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Illegal immigrant murders police officer.

By Veteran2297
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Actually, this tragedy arose because the shooter was practicing what you yourself believe in. It's ironic: look at the actual name of the website you quote on this news item…

Krish55 Level 7 Dec 29, 2018

So @Veteran229 - what is the point you were making?

It's in politics.

RavenCT Level 9 Dec 29, 2018

I detect a Trump Troll...


How much difference would it make if it was a legal immigrant?

Immigrants are good for your local economy. Doesn't matter if they're legal or not. They work their asses off at shit jobs for shit pay and still manage to start businesses and create jobs.


Army guy who was employed to go over to other countries to kill people complains when it happens in his country ....lmao

Simon1 Level 7 Dec 29, 2018

White supremacists murder a helluva lot more.

wordywalt Level 8 Dec 29, 2018

I knew a redhead that once stoled money from me. Therefore, I can conclude that redheads are thieves and cannot be trusted.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Dec 29, 2018

And, how many police officers have been killed by people who are here legally? Your pro gun webbsie doesn't say.

snytiger6 Level 9 Dec 29, 2018

How many citizens have been murdered by cops? How many cops were convicted? I'm sure no website will tell you that.


At last they are fighting back .....

Simon1 Level 7 Dec 29, 2018

Wow, there's been a conviction already?I mean, like , in a court of law?

nvrnuff Level 8 Dec 29, 2018

Illegals commit FEWER crimes than legal residents.
More law enforcement officers are killed by legal residents than illegals.
All documented. All verified.

Stop fear-mongering. It makes you look stupid.

No one is buying that bullshit, except for the other fear-mongers.
Besides, most of the illegal immigrants in this country have come in through
it's airports with LEGAL visas, and are from Asia. Not Mexico, not Central America.
Those are the ones taking the jobs, because they're educated, skilled, and have actual professions. They become illegal AFTER their visas expire and they do not

You guys really have to make more of an effort to verify your claims BEFORE you put them forward.

KKGator Level 9 Dec 29, 2018

Oh, the spin, it's making me dizzy.

"The research found that native-born residents were most likely to commit and be convicted of crimes, while unauthorized immigrants saw a conviction rate that was about 50% lower. Legal immigrants appeared to be the most law-abiding, with 86% fewer convictions than native-born Texans."

because they get deported and not prosecuted for their crimes.

@Veteran229 Which crimes? Are you saying illegal immigrants are murdering people and then just quietly being sent home to "cook the books" so to speak? What numbers are you referring to that would reflect illegal immigrants are committing crimes and quietly being deported rather than being prosecuted, thus skewing the numbers? (Or are you conflating the crime of "crossing the border" to the crime of murder, and calling it a day?)

@Veteran229 Still track the instances of crimes committed.

So I ask you yet again, what IS your point?

@Veteran229 That is complete BS. If an undocumented immigrant commits a crime and is convicted they serve their time before being deported, which would be included in the statistical data. They don't just get deported without punishment.


Violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants are statistically insignificant.

So I ask you, what is your point here? I can assume, but I prefer not to.



“illegal immigrant murdering” is 0.nihil %
While the vast majority of hate crimes are committed by overzealous far right “hand on the Bible and the other hand a gun” types. Serial killers are also mostly white males.

To mention “illegal” and “murder” in one sentence is designed to support the far right empty rhetoric policy, fear mongering, and exposes how uninformed the far right really is.

Entering this country violating federal laws is illegal. Taking a human life in this country outside of self defense, is murder. The terms are used correctly, because that is what happened. Be scared when people get to make their own definition of murder, just as the left makes its own definition of illegal immigrant, or lack their of.

@Veteran229 you are correct the statement is true.

The point missed is the need to mention this fact (an illegal murdered) implies “all illegals are bad.” This rhetoric is used by the right and exemplified by trump stating “ Mexico sends their worst. They are rapists, drug dealers, murderers, and bring diseases.”

Reality is also, immigrants flee their countries out of desperation and the vast majority are normal hardworking individuals seeking a better life like (highly likely) your forefathers did.

The rhetoric is empty and deliberately designed to instill fear and rile up am uninformed base. Even when those “caravans” of 1000s being 2000 miles away, the White House occupant t already called them illegal while they haven’t even arrived yet ... it’s bizarre. Facts matter. Pay attention.

@Veteran229 And federal laws are sacred, right? Like the ones we had that enslaved human beings, or disenfranchised blacks and women, not to mention the lovely treatment our laws have afforded the rightful owners of this continent (ironically called "Indians", because white people are idiots).

Murder is universally recognized as a crime-in this country, or any other. The fact that one murderer is an immigrant, is irrelevant. The fact that the victim was a police officer is irrelevant. The fact that you deemed this one murder worthy of publicizing, however, speaks volumes about you.

Human-on-human violence is a problem which no nation has been able to solve. Imprisonment reduces the social impact of the offender, but seems to have little deterrent effect. It's expensive, too. Capital punishment has the deplorable side effect of sometimes making the state a murderer of an innocent, which we find morally objectionable. Gun-control reduces gun crime, but not necessarily crime itself.

With international commerce, you're going to have international travel. The notions of "capitalistic free markets" and "national protectionism" are on a collision course, and tougher border control isn't going to change that (I might add, though, that closer cooperation between nations' police forces might make such murderers easier to catch).

The Romans used a tool called "citizenship" to create a class-stratified society. We're more like them than we care to admit, despite our professed egalitarian ideals.


Like comment? Advertise how a former cop with history of domestic violence killed three?

(Can not put a link in. Copy paste Fox

A former custody deputy with a history of domestic violence was identified Saturday as the suspect killed by sheriff's deputies Friday night at a home in a gated community in an unincorporated town in Santa Barbara County, Calif., authorities said Saturday.
Before he was slain by responding officers, David McNabb, 43, had killed his mother, sister, and a man whose relationship to the family wasn't immediately clear, FOX affiliate KKFX-CD of San Luis Obispo reported.


This murder is a horrible thing, as is any murder. My condolences to the families.

Here's my problem with your argument. Illegal immigrant violent crime is overblown by the alt-right (real conservatives no longer exist). If this category of crime is averaged againt all violent crimes committed last year, the percentage is less than 1/1000th of One percent (0.001). Statistically this is insignificant (statistcally). Hate crimes and crimes by white supremicists are at least 100X more prevalent. I don't see the alt-right taking about that. This is ethically and morally dishonest.

Second, despite this tragic event (one of just a handful), most illegal immigrant violence is usually immigrant on immigrant, or immigrant on hispanic community violence. In the long run, alt-righters do not care when this happens. They only care when it spills over into the larger population. Again ethicalky and morally dishonest. The reason alt-righters even draw attention to this issues is to support a policy that is illogical, financially wasteful, and a stall tactic by an incompetent president.

t1nick Level 8 Dec 29, 2018

I heard the Mexican Congress refuses to pay for Trump's wall. Then I heard it was OUR Congress that was refusing. Then I wondered how our Congress is supposed to be in charge of Mexico's money to pay for the wall. Then I was told Trump wants OUR Congress to spend OUR tax money on the wall that Trump promised MEXICO was supposed to pay for. Trump PROMISED us. He PROMISED. Now he's trying to steal our tax money to pay for it. I'll never vote for Trump again. (Not that I did the first time, but still, it's fun to say.)


Great responses below! Thank you for exposing this as race baiting!

Krish55 Level 7 Dec 29, 2018

illegal immigrant murders fiji born legal immigrant. Please explain race baiting in this case.


Yes,I noticed that the Pussygrabbing Dotard was trying to use this story to make a case for his absurd wall. Seems to me that It'd make just as much sense to build a wall around all the damn guns.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 29, 2018

Good point. People take from such a story what they see as most relevant or pressing. The OP uses it as an argument against immigration; another person sees it as an argument for gun control.

While 45% of illegal immigrants fly over the wall on a legal student or tourist visa overstaying their visa term. (Like the 1 million illegal American retirees in Mexico do). Another 20% bypass “the wall” by boat or come in through Canada. Go figure out the effectiveness of the “wall”.

It’s like buying a Ferrari without a driver’s license.


Xenophobes like to find isolated incidents like this and apply it across the board to ALL immigrants.

jlynn37 Level 8 Dec 29, 2018

Obviously you did not even read the article.
"A law-abiding immigrant who does everything right to come to the United States ends up losing his life due to someone who came here illegally thanks to policies created by those who can’t seem to tell the difference between the two."

@Veteran229 so exactly what point are you trying to make in sharing this story?

Why do we make it so hard and expensive and take so long to become a legal citizen? An easy way to end this debate is to simply issue them a smartphone so they can be tracked and watched and listened to everywhere they go should the need arise. This is just pure racism.

@Deb57 No point, just sharing the story. And watching the the idiocy abound. I do not need to make a point. I can post something, no one will read it, but they will shoot off at the mouth. They will finger vomit without any actual investigation.

@Veteran229 So you have done the investigation? How many thousands of cops are killed a year by illegal immigrants? Or is it tens of thousands? What number do you think the average Fox viewer would guess with their 24/7 coverage of this story? How many cops were killed total this year, by anyone? What guess do you think the average Fox viewer would make of that number? I thought Republicans were supposed to be the "brave" party, but the fear (bordering on cowardice) coming from them lately is embarrassing. It reminds me of when Steve King made up numbers of murders based on the percentage of illegal immigrants in prison. He figured he could just say the percentage of illegal immigrants in prison scans exactly to the percentage of murders committed in the US, and ran with it.

@greyeyed123 And thats the irony. One bad thing can happen and Democrats will flip their shit and the media campaign to make a list of new laws to stop something despite anyone rights.

But point out the bad things illegals do and wanting to stop it from harming the majority, and they start the endless excuses and rhetoric.

It must be nice living in a world of double standards. Getting to pat yourself on the back at every chance, because your moral ground flip flops depending on the issue.

@greyeyed123 a recent study has shown that Fox viewers actually know less as compared to those not watching news at all .....

@greyeyed123 Yes. I was surprised he didn’t mention “Muslim” too just for good measure.

@Veteran229 By "one bad thing" do you happen to mean mass shootings and gun deaths? Did you look up the statistics to, you know, like, COMPARE them to the illegal immigrant murders? Just wondering. Or if you were talking about something else, what was it, so we can, like, look up the numbers. Or do the numbers not support you, and thus you didn't mention what it was you were talking about?

@greyeyed123 I was also wondering what "one bad thing" he was referring to. I can think of lots of Very Bad Things to be outraged about. For instance, I am much more upset that children are dying in cages at the border than that a cop was killed by an undocumented immigrant. After all, the cop took the job knowing it was dangerous. The children whom America murdered were given no choices.

@Marcel3405 Not just recent studies, but studies going back YEARS show Fox viewers know less than people who claim to not follow the news at all.


Like no non-immigrant never did. <sigh>

godef Level 7 Dec 29, 2018
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