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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, oh my!

While we've always had these categories (plus straight, pansexual and asexual), they were not included in the member search form! Whoops, it's there now for our members who are looking for others for dating.

Admin 8 Nov 14

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And what of the poor folks who are straight but so far off the Bell curve that like Halley's Comet they only come close to it once every 76 years?


Asexual dating,


Ace's date. They just don't have sex very often, if ever.

@Minta79 ... awesome


I think that is wonderful!! As was said, choice is good; and as I will attest - One size does not fit all, ever. We are a pluralistic people and it makes me happy that we are inclusive of all as much as possible.


Choice is good! What a boring world, if we were all the same.


Since I am, I guess, considered a Cis (whatever that actually means) it won't change things for old, straight me. It is good for many others tho & is a very good thing. Good work!

I wonder why you felt it necessary to inform us that you are straight before you gave kudos?

@Xena Does it matter?

@CaroleKay It does to me which is why I asked. I have my Lesbian reasons for asking

Ha I got blocked for that! Excellent!

@Xena Well, tell me your "Lesbian" reasons for asking & I'll tell you why I stated my "leanings" initially. It's a boring answer, with no hidden or ulterior motives, as you seem to imply, but, tit-for-tat (no pun intended).

@CaroleKay Did @Xena actually block you for asking that question???

@phxbillcee Yes, I got a notification that she/he? tagged me in a comment and then I was blocked, Lol! I was going to say, I'm straight and love the idea, didn't get a chance to.

@phxbillcee I see your comment above. Seems she has some issues.

@CaroleKay That is even more senseless than some of the reasons some have blocked me. A three-word softball question & now you're anathema!!! THAT is hilarious! & of course, I'll be next, how will I ever thrive & survive??? LOL!
In case you couldn't see it, this was her reply to you...
@CaroleKay It does to me which is why I asked. I have my Lesbian reasons for asking

I asked her what they were (as if there are straight reasons, gay reasons, lesbian reasons, etc., but that's another question), no answer as of yet.

@phxbillcee That’s hilarious. I had a feeling she commented and then blocked me so I couldn’t answer. That’s OK I really don’t care and I don’t think it matters it’s not her business anyway. I think she’s reading way too much into this.

@CaroleKay Way, way too much, which I would have told her if she ever responded. I can live without knowing her "Lesbian" reasons, tho. As I said, I expect to be blocked next. I can live with that, too!


I'm not gay. It's all just an act until I find the right man...




Good idea-we have a diverse community.



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