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I recall a few years ago when I arrived at the office one morning and a colleague greeted me and handed me an envelope. I opened the envelope and took a card from it. On the front of the card was a drawing of the crucifixion and below it were the words, Jesus Loves You.
When I opened the card and saw the words written there, ‘And everybody else thinks your’e a c..t!’ I roared with laughter.....

anonymous 7 Jan 1

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I read some graffiti that said, Jesus saves at National Bank.


My other favourite is "Jesus is coming" "Quick! Look busy"


It is funny and I would have laughed, but it would have stung, too. Why would he want to purposely hurt? I echo, "Is this the way to show his love of Jesus?" WWJD, ask him.

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 1, 2018

Funny. I’m coming around to the realization that stopping all things mentioning a religious thing is not the right idea. We have to just keep demanding our rights but accept believers who are tolerant of us. Railing against them all just creates polarization.


Glad you liked it...🙂


Wonderful card to give a guy?

In Australia and maybe New Zealand too, that's what they call everyone.


not preachy at all

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