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Anyone who isn't completely left wing here? Just curious. I'm not sure how to completely categorize myself. I have a lot of right wing views, some of which would probably piss some people off here. haha But I'm not anything like your stereotypical Republican, in fact I'm pretty uncomfortable with the Republican Party, I do think Trump is pretty disgusting and scary. I try my best to get along with everyone and to find middle ground wherever possible.

I was actually pretty liberal in high school, then the Marine Corps and getting deeply involved in church and mission work made me swing right pretty far, then over the past several years since abandoning faith I've been reassessing my beliefs and values. Some have changed and gone left, some will remain where they are forever. I will say that it seems very detrimental to dating as a mostly conservative atheist. Oy. I know there are some others out there, but I think they're few and far between.

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I am certainly not Left wing. Not a conservative either.
I had to accept that I will not fit into any conventional categories made up for thoughtless conventional thinker's convenience.

I also like that answer.


Just be yourself. You'll be fine. Don't worry about labeling yourself, there are plenty of people (not here) more than happy to do that for you. Whether they are correct or not. We're all works in progress.


Nope left as all get out.

Progressive, somewhat socialist, anti-capitalist, humanist!

@phxbillcee yep


Often, it's not the ideology I'm opposed to, but the implementation. But when I try to discuss that a certain methodology/implementation is not working, I tend to get accused of being conservative (if it's a more liberal view) or liberal (if it's a more conservative view).

I agree. I like the left but sjws don't help.


I prefer not to use terms like 'left-wing' or 'right-wing', I prefer to discuss issues and opinions without the labels that usually apply to many issues when most people have varied opinions across the spectrum.


I don't consider myself left-wing, but I think you might call myself that. The problem with our politics today is that over the past 40 years. politics in this country has shifted so far to the right that what used to be called moderate is now often called left-wing.


With this very simple description of your thoughts, I don't see you as a mostly conservative atheist. I think you may want to expand your category to include Independent. Hard lefters like me and hard right wingers, too, everyone knows where their opinions, affiliations and beliefs are. There's no room for wiggle. But independents, moderate republicans and moderate democrats are really the ones that shape an election and move it to one side or another. The way that group goes is the way the election goes. Not a bad position to be in!


I’m a moderate

We need more of those.


I am an independent. I have voted Dem, and I have voted Rep. I personally think that the two party system is one of the greatest downfalls in our country, which is why I voted outside of it for our last election. The system will never change unless we vote outside of it on occasion. But to better answer your question, while I am an independent, I do lean to the left, but mostly because the right won't bend on abortion and gay rigths issues.


Define "completely left". What exactly you do not like in one or the other side?


Just argue your position respectfully, back it up with objective facts, and no worries. I'm more concerned about being correct than where on the political spectrum the correct answer lies.


Define "left wing". Your Democrats are to the right of all but the most right wing loons in Australian politics.

@josh_is_exciting However the "left" in Australia are still largely neo-liberal (I.e. Reaganite voodoo economics) capitalist in economic outlook. In fact it was our Labor party, answerable to the unions, who introduced the neo-liberal scheme to Australia. Which says interesting things about the location of the center.


Just be you dude. If you feel you have swung one way and the then the other over time, it's probably fair to presume you have found yourself influenced by the beliefs of others at different points in your life. A right good spell of introspection and reflection often leads us to the understanding that it's okay to question our beliefs and ask if they were ever actually ours to begin with - or if someone else gave them to us. People like teachers, bosses, family and the military structure for example. I could be wrong, of course, because I'm not you. You are 🙂


Some of my political views are considered conservative and some liberal. Mostly I just come down on the side of freedom.

Individual liberty. I guess that would be restricting someone from interfearing with others right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

Oh, you must be talking about freedoms from, rather than freedom to. No I wasn't talking about the freedom from things like freedom from responsibility, being offended, having to work for a living or suffering the consequences of their own actions.


We have members of all political landscapes and social views. You can check profiles to find out where members stand.


what do JFK , MLK , RFK and John Lennon have in common . ?? They were all shot by marines. the indoctrination you went through when you were young was as close to brainwashing as the govt is allowed. If you've come through that a rational person then you are one strong mind


 "deeply involved in church and mission work made me swing right pretty far." Explain that to me because I can't find a connection between conservative politics and Christian dogma/values/


Tho it depends on the issue, as I don't follow any party line from any party. I do tend to vote more Democrat, tho registered Independent, because the Republicans are killing us faster than the Dems will. Which, for a revolutionary is maybe what is wanted. Not so much a revolutionary as I was in my youth because I haven't seen a viable alternative put forth that I think will work. I'm mostly Progressive, socialist leaning, anti-capitalist & a Humanist. Plus edges that stick out from all of that depending on the issue. I've been an iconoclast since the '60's, tho I traveled with some of those groups at the time, but never joined. Hell, except for the USN (& now the Am Atheist's & the FFRF) I've joined very few things. I'm me! Ask me about a particular & I may be able to tell you. Generalizations keep things fuzzy!


I didn't much think about being left or right until the Tea party started. And after watching tha way They treated Obama. I remember telling myself F-this I'm going as far left as I can go. But in reality I have always been Liberal.


Unfortunately most of the people on the main forum of this website are radical Obama loving, Trump bashing, gun grabbing left wing liberals. Even though I don’t agree with the Christain’s about religion most of them are better people than the left wing liberals on this website. Only in the conservative atheist group are there a lot of sensible people.



I feel strongly that both sides have some serious problems. Even though I usually agree with the left, it's not without its problems. For instance, if you spend enough time on the internet, you'll probably run into something called an sjw (short for social justice warrior. You would think it was a compliment but it's not. It refers to people who give real social justice a bad name). These people are insanely hypocritical in the sense that they claim to be tolerant and support free speech but then they'll turn around and hate on white people and men while actively trying to censor what they say. Now I don't deny that minorities and women have been treated badly throughout history and I can understand the need for social justice. That being said, revenge is not the answer. Censorship is not the answer. The left is supposed to be about being open minded regarding other points of view. And yet these sjws are just as rigid and reactionary as some of the diehard republicans are. These hypocrisies do a lot of damage to the left's credibility.

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