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So am I the only person who gets a little ofended when people say they pray for me?...

By anonymous7
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It doesn't offend me but I've been caught rolling my eyes which offends them.

Lucy_Fehr Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

Not offended, but I do have to fight the urge to say something akin to, "Well, I hope that brings YOU comfort. Doesn't do shit for me, but hey...(shrug)".


I tend to be amused. If they want to waste their time doing something totally ineffective for me, then that is their choice. The only beneficial effect of prayer is a soothing effect on the psyche of the one doing the praying, which observation has been found repeatedly in studies in psychology. In other words, the only people they are helping is themselves! (smirk)

irascible Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

Ask for something instead and see if they will help.

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

My mother had a sign in her dining room that said "Prayer Changes Things". I printed "Action" in a similar font and overlaid it on the word prayer. She removed the sign the following day.


Not at all. I am trying to control the reflexive eyeroll (upon the "I'll pray for you" ) to both avoid the understandable offense and to keep my eyes in.

Zster Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

Just tell them that instead of prayers, how about some cash.


It's their choice, it's makes no difference to me and certainly won't influence the outcome.

ipdg77 Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

The irony of it makes me chuckle inside. I think to myself, why would god need to be told that a situation requires assistance? Beats me.

JGal Level 6 Dec 28, 2018

Why would someone else wishing you well be considered offensive?


a quick look around this site would have told you you're by no means alone in this.


genessa Level 8 Dec 28, 2018

I simply respond, "thank you, I'll think for you."

LordByron Level 1 Dec 28, 2018

I try not to let it bother me, but I was always a fan of responding with, "OK. I'll think for you."


It makes me laugh to myself at the uselessness of it.


It depends on the context because with some you just know that it is meant in a condescending manner. My argument has always been if you are going to pray you only need one. “I wish the best of things for all things”. Cuts out all the strange prescriptions and personality-centric focus and, if it works, everything gets the benefit. Seems simple to me, but then I am a simple bear with little brain!


I think many Christians say this and don't actually pray. I think it's often something said to wish you well like Renickulous said. Sometimes people don't know what to say and it's they're way of saying I support you and want things to be better for you. If they do pray, what's it hurt? They obviously want good or positive things for you or want a situation to change. Sometimes people don't know what to say or do in certain situation, but I think overall these words have good intent and it isn't meant to push their beliefs on you.


Try not to be irritated. It is there way of doing something that may make them feel good, is that so bad? Does it affect you in any real way? I think we need to be able to love mankind regardless of beliefs. Except that someone is concerned about you regardless of the reason. It doesn't harm anything. But being defensive etc may only instill the belief in them that we are bad, evil, wrongdoers. Let them see the truth.

tyodaman Level 3 Dec 31, 2018

As mistaken as they are... unless they are trying to influence you contrary to your will you shouldn't get upset. Kindness deserves kindness even if they're foolish


Only if they are praying for me because they know I don't believe in their sky daddy. Prayers because they think it will somehow have a positive effect in my life is fine. Does crap for me but might make them feel good.

adhriel Level 4 Dec 28, 2018

The problem with some is that they take credit for your positive outcomes, as if the prayers made all the difference, and your pro-activity was irrelevant. I was recently shopping for a car, and after finding one, a work acquaintance told me she had been praying that God would reveal my perfect vehicle and lead me to it. Any hint of bad luck in my life, they attribute to my lack of belief, and any positives are due to THEIR prayers. It's ridiculous.

@HomeAloneSunday so typical


I don't mind, every positive thought for me is ok. I'm not offended because they believe it and I suppose it is genuine.

Gert Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

I would go crazy if I let it offend me. I try to laugh it off.


You are not alone in this. I have 2 friends who live in Liberia. Both know that I do not believe yet I get we will pray for you. I take it as an act of kindnes now.


Besides, if you get if you loose your cool every time somebody says "I'll pray for you", you look like a douche and see people like us as just bitter. They win and you loose. Next time just say "no thanks" and/or "don't waste your prayers on me, pray for something relevant like a cure for cancer or something" see how their eyes gloss over.


Just ignore it. "I'll pray for you" is just their defensive mechanism and just as irrelevant as "bless you" whenever you sneeze. It's a cultural thing and with every generation there is less and less of this BS getting passed on. Be patient, don't loose your cool. Stay focused on the more important things like how laws are passed on use your right to vote.


First, what qualifies anyone to pray for you? Second, it's usually for some reason that is pretty petty in the grand scheme of, you have the flue, or lost your wallet with all the cash you have....and this "god", who governs an infinite universe, has nothing better to do than to cure your cold or help get your sorry ass out of your financial bind! Talk about the hight of grandiosity!
I usually state, when someone tries to get me to agree in the powers of prayer, that "nothing fails quite like prayer". Then I suggest that a tangible act might be more effective (like loaning me 5 till I find wallet!)

7007 Level 1 Jan 9, 2019

I'd just roll my eyes and ask for their help, not a prayer.

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