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Being open minded and objective, I'm not sure if this site is for me. It seems to be riddled with NPC's signaling their white virtues... am I wrong?
Anyone willing to express some positives of the Trump administration instead of the usual worn out anti Trump platitudes?

Jephri 2 Oct 28

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Ummm, you go first......


National Public ..Croatians..? Worn out platitudes? Maybe reality isn’t the place for you… Problem is, the ‘good things about trump’ are ..impossible to find. The man, an embarrassment to men, is mentally ill; he’s a Malignant Narcissist … and likely exhibit A with regard to what wealth & privilege allow given that disorder..

I’ve found Atheists to be honest. If not, I doubt their athesium. Agnostics appear honest, too. Anyone touting the virtues of mr. trump would be a liar, he has none. I can think of only one policy of ‘his administration’ I somewhat agree with, though his motivation doesn't reflect mine.


Sorry...I think the whole government and every politician is a POS, mostly due to the fact that most people are lazy, ignorant, and simple minded. As such, we have the government we (collectively) deserve.

So no...can't say anything positive about Trump or any other president in the past 20-30 years. Even when they do attempt to do something good for the people, it is so warped and diluted with party politics that in the end it doesn't really help in most cases.

Do you vote?

@Varn Nope....I don't believe in participating in popularity contests that don't change jack shit.

“If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.”
― Emma Goldman

@jondspen then, you lose ~


I'm inclined to agree - the site is not for you.


This site is for those who don't have a religious affiliation and doubts/denies a deity. They believe in personal responsibility and does not think a "God" is the reason for things happening. That being said it is difficult to find anything redeeming to state about Trump. I would not consider this an anti-Trumps/political site just a site with little tolerance for foolishness and false information.


My suggestion is that you state something you think is positive about the Trump administration and, when someone disagrees with you, which most on this site probably will, then argue your viewpoint, or explain how you arrived at your viewpoint.


There are groups here that you can join where you may feel more comfortable


You lost all credibility the moment you said 'NPCs'.


Jephri, .If you are a new member I would advise you to stay .You may find the type of members you identity with.


You may be more comfortable in the conservative atheist group on this website. Most of them in that group are supportive of Trump.

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