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Slim Pickens in Dallas but I’ve seen many attractive atheist men from all over on this site and I’m very open to the long distance thing. Anyone else enjoy it?

By anonymous7
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I have had zero luck with long distance. It is even complicated when the distance is 50 miles.

Seeker3CO Level 8 May 12, 2019

Long distance Relationships can and do work. My ex and I Met online and eventually ended up together after a long cortship online. We grew very close and she eventually came to visit me long story short we fell in love and moved to her country Many years later things got complicated due to Visa issues and we had to go our own ways. It is possible if the Heart is willing


I've done that a few times and it is very hard for me. I'm not single but I'm still f*cking lonely. Never again.


Distance has been a problem, and I am sure that will continue to be the case.

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 15, 2019

I am 20 years younger in LDR's than irl.


Just joined today. Still discovering everything. Vegas has it's hardships too. Just looking. What makes Dallas tough?

Not many openly agnostic men that I find attractive

Also, welcome!


@EricPlissken yes....were u gonna say something?

Oh yeah, I was going to say thank you. Not many Vegas locals.


What's Slim Pickens got to do with this? He's been dead for 36 years.


All the long distance relationships I have witnessed and undertook did not have lasting positive outcomes. Most stories have rather short time and sad outcomes.

I was in one for a couple of yrs and yes the ending was not good, I did enjoy the dynamic of it...sweet honeymoon every time you saw one another and you really get to know each other by all the talk time. It has its pros and cons.

@sandrarocks83 On a better case scenario, I agree with your pros and cons observation.

I've only attempted three long distance encounters. The first encounter turned out to be a batshit crazy theist. That cemented my requirement of -must be a rational thinker- or she would not be worth my time. The 2nd encounter advertised as a not religious, no kids, not married, non smoker. After many months of online I drove a few hundred miles and found her. . . , smoker, religious, married (hubby in the pen), lots of kids including a newborn. The third, although honestly represented, did not meet my requirements for intellect. That was many many years ago.

As for those I know of, at the college where I work, there have been three guys who ordered wives (two from Russia one from China). All failed the day after citizenship was awarded to the wives who promptly divorced their less then impressive (mates?)

The funniest story was when the sister of a co-worker joyously shared with me an envelope proclaiming love and filled with shiny photos of a tall strapping young man with long blond hair. Clad in tight swimwear he was sporting a surf board before the ocean shoreline. She was so excited. "He's flying in tomorrow! He's going to ask me to marry him! We've been mailing each other for months and I think I love him." While sorting through the photos there was one smaller and somewhat grungy dark exposure group shot from what appeared to be an indoor reception or Halloween party. I looked carefully at that photo and recognized a significantly degraded version of the no longer young man with the surfboard. He no longer had hair and had magically lost height, muscle, and definition and had gained significant amount of fat. Originally she was unable to identify who was in the photo but after much convincing, I was able to show her the person who would be flying in was not the strapping young blond but the the greatly tarnished old bald man. At first she did not believe me but reluctantly recognized some attributes present in the dull photo. "This must be make-up. They must be at a Halloween party." When I noted nobody else was wearing make-up, she slowly began to accept the reality of how time may had changed him. "This means he lied to me?" she continued. "No", I corrected her, I believe this dark photo is him. He was honest and included this photo. The other photos are also him. He has just changed." He flew in the next day, a Saturday, had planned to stay at least a week to arrange their union but flew back to the coast after only one night in North Dakota.

I know many other stories including some with romantic weddings set in fairy-tale beautiful landscape where the woman sold her ocean front house on the beach, moved to the Untied States that lasted a few happy months but in every case I am aware of, all relationships disintegrated with significant costs.

It is reasonable to assume some find lasting succeed. I hope you find great success in your journey.

@NoMagicCookie thank you, I’m hoping to find someone special


ALSO I should add I know alot about Dallas since I lived almost every summer in Ft Worth or Denton in my younger years and served in San Antonio

motrubl4u Level 7 Feb 14, 2019

How do I volunteer without sounding TOO excited lol. I'm definitely down

motrubl4u Level 7 Feb 14, 2019
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