their late 60's I heard they have decided to slow down a little.
twill comments on May 21, 2018: I was there....8th row
Question for all of you up around my age range If you've been divorced at least once would you ...
twill comments on May 21, 2018:
I am a Great Dad. I am a Fantastic Lover. I am a Kind, Gentle Man. I am also a Lousy Husband....
I've been reading up on psychedelic drugs lately.
twill comments on May 21, 2018: “You don’t do something like this because you read a magazine article.”
How much are the US news channels following the wedding tomorrow between TV star Meghan Markle and ...
twill comments on May 19, 2018:
I was hoping to watch the weather report this chance of it
I've been reading up on psychedelic drugs lately.
twill comments on May 19, 2018:
No peyote, never did it.. But I'd sure like to trip about twice a year....why leave the house to go on vacation? Seriously, it's the quickest, easiest way to get over this God BS. I did some acid when younger. Some good, some not so good experiences. Then in my 50's some was given to me.....much, much better for me!
The goal of any fundamentalist religion always has and always will be total control of females.
twill comments on May 18, 2018:
They like it?
Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas: 8 deaths reported - CNN
twill comments on May 18, 2018:
My friend has grandchildren in that school. They are OK. Sad for the others, and their families
Trump quietly signed an Executive Order allowing gov't to fund religious groups - Being Liberal
twill comments on May 8, 2018:
Ummm, since they don't pay taxes and use those funds politically, don't we already fund them?
They all claim that their God is the fair and the loving great immortal existing.
twill comments on May 6, 2018:
We just buried a friend today. After a six year battle with cancer. She was a fine 58 yr. old grandmother who only wanted to live and spend more time with her family. Nothing the preacher said at the service, could or would ever sway me from the simple truth that he is believing a lie of gigantic proportions. Pathetic beliefs. Pathetic "God"
I am in my 30s and have no tattoos and no piercings and I still have my tonsils and appendix.
twill comments on May 3, 2018:
You Freak!
Hi guys, I've been feeling really down lately.
twill comments on May 2, 2018:
You want to know how much I hate airlines and airports?
twill comments on May 1, 2018:
I'm done with flying too....unless I'm going to California.
Big tough texans
twill comments on May 1, 2018:
A lot of walking? When I lived there I mostly got yelled at when hitch hiking. I did a lot of walking.
When an adult talks to her imaginary friend she’s crazy, but if many people talk to an ...
twill comments on Apr 30, 2018:
And... it's not a cult!
This is me. I'm an introverted extrovert. Or an extroverted introvert. I can't decide which.
twill comments on Apr 29, 2018:
Pretty typical I'd venture to guess
Report: Congress Pays Clergy $66,000 An Hour To Pray
twill comments on Apr 28, 2018:
Well shit, religion is a business. What else is to be expected here?
Should I get rid of my Xtian bed?
twill comments on Apr 28, 2018:
Wash the sheets and're good to go. Or better yet, buy new ones
Shower thought: "Sweet Home Alabama" was recorded in Georgia by a band from Florida.
twill comments on Apr 27, 2018:
Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers....
twill comments on Apr 27, 2018:
I am totally blown away....has anyone ever heard of this lady?
I am feeling grateful today!
twill comments on Apr 26, 2018:
The Absence of Light
Why are atheists not willing to form a coalition?
twill comments on Apr 26, 2018:
In my own little paranoid way, it seems the world and USA, is tumbling towards an either you are for or against us mentality. In my sad vision, when the shit hits the fan here, the churches and 2'A'ers (mostly the same nowadays) are coming for us all. A little group protection might be a "nice thing" to have
I am on a dating site and I contacted a gentleman and we spoke on the phone last night.
twill comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Do you doubt your lack of belief? Do you think his belief is stronger than your no belief? Do you want to just sit and blow Happy Sunshine up each other's asses? (Or everyone else's) Hell, go for it. Please report back to me
THE PROSTITUTION OF THE BLACK CHURCH: When I was a child in the Church it was always a given, ...
twill comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Our little rundown white towns are getting quite a number of storefront churches nowadays. My big question is: Why do college "educated" people get involved in this nonsense?
I am feeling grateful today!
twill comments on Apr 25, 2018:
Is this supposed to be a Picture of Black ?
What would you say to God if when you died you were faced with him?
twill comments on Apr 24, 2018:
Since the odds of this meeting taking place are 1 in 100's of thousands/ millions, I won't be spending any time writing or rehearsing a speech. I'll just wing it, IF I get there
I had started using FB again to see if anyone missed me.
twill comments on Apr 23, 2018:
FB really isn't real
Zeitgeist the movie
twill comments on Apr 22, 2018:
I've watched it more than once. I didn't care much for the financial stuff. The other parts I liked
Guys, I'd love to hear what your biggest challenge is when it comes to meeting, and connecting with,...
twill comments on Apr 21, 2018:
Sometimes, time & place. As a construction worker, I really don't spend much of my day interacting with women. As non church goer, I don't have that social outlet. As an old crank, I don't get far with small town conversation. But's a mood thing. When I'm occupied, or on a mission, or have an agenda, or even feeling down, it seems women are popping up in numbers, and seemingly happy! When I'm clean, dressed up, feeling smart, looking for conversation// connection all I find is: Chain smokers, Surly Women.....or Dudes.
Am I the only atheist that doesn’t smoke pot?
twill comments on Apr 21, 2018:
I don't smoke it. I try to take care of my lungs....I only have 2
After Getting Sued for Libel, Alex Jones Concedes Sandy Hook Wasn't a Hoax
twill comments on Apr 21, 2018:
I read no statement in that article from Alex Jones that admitted anything
A friend of mine and I were talking about music the other day.
twill comments on Apr 19, 2018:
twill comments on Apr 17, 2018:
Thanks for everyone's responses so far. I should say that this person is / was a business partner. ( (Although, at the end of my marriage, my ex wife was carrying on similarly, but not as extreme. ) Although these relationships have ended, just recently, looking back have I gained this new perspective.
Don’t set the bar too high ;)
twill comments on Apr 16, 2018:
As someone who has been accused over & over (by mindless souls if you ask me (I'm being nice here!)), I like to refer to myself as a "Critical Thinker" rather than the "Judgemental Asshole" that others call me (if someone is judging me to be a Judgemental Asshole, wouldn't that then make them ......Judgemental?)
twill comments on Apr 15, 2018:
This works
As of right now, I'm not going to use FB for a week or two.
twill comments on Apr 15, 2018:
I tried quitting for 30 days . Didn't happen. HOWEVER, I weaned myself away from the daily crap. Unfriended about 20 people, mostly the obnoxious ones. AND, I check in much less now, to deal with much cooler people
Woohoo!! It's Friday night!! What are your big plans for the weekend?
twill comments on Apr 14, 2018:
Working this weekend, but also other things: taking my son to a "Beatles" concert.....Local musicians are playing Beatles songs in variousgroupings. No shortage of musical talent here in NWI, this should be a unique show! My son does not like Beatles. But, he does like food. Taxes must get wrapped up today. It'll be Monday in no time....
Before I thought that if Jesus existed, he was just another charismatic leader, like Jim Jones, ...
twill comments on Apr 13, 2018:
Funny....sad, and true
My new glasses!
twill comments on Apr 11, 2018:
Single Life
twill comments on Apr 10, 2018:
3 1/2 months
Being single
twill comments on Apr 10, 2018:
I think that I am sending out some very serious "I DON'T CARE" vibes. I'm Not exactly Mr. Charming lately......
Satan. []
twill comments on Apr 10, 2018:
Ha ha ha
XTC - Dear God (1986) - YouTube
twill comments on Apr 9, 2018:
Won't hear this one on the radio nowadays. I have this recorded on an old unlabeled cassette I made. Every once in a while I come across it and play it. Never saw the video tho. Thanks for sharing
What are your thoughts on age gaps in a relationship?
twill comments on Apr 6, 2018:
Gonna have 'em. My 2nd wife, mother of my children, 17 yrs. younger than me, but about 2 centuries older. Didn't last.
So, just spent this easter at our local giant easter fair, heaps of music, chocolate, silly costumes...
twill comments on Apr 5, 2018:
They did Walk with Cross downtown here
True or False: How we think is determined by the mind, not how things really are.
twill comments on Apr 4, 2018:
Influenced by both, determined by neither
Anyone have some Low Carb High Fat experiences?
twill comments on Apr 3, 2018:
I wish....I wish....I wish.....that Everytime someone mentioned Carbs, they prefaced with either "good" or "bad" ....or even "simple" or "complex". The misuse of words is pretty bad all around us. The usage of the word carbs" is one of the worst examples. Now we've lumped Spinach in with enriched bread, doughnuts and white spaghetti.. No difference, right? They're all carbs....
Just a few funny stories I thought I'd share about my 12 year old.
twill comments on Apr 2, 2018:
My 92 yr-old Mom is crying at me about my kids' religious beliefs, prayer, etc. My 13 yr old and I had a conversation about his lack of belief last week. He simply cannot rationalize it. I suppose at this point a christian parent would have a stockpile of answers to give him ......
I am having a hard day emotionally.
twill comments on Apr 1, 2018:
You're working. Paying your bills. Your independent of the bullshit as far as I am concerned. Sling it out or sling it back. Move out if you have to for peace of mind
Why are men so afraid of meeting face to face on online dating?
twill comments on Mar 30, 2018:
HUH? In my experience it's the women who don't want to meet and keep dragging out the texting and chats. I gave up on it
Hey....anyone want to talk about our Lord and Savior?
twill comments on Mar 24, 2018:
Christians have been waiting over 2,000 years for the return of Jesus to earth 2 Aer's have been waiting over 200 years for the government to come for their guns. The rest of us try not to Watch the Wait
Staying together for the kids 2.0
twill comments on Mar 21, 2018:
My 10 yr. old is still sad about the divorce. Of course he won't be 10 forever. He will come to an understanding. Right? My other son is pretty much simply angry at me. (It was all my fault?? Who knew!) We're working through it . For me & her....we could have tried harder, at least for the kids' sake. And then divorced when we reached the next point of no return For me , I am saddend by the personal loss and when I see my son sad. I am also liberated from a ton of bullshit
The Church Ceremony Blessing People With Their AR-15s Was Weird As Hell | March 1, 2018 by Hemant...
twill comments on Mar 20, 2018:
In case you have not noticed, American Religion is tied into the 2A now. This is really no surprise. American Religion follows the money, the popularity ....and the power. Always been this way
Places To Retire As Expats for $200K
twill comments on Mar 20, 2018:
After writing my previous comments, I now Ponder the Plunder: What is the environmental impact of fleeing Americans to more rural countries? Perhaps the best answer is to simply rent in a city. But the rersults, especially where Americans are concerned will almost certainly be :more, more more. More housing. More shopping. More land for housing. More resources gobbled.....Now Honduras needs more landfills. More plastic in the ocean. More soda pop for the locals. Consume Mass Quantities !!!! Paradise shot to hell. Hopefully we can all think first. IDK if I want to play a part in this
I am really glad coming and finding a site this so open and liberal and no one is spewing religion ...
twill comments on Mar 19, 2018:
Yes and usually spewing by the 3rd paragraph. I know what you mean. Welcome
Places To Retire As Expats for $200K
twill comments on Mar 19, 2018:
A question I always consider is: property rights/ ownership. I strongly believe in protection of people's property. Yet most of these articles focus on renting. Which is an option, but just in case I wanted to buy, what would be my legal rights? And also what is the RCQ....Religious Crazy Quotient?
Places To Retire As Expats for $200K
twill comments on Mar 19, 2018:
I've done some reading on it. Considered the possibilities. HUGE investment, not just money, but resources such as brainpower, language learning, still have to file US tax returns, ....A lot to consider. Now that I've read the article it helps to know that so many people are Bi-lingual. I don't really see much enjoyment in the future USA. It's ugly here. I don't want to spend muy retirement waiting to die while my country burns.


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