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I have just had the following private exchange with "Andrew" (not his real name) in Messenger:

Andrew: "Personaly i have taken part in multi faith groups at Central Mosque and have never encountered hostility from Muslims, Sihks, Hindus Jews or Christians at meetings. Maybe because they are from academic backgrounds. Although i have had many lively discussions where we can agree to disagree. We just have to respect we are all entitled to our own belief and riducule is only used by the less inteligent."

Me: "I am perfectly happy to ridicule ridiculous ideas, such as all existence claims of any god or gods. I all also perfectly happy to ridicule public figures who make ridiculous statements knowing that they will be broadcast by the mainstream media, such figures including Ken Ham and Donald Trump. I am strongly disinclined to ridicule John Doe. However, by your logic, I am less intelligent. I thank you for your contribution to this debate."

Does anybody have any idea why "Andrew" would want to keep this conversation private rather than airing it publicly in this forum?

By irascible8
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No. ask him.


Did you ask him?

kenriley Level 8 June 16, 2018

@irascible LOL I know the feeling


So he can insult you privately? Maybe he sees it as less chance of being flagged because he's probably a troll.

CaroleKay Level 8 June 16, 2018

Maybe he's like me and isn't in to public debate.

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