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Please share one awesome thing about where you live. :)
twill comments on Jan 23, 2018:
Here in NW Indiana....decent cost of living, easy to get around and Lake Michigan. i know that's 3......PLUS the town swimming pool across the street 12' deep with 2 diving boards.
In the US people always ask about what you do, you know for work.
twill comments on Jan 23, 2018:
Or they want to talk about the weather...... As Tom Waits asked in a song: Why do strangers talk about the weather?
Rock Hound?
twill comments on Jan 23, 2018:
Petoskey stones from Michigan. My son collects and polishes some....I'll ask him
Have you ever been told "you got lucky" when talking about your children?
twill comments on Jan 22, 2018:
So true. Shocking to some people maybe that it was not God's Will? Anyway, had this typical conversation with my kids' Mom when we were married: She says " Oh my cousins kids! Look at them, they eat salads, vegetables and the right foods. Our kids would never do that" I said : " Yes they would, if that's what we would feed them" Of course I was then told about how insensitive and stupid I am. Compounding the errors of my ways, I then added fuel to the fire by saying " Look if we don't bring the processed "food" into the house, then we don't have the problem." Now of course I'm just another dumb man that wants to "fix the problem'. In my eyes witchymom you are quite aware of what's going on. Me ? I'm still fighting this problem and probably will be until my boys are grown up and on their own (grandma's do not help) On the bright side, my boys are fun, healthy and smart. They are a pleasure to have and hang out with
I blog about current events, government shutdown, new wars, and other insanity. Enjoy: []
twill comments on Jan 21, 2018:
Good common sense opinions, in my opinion
Happily single—or not?
twill comments on Jan 19, 2018:
I just broke up with girlfriend last weekend. Because I want to be single? Probably more like seeking something better.....a better fit. If I never find her, I'm OK with that. Anyway, i didn't see a future with her and the Thrill Was much for the present. But this breaking up thing gets old. Either I'm dumping, or getting ignored. Honestly.......I'd like to try a celibate relationship. Get to know each other. Set some boundaries. Become friends 1st. Romance. Sweetness. ......That'd be different. Yes.....I'm looking for something new. Why did I share all that?
What Have Your Relationships Taught You?
twill comments on Jan 17, 2018:
1) All I care about is Money 2) All I want to do is work 3) I am Judgemental 4) I think I am better than anyone else Well that's what I've been told anyway. Not sure that I learned any of it. What I've learned is that: 1) Money is important. It SUX to be paying all of the bills and for all of the partying by yourself 2) See #1 ----there's a difference between wanting to and having to work 3) I refer to it as "Critical Thinking". 4) Told me to by women who....think that they are better than anyone else. I don't know how to choose a lady.....that's what I've learned
Greetings everyone, I am looking for music that is inspired by Atheism or Agnosticism.
twill comments on Jan 16, 2018:
According to religious people, any song not about God or isn't a worship song, is unacceptable. Or its from heathens or....what the fuck-ever. So ya might as well include Woody Guthrie, John Philips Sousa, Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, ...and just about every song ever written.
Vikings win on a crazy play at the end and the player who scored the winning touchdown said “god ...
twill comments on Jan 14, 2018:
If Williams, #43 would have had his head screwed on, and not made some weird "roll and slide " underneath & past the receiver,The Saints would have won. So....maybe the Devil made the Saint do it?
More Dawkins moments... []
twill comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Another reason I LOVE the internet. Local news (Liberals!) (???) shows a bunch of poor immigrants doing the holy walk, crucifixation re-enactments, etc etc etc
What is your biggest fear of the future?
twill comments on Jan 12, 2018:
Better to keep Trump than promote Pence. I'm sure Dems will make a comeback in mid term elections. However, Will they make a difference? I wouldn't bet a simple nickle they will improve anything. Just add their own versions of muck
Best Advice on the "Meaning of Life"?
twill comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Perhaps the better answer is that life has no meaning, but many people, experiences and things along the way do mean something
Do have friends to keep you entertained, or do you entertain yourself?
twill comments on Jan 11, 2018:
I chit chat with most people I interact with.....cashiers, bank teller, etc. Some hilarious shit happens. I have two boys, 10 & 13, 50% of the time ....teaching them to care for themselves is #1! a dog, 2 cats and 14 chickens.......easy enough. A business to operate. 3 acres of property. But in short.....I absolutely love my alone time. I fill it with music, music and more music, reading and of course the internet. As 273 kelvin mentioned, I too am an outgoing Introvert. When I really, really, really feel the need to socialize, I go to the tavern.
I'm really liking this site.
twill comments on Jan 11, 2018:
Hi and Welcome !
So, I have a good friend who is an amazing musician, and he's also an evangelical christian.
twill comments on Jan 8, 2018:
Evangelicals Are Losing the Battle for the Bible.
twill comments on Jan 8, 2018:
While I'm quite happy with the decline of America's Evangelicals, the next big battle with the religious people and religious crazies in the rest of the world and how to do deal with the Muslims. This is only just starting.....
Who among us has cut the proverbial TV cord?
twill comments on Jan 7, 2018:
I cut 20 years ago? Basic cable went up to about $44 a month. Shortly afterward, a $300 antenna went up on my roof
What are your thoughts on Hypnosis?
twill comments on Jan 7, 2018:
I went one time to see a "Hypnologist" (? I think that's how he referred to himself) when I was 27. I wanted to quit smoking. I hated smoking. One and done! I left there and NEVER had another cigarette or an urge for one..... Just an odd dream with me in it smoking that pops up every once in a while. BEST Money I ever spent in my life
Three things I’m thankful for this time of year?
twill comments on Jan 4, 2018:
Geez I was thinking about calling some friends. Maybe they won't answer?
So I was there the other day and TV was on and I went into a bit of a daze, thinking it was a ...
twill comments on Jan 2, 2018:
Middle East: I'm 59 years young. Been watching that painful re-run since I could comprehend the news on tv. My solution: If after 3 years any government can't forge a solution to this sort of problem, then get out of the way and let another government try. The USA has become way more than simply a "part" of the problem
I'm here on my 4 day family vacation in South Carolina.
twill comments on Jan 1, 2018:
Sorry for your loss SilverDollarJedi. It seems you are explaining the point where Fairy Tale meets Reality. I seems there is plenty that God could do. Not much seems to bother him tho......except gays and abortion
Are you bothered that we count time based on when Jesus was supposedly born?
twill comments on Jan 1, 2018:
Rather than care about this, I would rather that Christians, Religious people, Society.....and EVERYONE! the origin of religions, especially their own. They might learn something. In fact they might learn LOTS
What's your weather like right now?
twill comments on Dec 26, 2017:
9 degrees forecast high 1 hour SE of Chicago, NWI (NorthWest Indiana). But sunny and blue skies
Egypt Reportedly Set to Pass Law Criminalizing Atheism – Friendly Atheist
twill comments on Dec 26, 2017:
It's a weird, fucked up world
Here's the story.
twill comments on Dec 25, 2017:
What's not to like?
The friendly atheists next door
twill comments on Dec 21, 2017:
And here we all seem to sit: ....."Harry bonded with fellow atheists who shared a sense of being islands amid an ocean of faith, their shores pounded by wave after wave of believers: The evangelists who were invited to their children's schools. The conservative politicians who hold sway at the state Capitol in Raleigh. The neighbors who casually slip church-talk into conversations."
Why do we put round pizza in a square box and eat it in triangles?
twill comments on Dec 20, 2017:
It's God's Will?
Do you get angry, annoyed or just plain amused when people think you are the devil for your lack of ...
twill comments on Dec 14, 2017:
Well.....shouldn't they be able to recognize the Devil? After all...they created him!
When adult children choose religion
twill comments on Dec 14, 2017:
A lot of good advice here.
What do you do to help the Environment?
twill comments on Dec 14, 2017:
No A/C in house Cloth towels instead of paper napkins/ towels Compost Recycle Very Rarely eat meat
Just a 'hello' from someone who just joined and is a little bit lonely.
twill comments on Dec 14, 2017:
Hi Gnarloc. I just joined a couple of days ago
twill comments on Dec 14, 2017:
Hit the mountains in Colorado last summer. Left the camper at Jackson Lake State Park, ne of Denver. In the mountains my cousin and I just slept in the truck. Got up and hit the road again everyday.....what an adventure. Now I noticed that my old pop up has been invaded and chewed by mice. IDK about next year....still have my tents. Took my boys only one time last year, to Missouri.
Is it possible to be an atheist and not even try to be?
twill comments on Dec 13, 2017:
That is Kind of how I came to simply be "Agnostic" myself.
Is it a surprise that the Bible Belt Alabama let in a pro choice guy while keeping out the famous or...
twill comments on Dec 13, 2017:
I'm surprised
Who out there makes music ?
twill comments on Dec 12, 2017:
I've been playing guitar since a teenager. On again/ off again. No discipline. Always re-booting....until about 3 years ago. Now it's what I do in my spare time , all the time. Almost 100% Martin acoustic. My electrics are silenced. Taking lessons again even. Folk rock, folk, coal mining songs, ballads, Beatles/ Floyd Classic Rock. One hit wonders. Hard to categorize or join a band! I'v e been singing a lot .....Lyrics are harder than Chords! Getting an Irish Bouzouki this weekend. Looking forward to it
As you know, the secular community is a marginalized one.
twill comments on Dec 12, 2017:
In my small town it is school, church and work....then politics and the mundane. The internet is wonderful. I subscribe to the NY Times.....not for the liberal "bent" ( most good writing is of a "liberal bent' anyway!) Simply for the pleasure of great articles, education and a peek at the outside world. Udder 'n dat....lots and lots of good music!


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