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Does a post or comment make you feel a little ill? We now have a nausea icon under "Like".

Admin 8 Oct 23

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Thank you for adding this. Sometimes it's past nausea. Any possibility of a vomit emoji?


I've used it! Good addition! Consider something like a facepalm option. ?

And the result may be that you contribute to the banning of a member who is spouting some far-ourt shit that is not unreasonable.

What is the point of doing that?


I'd like to petition for a "Shit My Pants" icon lol

Lol. I could use that too


I can sleep easier at night now.


It would be nice if the reaction type had influence on how the post goes to the top or bottom part of the screen, this way the community becomes self cleaning.


I noticed and I am very pleased! Thanks Admin. begins digging through old posts to nausea react


Do they count toward the total number of "Likes" or do they subtract from them?

skado Level 8 Oct 23, 2018

I saw that, I love, love, love it!! Now just get a SMH icon for me, pretty please.


I've been using it for the last few days... Thanks!




WARNING WILL ROBINSON::: The implications of this "feature" are significantly disturbing. For everyone!

Already, every click is recorded. So, what will be done with the data collected from those who click this new "feature?"

And if used to create censor filters, AG will become just as fascistic as el trumpo wants the country to be. Nausea=blasphemy.

This increases my concern about the ethical depth of the AG owners.

How can any of us trust any of us?

Jacar Level 8 Oct 23, 2018

Yeah...because people making their opinions known leads directly to fascism/s. Really man, listen to yourself. Don't you think you may be overreacting here?

oh no! they may collect data!

Because your smartphone, internet browser, TV DVR, fitbit, vehicle, etc. don't already collect enough?


The number one reason sites collect data is to sell you something. The number 2 reason is so that they have an understanding of their target demographic so as to sell them something. So, far, this site hasn't tried to sell me anything nor have they sent me any targeted ads (of which I'm aware).

A year ago, this site wasn't part of my life.....if I were as suspicious as you are, I would leave AND SURVIVE without it. My guess is that you would survive without it if you left.

No one is forcing anyone to be here. I'd rather they had my data than Amazon. I'm really tired of Amazon sending me ads constantly reminding me what is on my "wish lists".

@SkotlandSkye Why would anyone voluntarily contribute such information about themselves?

And: this increases self censorship. Not a good thing in a democracy, with free speech being the foundation of western values.

So, why are the agnostic gods encouraging the use of such a feedback feature?

@Jacar I think a better question is why would you seek to hide such information? And enabling self expression is literally the opposite of self censorship. Your anger is strange, and your compliant self contradictory.


I did a test run lol


i expect to be receiving some of those lol.



Thank you!!!!


Thank you and, unfortunately, I have used it. Maybe some will use it instead of making rude comments. It might promote a little more civility.



it helps


I just tried it out on the post below, an apt candidate. I see my green face appears in place of the thumb. I’m assuming it’s the latest rating that will be displayed.


Alrighty then! Thanks!


I like it... the queasy button.


more options are always good


I'd be rare on here I'm assuming


I noticed. Thanks!




Love it!

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