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Do not purchase 4Ocean bracelets. It is a scam. They do little clean up efforts and are making millions for a couple surfer dudes.

By Beowulfsfriend8
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4Ocean is for profit company pretending to do good for oceans. More than 1,500,000 lbs of plastic are dumped into the ocean EVERY DAY on our planet.

They have collected the equivalent of 3.5 days worth of plastic trash dumping over their entire multi-year lifetime. They will never make a dent in anything. And are mainly selling "good feelings" to people who think they are helping the ocean. You aren't helping anyone except the scammers get rich off a $20 bracelet that costs $1 to make.

I have an idea for a business: Please buy my overpriced plastic bracelet and I'll clean the planet's air. For every $20 bracelet you buy, I'll run my Home Hepa air filter for 1 minute. I'm cleaning OUR PLANET'S polluted air! You do like clean air don't you?? Just think if only 10,000,000 people buy my bracelet, I'll run my $100 air filter for 10,000,000 minutes. That will make a difference right??? No, not all.

A good comparison to see transparency of efforts is perhaps check out is The Ocean Cleanup.

Another sad example of unscrupulous using a real issue to raise money for themselves taking advantage of good people's emotions.. They don't even call themselves a charity.
There are many charities that that do little.more than make good salaries for founders or professional fundraiserd. It's all legal so caring folks must check out organization before sending be it $5 or $500+.


I don't have any reason to believe it's a scam but I do have a couple of thoughts. One is that I am a restoration ecologist. That's not how it works. This is like some community service project designed to keep the charter for the sorority. The kumbaya, feel-good buzzwords aren't doing anything but making buyers imagine they're making some huge difference. The biggest issue I have is the lack of transparency and the same 20 images and 250-word description, looped everywhere. No information available ANYWHERE that describes the processes, the results, or anything to really give any clue as to how this business actually functions. One of the links on their website says "previous causes." Sends you to a sold out bracelet for the Great Barrier Reef. It's the end of May. It's essentially summer in our hemisphere. Probably a GREAT time to have a whole bunch of cleanups, get some brand exposure, and so forth. As of right now, they have only ONE worldwide cleanup scheduled: in Queens. I just feel as if there are way too many questions and even if it IS a legit COMPANY, that's fine. People want to know and should be able to find the information about how this all works, from the start and well into the growth and maintenance phases.

You made some great points, well said. I have to admit it "isn't " a scam, but as you pointed out better than I have been able to say, it isn't transparent and has a multitude of flaws. It is a legitimate business, just like Shell oil and thus its bottom line is profits over all else. And like Shell oil, do we want to give to them for their clean up efforts? There are many other, and in my opinion, better organizations to support thsn two surfer dudes who have made themselves multi millionaires.

@Beowulfsfriend Thank you. I just saw YET another one of the ads today and decided to do some checking into it again. Yes, again. Nothing had changed. I started digging in a few months ago when some friends and I were talking about the Garbage Patch and the Ocean Cleanup's cleanup efforts and failures when 4ocean came up. No matter where I looked, though, I couldn't find any real information and that bothered me. Seems they would make a lot more money if they provided people with data. Let's be honest... People would see a webpage with "data" or charts or something but few would actually read it, yet be impressed that the info was there, and buy bracelets, checking out with the feeling that they really did something impactful because the data was RIGHT THERE! So this forum came up several pages into my searching and, after looking around at the community, I was like, where the hell was this place when I was younger and needed this kind of support? So. Yeah. Here I am and this post was why I came.


I just left Bali, where I work in the export industry. I saw a 4Ocean box in my cargo company’s warehouse. What a i found interesting is that the box was from China, and it said that $23,000 of bracelets were inside. What this means is 4Ocean is manufacturing bracelets in China, not Bali, shipping them to Bali and then shipping them to the US. Why would 4Ocean willingly pay for all this extra shipping? So they can say the bracelets come from Bali. SCAM!!! This prompted me to see if the 4Ocean bracelets are on alibaba, and yep, they are! What does that mean? A factory in China is making the bracelets. So gross in so many ways.

Katie143 Level 1 July 17, 2019

Let's do some simple math. I'm a manufacturing process control and cost estimating engineer. The bracelet cost a few pennies to make. Paying a third world worker a few dollars a day to pick up a few hundred pounds of trash costs another few pennies per pound. The bracelet and a pound of trash pickup is probably less than $1. That leaves a huge profit. Why is this a for profit company and not a non-profit if their goal is to save our oceans? I think this is a couple of surfer dudes preying on the the ignorant with a pretty smile and touting a very noble cause.

mdflyer Level 1 July 14, 2019

Just looking at the social media of the founders and seeing their joy at hunting and killing fish while claiming to care about the oceans is enough for me to realise what their intentions are. Cash in on good hearted people's desire to help out in any way they can and make as much money as possible in the process.

cnr85 Level 1 July 13, 2019

can you provide links to show what you are talking about?


Very disappointing that one man with a negative personal opinion can create this kind "mess" about a business that is sincerely trying to improve our Oceans situation.

You should be deeply ashamed and humiliated!!!

When they start a "sincere" effort to do more and to spend more of their funding rather than line their pockets my opinion will change. There are many groups out there making change and not with the express desire to line their pockets with tender. These guys are similar to the many religious groups that very kindly help the needy and yet keep the vast share of the "booty" for themselves. If you want to be self deluded and give to them, do so. I'll help the groups with little to no profit margin. By the way, in no way do I feel ashamed for speaking the truth. I never said they did nothing - they do a lot less than their enormous profits show. Give to whomever you like; personally I look a little deeper. Their biggest boast about their legitimacy is the BBB.

That's how skepticism works. Question the veracity of everything. A high production value marketing campaign is exceptionally expensive and a red flag. Where do they get that money? Bracelet-only sales seems very unrealistic. Where are the bracelets produced? Are they fair trade? What are production costs? This is a for-profit business, so they don't get the hall pass for nobility on which a non-profit business might skate through. The lack of transparency & data is another red flag. How does their revenue stream breakdown to cover operational/admin costs, bracelet production costs, and clean up costs? It seems like many other sources of revenue would be involved. Being for-profit means they don't have to publish anything like an non-profit would. Their model doesn't add up.

Really? I don't think so.


4ocean are an ecommerce business with a charitable front. I have followed this company for over a year, at least up until the blocked me on social media... I was sceptical because they clearly spend alot of money on advertising and marketing, usually when someone polishes a turd that much they don't want you to know it's a turd. At the time I spent hours researching like literally days because i became obsessed with exposing these charlatans but everyone seemed to buy into this ego driven bracelet craze... but I did some math using 4oceons own figures, I took into consideration how much trash had been collected, how much a bracelet was and the length of time they had been running for, I wasnt able to go any deeper like how much they pay employees, and do they get paid also for selling recycled materials because they are set up as a private company meaning they legally don't have any obligations to release analytics. At the time 4ocean had been running for 2 years so I calculated to the best of my knowledge that every year 1'400'000'000lbs of trash goes into the ocean, 2.8 billions pounds of trash over 2 years, 4 ocean over the first 2 years of operation pulled 3'200'000lbs. Every pound pulled costs approx $20 for consumers because they have to buy the bracelets and are not allowed to make donations for some reason... In summary it has cost roughly $32'000'000 to reduce global annual pollution by 0.0001% (3.2million ÷ 2.8billion) If someone can find a flaw in my way of thinking feel free to challenge it but I am pretty sure this is a purely profit driven business with no real impact on the environment, good for the economy though.... check out []

They actually have plans that seem serious enough to tackle such an issue with expectations and regular updates (not just very well edited pictures)


It's a business although it does a good job of making itself appear a charity.

Lucy_Fehr Level 8 Jan 29, 2019

Every time I see one of their commercials I feel like they're lying.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 29, 2019

Their effort is shameful. They "fund" their cause with bracelets which when discarded they will enter our waterways, our oceans and look like fish eggs to be consumed by the fish. What a joke of a company.

appleseed Level 1 July 28, 2019

Support real water charities such as CCA - coastal conservation association

Flowerrose Level 1 July 28, 2019

After watching their ad for about the 20th time I said to myself that this has to be a scam. How can a legitimate organization spend that kind of money on advertising and be legitimate? Most of their money has to be spent on advertising and not on cleaning up the oceans because cleaning up the ocean has to be extremely expensive. And it really pisses me off because I've got a small company that sells a product on Amazon called the Ecoflap vent cover which actually helps the environment by more efficiently heating, cooling and humidifying homes and rooms in homes. But our sales are really low because we've received bad reviews from people who essentially think our product is a scam when in fact it works. I don't know. I guess the message from 4Oceans is that if you want to sell something you'd better advertise and advertise like crazy. lol

trying2 Level 1 July 21, 2019

I would love to see 4 and the ocean cleanup join forces! Then they could sell support bracelets. I am all for funding a project like this. Unfortunately there is so much work to be done in our oceans because of the tremendous lack of respect behavior that some people INSIST UPON REPEATING in cluttering our beaches and oceans alike. I would FINE THE HELL OUT OF THEM IF CAUGHT! We should have cameras taping when there are no guards on the beach. And I know people on boats out in the water dump into the ocean! I grew up in N.J. and I never remember having the amount of crap that these beaches have now. Condoms, medical waste, wrappers, cups, etc. HAVE NO PLACE THERE. There are places for people like the woods or a pen! SICK OF THE PIGS ON BEACHES!

SEALADY1 Level 1 July 14, 2019

Don't understand how they have so many staff and equipment,boats, warehouses etc etc and to pay salaries out of selling bracelets

richardff Level 1 July 8, 2019

Wow sounds like people expect a couple young surfer guys to be brain surgeons or criminals. How bout they had an idea, a good idea and they are wroking on it. And for 20 bucks you can help them through another month of expenses. If they make a million dollars each cleaning up other peoples crap.. is that a bad thing? Is it better they become lawayers and charge the working poor 250 dollars an hour for limited help. or sell gas powered cars ?? I say go for it boys and may many more follow and become millionairs, I think the work is sick of most of the other ways people become millionaires

Bantu Level 1 June 28, 2019

Maybe. They've made multiple millions and other groups haven't, nor have the capital they keep banked or spend on advertising. Let's see if you, Mr. 1, stay around or are just a bot or shill for them. Come back a 6, we can talk then.


YOU are a bunch of WHAT? maybe jehovah's witnesses who wouldnt put forth a dime to help any good cause or community???? seriously? saying the 4-Ocean project is a scam?...are you that sour and Board that you pick on what LITTLE effort is being done to help care for our small desperately in need of help planet! BUY the bracelets...EVERYONE, buy at least one..its a small $20.00 and I will feel better and one pound of trash will be cleaned up! WHO CARES if the 4-Oceans bracelets only cost a dollar to make..THAT IS WHY ITS CHARITY!! Would you all be happy if the bracelet cost $10 to make and you bought it for $20? THEN WHERE IS THE MONEY FOR CLEAN UP????? LETS have some common sense people! IT IS UNREAL that so many of you are about the ocean animals they sponsor??...YES..some of the money they get for the "over priced" bracelets goes directly to charity foundations for the certain animal you choose to support through the bracelet purchase...ALL i can say is STOP...really STOP! STOP hating, stop trying to destroy what little is good..I can only hope my children and grandchildren will be able to swim in an ocean..see a whale or touch a coral reaf..HOW DARE you put doubt in the eyes of people who might wabt to contribute to the future of the planet and ALL its inhabitants..shame on you!!

Learn to read. Stop being a pawn. Go away level one, back to where you came from. If you make level six, (you are just here to bitch for your overlords), we can have a real discussion.


Why do you say this? NOT supported by any evidence whatsoever!

See below @fudrucker11 response. It is perfect. So, if you want to feel good, buy a braclet.


I will answer no more responses from ONES. Not knowing who or what you are, don't bother with me. Only 6's and above if they have something to add to this thread.


There are a lot of companies on the internet claiming to serve veterans or animals or the like and the charities which they say they represent end up getting a very small percentage of each sale.


Put a shirt on, and stop scamming

kobe Level 1 Aug 11, 2019

Yes Kobe, I agree, your beef is weeping. Stay around and visit. Make it to level six here and, well, then U'll talk. Til then, you are a scam sucking POS just visiting and taking up space. May your Lord almighty have pity on your money hungry soul. Yeah right.


4Ocean is an amazing business! Yes they clean up 1lb of trash for every bracelet bought. they need and want people to buy their bracelets so they can pay the people who are giving time and effort for this work. Everyone saying they are a scam suck. 4Ocean is awesome, without them the oceans would be worse then they already are. They have picked up over 2 millions pieces of trash. 2 Million, they have made a big impact on are world with all the pollution. you people need to clean up your act and see that they are helping our world, and what are you doing? sitting on your computer hating on a site that helps our world. A child wrote this and look what your saying.


How do you know this?
They are paying for prime time adverts on Australian zTV.

KajMac Level 1 July 29, 2019

Of course they are - mega millions in the bank and limited actual work. Technically not a "scam" but a legal money grab for little effort. Give to someone else like the CCA.


Prove that it’s a scam don’t just make these claims BACK IT UP!!!!!

Read within the replies. Oh yeah, you are gone and won't be back. Stay around, build a presence and, maybe, we can talk.


Just so you know, they released info on how much the founders take of the profits...and it's 0.7% which is VERY little. So actually most of the profit is going back into helping clean the ocean of plastic. I do agree that they should do more, but at least they're doing something to help the oceans - more than what you or me are doing.

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