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I was born Agnostic.
I was raised Catholic, but not very well.
I finally became am Atheist.
Problem solved.


Police Union BACKS JAN 6 RIOTER - YouTube
twill comments on Aug 5, 2021:
This is what unions do. There was video of a steelworker playing a joke on his fellow workers (union!) in the mill. Left a live wire for someone to pick and get shocked. This was not an accident or a slip up. The union saved his jobs, other members be damned. So much for unions. Just like Dems, they destroy themselves
It's Friday.
twill comments on Sep 20, 2019:
No serious work until Tuesday. I was gonna tale a road trip. #1 son has been sick, so we'll hang out, take it as it comes
Notable Atheist Books (501 books)
twill comments on Oct 21, 2020:
Wow ....Lots of books I'd like to read in there !! (I have only read one of the 1st 100....but have heard of many of the others)
Was becoming atheist difficult?
twill comments on Aug 21, 2018:
After many years of "not really believing", then holding out hope, and going to church, then "not really believing"....I finally opened my eyes to the incredibly unbelievable nonsense and decided that "I'm an Atheist". While growing up my family "always" went to church on Sunday, there wasn't a lot of religious pressure in the house, or during the week. It was just kind of "assumed" that prayer worked. God is alive. Jesus was resurrected, blah, blah, blah. We weren't active members of the congregation. So yeah there were those admonishments, but not much else. When I married and we had babies, we went down the christian road. I mean, we have to save their little souls, right? My wife claimed to be a believer..... But she was little more than indoctrinated if you ask me. She picked our church. Went through all of the rituals to join......then she was the 1st to quit. After all of that we went to several other churches , to find the one that "fit us" ......MADNESS! One day after we had not went to church for a while, she says: " I want to try the catholic church. It looks like a beautiful religion" I replied: " You just go ahead and go for it" I knew I was done forever at that point.
I’m new to this site and I find it interesting that people who are religious are here.
twill comments on Dec 31, 2019:
They don't know. And I don't believe.
This is me. I'm an introverted extrovert. Or an extroverted introvert. I can't decide which.
twill comments on Apr 29, 2018:
Pretty typical I'd venture to guess
Questions for Democrats: Which Candidate is your top choice to run for President in 2020?
twill comments on Sep 9, 2018:
Many years ago, (10? 15?) , I heard Elizabeth Warren on the radio, explaining how our credit card industry operates. How it started, evolved, Etc. I've always liked her. She seemed very capable. I would always consider voting for her. Bernie just couldn't quite explain where the money for his social programs would come from (MIC! MIC! ) as obvious (MIC! MIC!) as the answer is ( MIC! MIC!) . So either he was being coy and dishonest, or was going to continue funding the MIC along with fantastic social programs. America CANNOT afford both. So I can't buy into what he's selling, as much as I'd like to. Hillary .....problem is.....if we had gotten her in 2016, she'd have been back in 2020. Along with another corporate clone in 2024. & 2028. Business as usual takes on a life of its own.......It tends to be business as usual. Obama cost me $1000's .........I can waste my own money thank you. I think that George Soros pegged him when he said that once Obama has your support, he doesn't offer much. He's out looking for more supporters. Obama gave up waaaaaay to much to RepublicanTs. No fight in him. He had the House & Senate and .....SUCKED. Might as well have voted for Romney ( MCCain probably had my vote in '08 before he "discovered" Sarah Palin. Yuck Poo!)
"Books are a poor substitute for female companionship but they are easier to find" - Kvothe, The ...
twill comments on Feb 14, 2018:
Excellent thread, based on an interesting quote
So, I have a good friend who is an amazing musician, and he's also an evangelical christian.
twill comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Is there somebody for everybody or does everybody settle for somebody
twill comments on Nov 3, 2021:
We are too worried about the news, (!) concerned about what's for dinner, (????) what will my family think (mmmm), What no MEAT !?!? ...will the neighbors like the new drapes? YOU'RE GONNA HURT YOURSELF !!!! We're picking people for compatibility, not excitability. Just like the bananas at Krogers....and don't pinch the bread goddammit ! People are fucking lame. Get used to it
Got to hang out with some coworkers tonight and was able to blow off some steam about my ex.
twill comments on Apr 29, 2019:
Good for them! My friends and co-workers know....anybody around me for long is gonna get an earful. My family, hit and miss. The few that I associate with, or speak honestly to, they know. They've heard me "wax poetic".
Why are newscasters hedging their statements?
twill comments on Feb 7, 2020:
Why are lies even on the "news"?
Is it right to only stay with your partner for the sake of the kids?
twill comments on Feb 2, 2018:
My parents did......didn't do us kids any good. Or maybe because they were Catholic. Or maybe because that's what people did in those days. Or maybe it was fear of life without it. You know he/ she starts to feel like a pair of old socks...or dirty underwear. Damaged me anyway. It was a screwed up household I didn't stay together for the kids.....I became a Dad when I got divorced. I'm happier now. I am also sorry that we hurt each other in the process
There are things I really miss about having a partner.
twill comments on Mar 24, 2019:
Perhaps you should have numbered your list RoadGoddess. I count 13. fwiw.
There will be a sharp rise in domestic violence on Sundays now that there are no sporting events to ...
twill comments on Mar 16, 2020:
At some point, I have to think, we simply have to move forward. Maybe I have it all wrong
Something people could learn from vets
twill comments on Aug 9, 2019:
I was having a beer with a vet and her 2 brothers a couple of days ago. She was extremely racist and trying to throw her garbage into the conversation. I/ we ignored her well enough to skip around her shit. I was pre warned as I was FB friends with her at one time, but unfriended her. Not due to racism, but her Type A personality. 35 + Years ago, an aquaintance, Bako, a biker, vietnam vet (Army) was into Nazis and white supremacy. ( My 1st go around with this. ) VERY VERY Racist. He passed away a few years back. He would probably be pleased at the state of the world. But to be fair, he raised his family, paid his taxes, worked hard for his brothers. IDK a lot of vets. IDK if vets are less racist or more tolerant. I know that they all aren't. IDK if they want to continue the war they were in, never outgrew racism or something in their past can't be changed within them. I'd like to know more
Hoosier State group?
twill comments on Sep 18, 2018:
Hi Nichole. I like the idea a lot. I posted recently about where many members are from. Midwest/ Great Lakes seem under represented. to me anyway. Count me in
God always hates others.
twill comments on Sep 5, 2021:
Ve-ely Intahlesting
One of lhe big contractions of that book: From the NASV: Ephesians 2:8-9 - For by grace you have ...
twill comments on Sep 6, 2020:
It would drive me nuts to contend with all of these rules and proclamations. The original game of Twister. (Pretzel Logic?)
The Red Pill Movement is a movement in the same way a bowel movement is a movement.
twill comments on Dec 18, 2021:
It was a great movie, made many relevant points. What's your point?
Are you concerned the Religious Liberty Task Force could use this site to target you?
twill comments on Jul 31, 2018:
Seems like it'd be one of the 1st places they'd look.....
Just curious what people are feeling about dating apps.
twill comments on Oct 28, 2021:
With online dating we all end up seeing depressing patterns. I might soon be diving back in. Wish me luck if I do
I am a science teacher in an inner city school.
twill comments on Jun 12, 2019:
I'd love to know people's thoughts on New Age/Spirituality.
twill comments on Jul 25, 2018:
Good insight! I have no experience or knowledge. Altho I did watch a clip of Seth Andrews commenting on why Oprah for President would be a bad idea
I do a lot of my business on line and by mail order.
twill comments on Mar 31, 2020:
All good advice. I had one recommended website "guru"....strangest business encounter ever. He just kept asking question after question.....never did do any work for me.
Do any of you listen to David Ramsy?
twill comments on Oct 2, 2019:
Live within your means and save,save, save. That'll be $2,000 please. Yes, I'll take a check.
Dating sites warning
twill comments on Nov 21, 2019:
Or....I just got divorced after 25 years and now looking for the love of my life. HUH?
35 Founding Father Quotes Conservative Christians Will Hate | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You ...
twill comments on Jan 7, 2019:
I didn't find any of this info on the link provided
Christians Against Christian Nationalism Please read and if you find the information is accurate,...
twill comments on Feb 26, 2022:
Well stated !
In the spectrum of political/social thought I believe that the folks on the extreme of both ends ...
twill comments on Feb 18, 2022:
I recently read a study/ opinion piece that confirms your analysis. The thinking/ mentality are the same on both sides. They just settle at different extremes.
Just booked St.
twill comments on Feb 7, 2018:
Great Place! Did that a few years ago. Rented a house on he ocean for a week. But I'll tell you, the Atlantic side of Florida ain't the same as the Gulf side. I hope you have better weather than we did ( Late Jan)
I've been reading up on psychedelic drugs lately.
twill comments on May 21, 2018: “You don’t do something like this because you read a magazine article.”
Does it ever cross your mind that the Soviets, our own government, or stealth christian ...
twill comments on Jan 30, 2020:
If not now, then soon. The day is coming. Once fanatics are in power, they ratchet up the pressure. Non creative f'tards that they are
Is it just me or where I live, but is it becoming less acceptable for men to go shirtless?
twill comments on Jun 3, 2018:
When I was more of businessman and less of a roofer, I'd keep my shirt on. Now that I am on the roof more, the shirt goes flying off rather quickly. Altho I am slim and don't have a beer gut, (I used to) it's a comfort thing. In mixed company, life in general, I always wear a shirt except at the pool or beach. Most men don't need to take off their shirts... the gut is already highly visible. ( I see it with the women too..... in general America's physical shape is poor)
Dating sites warning
twill comments on Nov 21, 2019:
Or.....(puffing on a cig & a drink in one hand): I'm a christian, looking for a husband. I don't just want SEX !
I am seeking an intelligent woman who chooses knowledge over belief.
twill comments on May 23, 2021:
I found my lady on FB Dating....tho neither one of us were trying too hard at the time. What caught her attention was me labeling myself an atheist.
Relationships and "Gods Will": Did you or someone you know marry the wrong person as a bi-product of...
twill comments on Jan 26, 2018:
Shite !! Sex is the highlight of my life too!
Will it ever be possible to solve the worlds major problems while MonoTheism dominate societies, ...
twill comments on Aug 29, 2018:
After my snack, I am particularly bothered by .....The Enablers. Enablers meaning "Liberal" media, Government, Social Assumptions. Or do I mean captives?
38 have joined this group .
twill comments on Feb 10, 2021:
I started with 5 G etf's in 2020. 100 shares of each . Doing well Fivg Nextg XTL
If this keeps coming up in your Facebook feed?
twill comments on Jul 7, 2021:
I came across this on the internet....15 years ago?
Are Atheists racist
twill comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Takes all kinds.
Will it ever be possible to solve the worlds major problems while MonoTheism dominate societies, ...
twill comments on Aug 29, 2018:
After my snack, I am particularly bothered by .....The Enablers. Enablers meaning "Liberal" media, Government, Social Assumptions. Or do I mean captives?
So, you thought Jesus was for family values?
twill comments on Dec 23, 2019:
If he was real, then he was real strange
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
twill comments on Jan 1, 2020:
Actually, not anymore. At my age, it is NOT my light that frightens me.
Sadness that I can't express anywhere else or to anyone else.
twill comments on Mar 13, 2020:
Re-ead your post. You really didn't say anything good, (except you're both geeks?)
Name your US reps and what they do for you/your district
twill comments on Sep 13, 2019:
Democrat Pete Visclosky. Been there for about 40 years. I have no idea what he has done or accomplished. He talks about protecting the steel industry and keeps getting re-elected. I don't think I've seen his name on any legislation. IDK if he sits on any committees. I've never seen him interviewed on TV ....okay I don't really pay attention, but there's been lots of politicians I've made note of who have not even served close to 40 years. President Trump did more for the US Steel industry in less than a year than Visclosky (and our next door neighbor Obama) did in a combined 40 PLUS years! I'm no fan of steel and the pollution, but it is about the jobs and keeping the factories opened. Many friends, neighbors and customers work there. This guy has done nothing.
Some atheism quotes I ran across just now.
twill comments on Apr 11, 2020:
My favorite of the 5: "I don't know if God exists, but it would be better for His reputation if He didn't." Jules Renard.
Today, I happened to listen to the most hard-core, disturbingly religious song I've heard in a long ...
twill comments on Feb 13, 2018:
I prefer the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen" ( We mean it Man)
When I gain 2 pounds more than I'm used to, I can't stand it.
twill comments on Sep 26, 2020:
Welp, you've screwed the lid off of that can of worms. As someone who has been body shamed by chain smoking, beer drinking, morbidly obese people, I'll tell ya danny, I no longer take pleasure in watching people slowly kill themselves and be miserable in the body they choose, where the only things that work are their bellies to fill, mouths to chew the cud and their assholes to shit it out.
God, Incorporated: The Big Business of Religion - YouTube
twill comments on Jun 19, 2019:
Well there's today's bad news
Hypnosis changed my mind on religion and christianity.
twill comments on Aug 18, 2018:
I had one hypnosis session back in the 80's. I quit smoking afterwards. Immediately.. It worked for me
I've been reading up on psychedelic drugs lately.
twill comments on May 19, 2018:
No peyote, never did it.. But I'd sure like to trip about twice a year....why leave the house to go on vacation? Seriously, it's the quickest, easiest way to get over this God BS. I did some acid when younger. Some good, some not so good experiences. Then in my 50's some was given to me.....much, much better for me!
Why did your marriage fail?
twill comments on Mar 18, 2018:
No shaed vision. Neither marriage
I've always been fascinated by Christians who say they believe in heaven, then scramble in a panic ...
twill comments on Sep 13, 2019:
Damn! I was having the exact same thought today! Thanks for posting it 👍
I blog about current events, government shutdown, new wars, and other insanity. Enjoy: []
twill comments on Jan 21, 2018:
Good common sense opinions, in my opinion
Four words enraged a drunk farmer. Last night's aurora was a bust.
twill comments on Oct 31, 2021:
There ain't no mountains here in Indiana! You sure you ain't making this up Kathleen ? I don't mean the part about the drunk (rude) farmer......( 'Cause we's gots them here) . Okay, here's my 2 cents. Almost everyone thinks that what they have to say is of the utmost importance.
an interesting piece on how terminology is changing, and how it affects us all, religious and not -...
twill comments on Oct 27, 2019:
WOW! What a good read this is
Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added ...
twill comments on Feb 13, 2018:
News Programs, Political Pontifications, Newspapers. Sporting events. It's everywhere . I would guess that much art, books and music are the most sheltered...... Heck look at the way meat is imposed on us for every meal through the media Sugar for every fricking holiday. Pounds of it. A new Car! OK.....I'm done now. It's just Innocent Propaganda. Societal Impact of Thoughtlessness.....It'll go away ( no it won't)
The older I get the less my tolerance is for people that in any way attempt to criticize, abuse, ...
twill comments on Jun 27, 2019:
The sooner you come to those conclusions, and act on them, the better off you're gonna be.
"I’m calling on you to explain how you allowed this to happen,” Sen.
twill comments on Aug 8, 2019:
There's a Sucker born every minute, sez the Donald
Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added ...
twill comments on Feb 13, 2018:
News Programs, Political Pontifications, Newspapers. Sporting events. It's everywhere . I would guess that much art, books and music are the most sheltered...... Heck look at the way meat is imposed on us for every meal through the media Sugar for every fricking holiday. Pounds of it. A new Car! OK.....I'm done now. It's just Innocent Propaganda. Societal Impact of Thoughtlessness.....It'll go away ( no it won't)
Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added ...
twill comments on Feb 13, 2018:
News Programs, Political Pontifications, Newspapers. Sporting events. It's everywhere . I would guess that much art, books and music are the most sheltered...... Heck look at the way meat is imposed on us for every meal through the media Sugar for every fricking holiday. Pounds of it. A new Car! OK.....I'm done now. It's just Innocent Propaganda. Societal Impact of Thoughtlessness.....It'll go away ( no it won't)
I've written about Rick before a couple of times right after the presidential election.
twill comments on Jul 1, 2021:
I don't fully understand. You work in a store and Rick is... a customer? You mention a dispatcher does deliveries? Also...old boss/ new boss...different attitude about Rick only, or bullshit customers in general?
Does anybody else get physically ill when they read articles about proposed Trump regime policies?
twill comments on Feb 13, 2018: It's a GREAT SWAMP. Before Donald Trump came along, it was just a shitty little SWAMP. Now look at it.....It's gonna be the Greatest SWAMP ever. A Great SWAMP. The Best! A SWAMP like the world has never seen before! "DT 2020! .... More SWAMP"
How much are the US news channels following the wedding tomorrow between TV star Meghan Markle and ...
twill comments on May 19, 2018:
I was hoping to watch the weather report this chance of it
Matthew 11:25 (NRSV): At that time Jesus said, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, ...
twill comments on Dec 15, 2019:
Why thank him?
John 5:31 (NRSV): If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true.
twill comments on Oct 4, 2020:
A bunch of hooey
God’s Intelligent Design?
twill comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Why only 2 hands??????
"Socialism has a lot better chance of working in the US than elsewhere since we're the one country ...
twill comments on Feb 10, 2018:
USA IS presently a Socialist country. Why that question? The pertinent question is: Why does the USA have Selective Socialism?
When I signed up here I was still hoping to find someone to start a relationship.
twill comments on Mar 12, 2020:
After 2nd divorce 5-6 years, I "dove" into dating, mostly online, so it was so/so..... SO I went back to doing what I HAD to do....take care of kids, business, home, property, and therefore my sanity. I've had a few short term relationships. I've fallen in love twice....rejected both times, But HEY!, I had more than one fall for me. Best advice I can give guys: SMILE!
Howard Stern says Trump hates his supporters, that Trump is ‘disgusted’ by them, and he should ...
twill comments on May 18, 2020:
I told my religious friend about my post on Noah's Ark.
twill comments on Feb 19, 2020:
They were told to?
For the romantics and lovers of music: []
twill comments on Mar 19, 2020:
She's waaaaay better than I am !
I'm going to expose myself here, but I've never been known to withhold the truth: most poetry I've ...
twill comments on Sep 8, 2019:
The only poetry I like is Rock and roll. And this one:
Tennessee preacher Greg Locke says demons told him names of witches in his church Controversial ...
twill comments on Feb 16, 2022:
Pumping up his celebrity profile
I am not a Conservative (at least not in the American meaning of this word), but I have to ...
twill comments on May 24, 2022:
RAW Power. I figured that out already. But thanks Matias.
So unlike my parents, whom I love, lol I am letting my son decide what to believe or not to believe.
twill comments on Feb 17, 2020:
My older son totally gets my discussions with him regarding religion, he sees through the nonsense and has always asked me the right (thoughtful) questions. My 12 year old...totally different kid. I worry that he might be susceptible to the "pressure". He recently came back from a scouts church morning with some bullshit dumped on him. Guess what? No More Scouts Church activities. But he at least questioned it and brought it home to me. Also no more Memorial Day ceremonies at the local cemetery for us, the theists have over taken it with crazy nonsense. It's a war....the Theists tell us that everyday. And you're gonna let your kid wade into it unarmed, unprepared.....WTF? Censorship is not a dirty word
Is the Co-operative the answer to income inequality?
twill comments on May 12, 2019:
There are still some around. We have REMC here (Rural Electric Member Cooperative?) as local utility. Ultimately aren't things based on # of shares? Kind of like the stock market?
Are You Lonely?
twill comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Kathleen, I think it's wonderful that you know yourself well and that you strive to understand yourself. What you write applies to many of us. So much of our existence is the Yin & Yang of who we are, the pulling in opposite directions. Controlled by our moods, men & women. What loses me with people is when their personality dominates. To me that is something that is outwardly projected, not an insight into who they are. Which at the point of their of dominating personality intersecting with my inner, honest self.... I can no longer care or submit to "who" they are. They've now become "what" they are. All apply to me except #6 and a tad bit of #'s 1 & 5
There are hundreds of groups on this site and I am not a member of most of them, however I would not...
twill comments on Jun 8, 2021:
Seriously. The internet is a GOLD MINE of porn....why dump it here? Just type XXX in your search engine. Sheesh.
How (and Why) Americans Were Taught to Hate Atheists
twill comments on Jun 4, 2019:
.........and Hello Domino Theory, Good Morning Vietnam!
I am feeling grateful today!
twill comments on Apr 26, 2018:
The Absence of Light
[] Something to remember when bashing christianity ?
twill comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Awaiting assasination
Pence reaches applause line.
twill comments on Feb 17, 2019:
Trump is golfing and Pence is in Europe during a National Emergency ????????
Who here has successfully stopped smoking without the use of medications, patches, gum, etc?
twill comments on Feb 22, 2019:
Good luck. I quit after one meeting with a "Hypnologist". Don't laugh... it worked! I could not quit on my own
I can't keep track of everything/ everyone around here @ Agnostic.
twill comments on May 1, 2022:
A true keyboard warrior Triphid is
Life comes at we atheists just as hard as any other worldview.
twill comments on Mar 13, 2020:
Sorry to know.
Am I the only one who does this?
twill comments on Aug 9, 2018:
Same here. Queen sized, left side
Socialist lies... []
twill comments on Jan 29, 2019:
"Venezuela is a federal presidential republic. The chief executive is the President of Venezuela who is both head of state and head of government. Executive power is exercised by the President. Legislative power is vested in the National Assembly." Yeah I never knew Chavez was a Socialist. Or his successor.
Ignorance at its "best" I can't believe the lack of knowledge shown by many Americans.
twill comments on Nov 10, 2020:
I can certainly believe the lack of knowledge shown by many Americans
I have just heard on NPR that Congress wants to change the Constitution and set term limits on the ...
twill comments on Oct 2, 2020:
Great idea. At least review them after 20 years or so. Like a pendulum, this swings both ways
What's next- giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to David Duke?
twill comments on Feb 7, 2020:
In that circle of religion and power, misinformation is a tool. And for those handing it out, they are virtuous. Up is down, north is south, wrong is right.
'Light Years Ahead' Of Their Elders, Young Republicans Push GOP On Climate Change : NPR
twill comments on Sep 26, 2020:
Good news
Hi! I'm Em.
twill comments on Oct 6, 2019:
Hello ans welcome Em. I know nothing about your new area.
183 Coffins For Idaho Children Killed By Faith Healing Parents
twill comments on Feb 21, 2018:
Amish get special business laws in some states. like no Work Comp requirement
Great conversation about real history .
twill comments on Dec 15, 2019:
I love history and hearing about it.....totally different from myths
Steven Pinker: Identity Politics Is 'An Enemy of Reason and Enlightenment Values' | The Weekly ...
twill comments on Mar 14, 2018:
Identity Politics: = The death of the Democrat Party and the election of Donald Trump. 5,020,001 people seem to rule this nation of over 300,000,000. 5,000,000 NRA members + 20,000 that don't know which bathroom to use + 1 Vladimir Putin Identity Politics have hurt this nation badly. We voted for Hope & Change in 2008....... Hope was gone when Obama's 1st order of business was to pay off his masters with American Homes and Jobs. Change? I've just got a bit of change in my pocket left. I don't worry about left leaning's a left brain/ right brain thing. Some teach. Some do. Who the hell listens or cares?
Who among us has cut the proverbial TV cord?
twill comments on Jan 7, 2018:
I cut 20 years ago? Basic cable went up to about $44 a month. Shortly afterward, a $300 antenna went up on my roof
I’m seriously beginning to loathe Christians.
twill comments on Mar 13, 2020:
I don't have that problem, as I work alone. I rarely hang with overtly religious people, although I assume that I am surrounded by believers wherever I go. Even if all they believe is that we are Christian Nationalist Nation....which to them makes us ALL Christian, because we are Americans. Anyway, I am learning to ask THEM subtle questions, instead of them coming at me. Like ....strange isn't it, that people believe that Harry Potter is real, don't you think?.... Have some fun. But be prepared for them to take you seriously. Leave the back door open, have an escape route
Its time to round up all the Trump supporters and ship them off Moscow so the can vote in the 2020 ...
twill comments on Feb 22, 2020:
Media and Religion, two of the biggest industries and definitely the 2 most influential industries In America. Trump plays them both. It's win and win


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