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Excuse this posting if the question has been asked before.

Are you attracted to someone similar to you or someone who is different than you?

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anonymous 7 July 14

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Opposites attract me more as far as physical traits and basic demeanor alignment: A short, talkative, sarcastic, brunette to complement a tall quiet honest blonde.

It would be good to be of rather similar minds on politics, taste in music/movies/comedy, of similar intelligence and capability levels, similar in ethics.

Character virtues and vices could go either way. Good to have the same vices as far as pleasurable habits go, but having someone with opposite strengths and weaknesses to me could help fill in some blind spots sometimes.


For me, it depends on her Character and Personality.
If she's a Drama-Queen...I want someone "Different"..
If she's no where a Drama-Queen...I'd like to see how different or similar we may be..


I’ve dated many people who were different than me, either physically or in personality. I married a guy who wasn’t my physical “type” but we clicked in other things, and the marriage lasted for nearly two decades. I think it all depends on how well your neuroses dovetail for a long term commitment, but in the short run, physical attraction might be more of a factor.

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