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Would you be interested in a PAID affiliate program for While we appreciate members who promote use for points (see [] ), a paid affiliate program would pay you cash (e.g., $1-5 per active member depending on their activity/points). I've written most of the software already to track our internal advertising. Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit but can still spend money on advertising. A paid affiliate program might be able to get more members than we could by traditional advertising. Thoughts?

NOTE: this does mean is putting ads on this site but to pay people to put up ads elsewhere.

Admin 8 July 8

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I'm more interested in learning who the people are who fund this site and what their motives are.

It's all very mysterious.

Yes, I've wondered that myself. Are we part of an experiment?


I don't care about points or money. I just want to read interesting comments and reply to them. Advertisement would be a nuisance.


The problem I have seen in the past is, it opens you up to fraud and abuse.

Personally I'd rather have the points than a dollar or two.

Ozman Level 7 July 8, 2018

I think there would be a very real risk of changing the whole nature of the site. It's great as it is, so why change it?

Jnei Level 8 July 8, 2018

Dear admin.... please.... leave it like it is.... do not give money out....


This would potentially create far more trouble than it's worth. We already have some people who make junk posts just for the points... now image how bad it might get if theres a fiscal incentive. I like that there are serious conversations on here. I don't want to have to wade through a bunch of people here only for cash to find them.

I vote no.


When you put $ on the table, you will be inundated by people only interested in getting some. Look how the quality of posts has gone down as the numbers have gond up already! I would prefer the occasional ad if you need revenue, or even just a place where we could donate......monthly or "as we can". Enough with the song postings, pdreadful poems, cat pix for points!

You do not have to look or read. Have you considered that some of those people may think the same of some of your posts or comments? It's a mixed world.

Ha ha! I agree.

@FrayedBear I love cat/dog/hamster pix...songs too! But 50 of them by one person solely as a cheap way to win points? Cheapens the purpose of this site!

@AnneWimsey As I say "it is a mixed world" , the only time that I object is when there is never any significance to the post or it is outside of guidelines.

7 stamp, or written on paper currency. over the 'in god we trust'.

in purple.

@hankster Oddly specific Hank? Oddly specific.

@RavenCT no....not oddly, surely not. after having paid for your coffee in purpled ones you sit watching the cashier giving them back in change. any double takes? or comments by the recipient?

@hankster You've been thinking about this eh? 😉

Let me know when the stamp is made. I'll get one.

Yeah, send me a stamp! I’m in!!

@BlueWave @RavenCT lol..?. woe! i aint got a stamp. and I don't think I'll sell them. the Secret Service made stop selling the ones they were selling. maybe you want to get your own stamp tho. or just write it with a pen.

found this on Wikipedia: "The site (wheresgeorge) does not encourage the defacement of US currency.[12] In October 1999, when interviewed for The New York Times, Eskin commented on why the Secret Service has not bothered the webmaster over possible defacement of US currency: "They've got better things to do. They want to catch counterfeiters counterfeiting billions of dollars."[3]

In April 2000, the site was investigated by the United States Secret Service, which informed Eskin that the selling of "Where's George?" rubber stamps on the web site is considered "advertising" on United States currency, which is illegal under 18 U.S.C. § 475.[13] The site's administrators immediately ceased selling the rubber stamps; no further action against the site was taken.[2] At least one spokesperson for the US Secret Service has pointed out in print that marking US bills, even if not defacement, can still be illegal if it falls under "advertisement".[14] However, a Secret Service spokesman in Seattle, Washington, told The Seattle Times in 2004: "Quite frankly, we wouldn't spend too much looking into this."[2]"

@BlueWave @RavenCT idk...maybe

Yes! even though it would require me to stop my habit of inserting an "L" between the O and D in God.


I truly confess I do not understand the economics of this site, and I say that with the greatest respect to the site administration and with appreciation of its existence, and would like a definitive explanation of how it operates, including this issue of advertising that is being discussed here. The site is well established now and many of us have shown our loyalty to it, so surely this is reasonable.

Or maybe that's a reveal once you get to level 8? Would be nice.


I expected this site to go mainstream eventually so no harm, no foul as far as I am concerned.


In California there is a Jr college called Goldenwest college in Huntington Beach Ca they have a tv station where they teach broadcasting, they most likely have affiliates. It could not hurt to contact them about a TV add. possibly becoming news that agnostics are running an add and that would be free advertising


Other than promotion would it change anything? I think most of us are pro new members!

So why not! Yes please!

$ always changes things.

@hankster Yes and no. I think I'd still do what I do regardless?

@RavenCT I believe that, but some won't, or it will attract some who won't maybe. bit worrisome.


A big congrats on the 501c3 status!
It works both ways!


I think I like the site the way it is. I have no idea where I would an ad.


Depends upon what it would entail


no way, everything gets funky when money is directly involved


The affiliate route has pros and cons -- I mean, there are several good affiliate management companies that I've worked with that will do all the work for you; you pay a fee and give them some marketing materials and guidance, and they do all the heavy lifting for you, for X (% or rate) of each qualified lead that signs up. But there's a balance to it, and there are definitely some bad characters out there looking to make a quick buck -- you definitely want to make sure those leads they send here are vetted, as opposed to someone just opening the floodgates to any warm body that can fill in a signup form, so they get paid. If you want to talk about it, I'd be happy to be a sounding board and help; I'm a design & marketing guy, w/ 25+ years in the business.

tmaaz Level 5 July 8, 2018

What beyond putting a banner on our personal business website would this entail?


That can be a tricky one, but I am not opposed to it. There have to be rules about what kind of advertising we would have or not. Anyway is this site not growing daily already.


I don't understand how other than Facebook I could contibute?


Where would we put the link, other than, say Facebook posts? I wouldn’t put a banner ad on my business website...

UUNJ Level 8 July 8, 2018

How about we hold an agnostic tent revival instead?


@Admin I think you need to correct the wording to clarify your meaning in your last sentence. Some may find it confusing. I think you mean 'this does NOT mean putting ads on the site'...correct?

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