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Finally, you can get (and just "Agnostic" ) T-shirts from our online store at []

The shirts come in lots of colors (including red, blue, gray, pink, etc) and sizes (unisex and womens). We are selling them for $15 which is at cost as they are custom printed for each order.

We hope you'll show your support by wearing the shirts and telling others about your experience here.

Admin 8 Aug 23

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Nice, thank you! ♥


In the product description, it says " 100% ring-spun cotton (Heather colors contain polyester)." Could you put the actual percent amount of polyester?


I need a button. Please start selling those. ?


Yes, I have to see how we can add more stuff. Any suggestions as to alternatives?

Admin Level 8 Aug 23, 2018

Additional cost for having Frayed Bear emblazoned underneath Agnostic?

I would absolutely buy a shirt if they were available in v-neck style. Medical condition prevents me from wearing crew neck.

Yes, please. The printing on the back of the shirt. Or a very small logo on front over the left breast area, with the logo also on the back.

Other ideas I like: mugs, bumper stickers, flexible rubber magnet, insulated carrying case for water, etc.


Will we still get the free one once we reach level 8?

yep 🙂

@Admin Oh my gosh, yay!!!!


Not large enough. I guess that means I need to lose weight. 😛

If you offer a coffee mug I'll buy that.




Is it Patented?


Henjo in Chino?


What about stationery and water bottles?


I wish you had V-neck versions.


Once I get paid I am going to have to get one of those.


Shame they are all round neck, any chance of a scoop neck t for women?

I'll see what can do. Using 3rd party shopify and printful is difficult for me - someone who's used to writing the software directly.


That was one thing I was wondering about size.

If they are unisex I will stick with small.

If you send women's shirts to the gals I would probably go with medium.


Thank you. I really want one but don't want to feel like I have to post for hours to earn one.

True, but the one that we send is more special! 🙂

@Humanistheathen @admin yea.. you could make one with an '8' on it somewhere.. or even an ∞

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