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Many of us don't try because we are afraid to fail. Michael Jordan said, "The key to success is failure."

What I think he meant by that is that a person often has to try many times until he or she eventually succeeds. That's why artists and athletes practice daily.

I think that Edgar Albert Guest summed it up best in a poem when he wrote, "Success is failure turned inside out."

I humbly think that the success I've gratefully achieved has been largely because of two characteristics: (1) my stubbornness to keep trying, and (2) my willingness to learn.

By permanwilson7
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It would be a shame to stop at attempt #37, when #41 will lead to the desired success

TBthree Level 4 Dec 4, 2018

Whether one is successful or not depends on the context. I consider myself successful in learning as I have the attained the highest form of degree one can attain. However, if you look at income, because I'm in education and we do not pay our educators in our society anywhere near enough, I'm only mediocre, and going backwards--thanks to Trump and the Republicans. If you look at my relationship status, well...I'm a failure. Although I don't consider it as a failure, I actually consider myself strong for getting out of a bad marriage and deciding to go it on my own. However, I have heard and felt the subtle put down because I don't "have a man" in my life.

I agree if an individual has certain characteristics it can help them strive toward achieving goals, but they may never achieve the success they want, or at least achieve the level at which society says is successful. I think true success means you are living your life as you desire, doing the things that make you happy, and feel content inside.

linxminx Level 7 Dec 2, 2018

Because success deals with personal preferences, it may be defined differently for different people; I like Paul J. Meyer's definition of success:

"Success is the progressive realization of your own predetermined worthwhile goals."

One of the things I get from that definition is that a person is succeeding the moment he or she sets a goal and starts moving towards it; the closer that person comes to reaching that goal, however, the more successful he or she has become.


I would attribute my success, such as it is, to those same things. (2) is really just another way of saying you're curious, which is a foundational perquisite for intelligence. Persistence speaks to Edison's saying that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration (personally I'd peg it more at 10% and 90% but the Edison was famous for making things harder than they needed to be).

In fairness though, one can only reliably make such a claim from a position of relative privilege. If I had been poor, malnourished, uneducated, or subject to even worse health care than US health care, I would have been thwarted and unable to take advantage of my curiosity and would have persisted only to get nowhere.

mordant Level 8 Nov 30, 2018

Those things do not lead to success for all people--perhaps, not even most people. There are many factors involved, including intelligence. In fact, I even made video about this.

Thanks, I changed the wording.


These things lead to success for some people. Those successful people then spread their stories and propogate that myth.

Truth: Many folks, due to circumstances beyond their control, can NOT simply exercise those tools of persistence, patience, or self-determination (whatever the fuck that is). A huge percentage of our population suffers from disabling mental and/or physical disabilities. And we keep pushing this bullshit of "try harder" and "make it happen". Republicans love that shit so much so they can look the other way and act like the suffering of others has nothing to do with them. Like it is a fucking choice.

Let's take care of each other like a true civilized and VERY WEALTHY society is able.

Seeker3CO Level 7 Nov 30, 2018

I agree!

Blame the victim is the favorite social sport in America.

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