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I just got to level 8.
And the post that pushed it over the edge was from an AOC hater and his boyfriend trolling me in my response to their poll.
My thanks go out to these two stupid fucking trolls.
My special thanks goes out to all the dear wonderful people that make up the rest of this wonderful community.

By anonymous7
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Doomed I am be forever level one. I aspire no higher. My merest wish is be left alone ignore you all. Well, maybe a cash incentive could lure me from my cave. Tie some a stick and wave it.


Congrats and fuck fuck fuck yes!!!!!

Dandewine Level 7 Feb 12, 2019

Congrats! Woot!

RavenCT Level 9 Feb 10, 2019

Would you please tell me what the benefit of the levels are? You may be brief. I was here on this sight once before but I totally forgot their purpose.

[] This the level page if you click on the Perks it will tell you what you gain at each level.
If you have more questions feel free to PM me.

I'm pretty sure that this whole LevelsThing is like Scientologistics or that other Hat/stones/magic underwear lot. If you get through and are accepted to the inner circle you are shown Great Wisdoms handed down through the Ages.( Three easy payments of $4.50.) Plus the complimentary drop rear underpants and too large tee shirt to go with your regulation Agnostic fluffy bunny slippers. I can't wait to see you at the next late night picnic after you graduate. There will be wine and crackers, whip, dips and for some reason, orange onions on sticks.

@RavenCT Thank you.

@RavenCT, @scampbell1955 You have personality. Love it!

@ElusiveMoby , groveling basket. But thanks anyway.
It has been day of ill flavoured hard work relieved only by a cooling swim and copious alcohol. Stop when you have enough had..
The ill flavour comes from the taste swirling about my mush when told to do work for less than I am 'obviously ' worth. And told to supervise untrained recalcitrants who skive off , phone in hand at every opportunity . It should please me to teach them better manners, work ethics, even transferable skills that will prove useful in another place. I am willing, I am able, I am frustrated that these youth come to me without a clue as to the necessity of precise, diligent workmanship. Shit I have had to show one how to cut the top off tube of glue. Another how to roll an electric lead. A hammer is an instrument of indeterminate worth. ( Dotting thick heads comes to mind.) One can shovel poo or one can learn a trade. I can show both. After days of expecting at any moment the light of intelligence to burst from their eyes, a glimmer, a bloom of understanding, a keenness to show the lessons learned, I am left a blot or blots to make good. Plain, tile, even brooming a floor, these things, simple and easy to understand are beyond their ken. Still I tried. I perspired in the effort to learn 'em. Today I had three swims. Tomorrow I shall have three more. Each time I cool down, my steaming mood cooled and refreshed. There is hope and by a lash and steelcapped boots I shall turn them to the plough or kill them where they cower, struck dumb by my flaming tongue.
Not apprentices, but then we were all Not quite apprentices once, God or Goodness forgive my own Masters whom I sent to an early grave, twitching, perspiring and blank of mind through shear forlorn frustration.

@ElusiveMoby Well now that we come so far it would be obtuse of me just leave you with the impression that I am an ogre at work. Apart from the necessity of beating my wife and visiting children or the odd asking for it passing pedestrians, I am the essence of a gentle, polite, self effacing, soft at centre , loveable chap who cares deeply for my fellow workers. Loves his work and fauns over his many Bosses. Hell my co-workers send me flowers every Friday. With chocolates.
Do not think for a second that the act of a rum soaked ex-mariner flogging his apprentices is all the way true. I hardly touched the boys. Yer Honour. Gawd was my witness.


lol...Congrats on achieving your 8.


Congratulations, keep up the good work.



Keep following them and you'll be on the fast track to 9. Lol!



Welcome to the Magic 8 Club.


Congrats. Enjoy your T-shirt.

kltuckmn Level 7 Feb 9, 2019

It was a friendly person who pushed me to level 8 last night. So I did thank them with a message. conrgrads. But you realize that in level 8 your in a higher tax bracket with the new tax code!


Congrats. Well done. I love the exploitation of 'stupid fucking trolls'. There should be more of it. ✌️


Woohoo. I just made 8 too. I think your trolls should get t-shirts too


I haver been told of a post that increased my level. How did you find this out?

he was probably aware of his point level in excited expectation of the tshirt while in a troll fest and watching that point level rise


I know exactly who you are talking about. He is a self described conservative, but all he's truly just anti-liberal. Conservatism plays nonrole in his thinking.

dokala Level 7 Feb 9, 2019


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