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I witnessed a suicide today and I don't know how to process it. I don't have any friends or family to talk to.

I can't say thank you enough for the support. <3

anonymous 7 Mar 1

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Are you alright? Would you like to pm me? Please remember, there was nothing you could do. The decision for person to take their life is their own. Please reach out for help. I am here if you want to talk.


Also calling a Suicide hotline is for precisely this. They are about prevention.

This is what a Crisis is.
You witnessed one and that leaves you feeling just terrible. Processing it is important.

Been there.

You can also 211 (The infoline) anywhere in the US. And they will give you someone to speak to. Wait times can be a bit much there - so the Suicide Hotline posted lower down by others - and the other resources - are probably better ones.

@zstrastwa if you are anywhere near the Fort Worth or Mid Cities area and want an understanding friend to hang out with, let me know.

@zstrastwa I get it one religious platitude and you'll scream.

Maybe us saying "Hey you know - we really hear you and that had to be horrible.". And it had to be. I'm sorry.

I wish no one ever felt they had to do that. And that we lived in a better world.


First, understand you will likely experience some PTSD. I looked up some websites for resources for you. []

Please talk to a counselor, this is too much to try to process on your own. And please, take care of yourself.


There are crisis numbers in your community that you could reach out to. Please speak to someone.


My sympathies and understandings go out to you, my friends and I, as teenagers that is, also found a school friend who had committed suicide hanging from a tree on our way to school, it was horrific to say the very least and that terribly memory lives on in our minds still.
I was fortunate, as were they, to have understanding Teachers and Police Officers, etc, who sat with us and helped us to it through until the ambulance arrived and my Dad was recalled from work to come and collect me.
Since then I have witnessed death in its many forms both as a nurse and as a parent and have found that finding someone with a kind heart, a good ear and willing to listen to you is the best 'medicine' in times like that, you could try the nearest Counselling Service/Group to you, either by phone or in person, but my personal recommendation is to Stay well clear of a priest since they WILL, for the most part in my experiences, simply resort to their age old methods of mumbo-jumbo telling you idiotic things like, "that person has denied the will of God and will go to Hell for taking their own life," "Pray for their soul," and, "God will give you comfort and solace, etc, " which, btw, NEVER happens.
You have many friends in this group, of which I might class myself as being one of them, so when you feel the need to talk about it and how you are feeling, please feel most free and welcome to contact me/us by p.m. and I'm sure we will listen.

@zstrastwa No need for thanks my friend, after all it is what decent friends do for others in need.

@ToolGuy During my time on the N.S.W. State Railways, after I'd left off being a Midwife that is, I was on the Mechanical Breakdown, Derailment and Accident Rescue Crew.
Attended numerous cases of things like idiots in cars who thought they beat a 2,000ton+ train across a level crossing, idiots on trailbikes who decided to do a ' jump over a moving train' bit and a number of suicides where someone has merely walked or driven in front of a train doing between 90 and 110 kms per hour.
The messes we had to clear up were horrific to say the least, the emotional stresses, etc, suffered by the Loco Drivers was unbelievable and even we suffered from nightmares, etc, after each and every incident.


Terrible experience! You will need counseling, but you can also leave an account of what happened and how you feel here with us...


You are definitely going to need to speak to a counselor of some sort...there are helplines --as others have pointed out -- the sooner the better.


Wow that's tough. I can't imagine. Hopefully you can get the help you need to work through the affect of seeing that.


Are you ok? What do you mean by witnessed? Did you call 911?

@zstrastwa @hippiechick58 made a good comment with help. Please seek them out. We're all here for you but its best to speak to a professional


What part of Texas are you in, I may be able to direct you to some low cost/free professionals. We don't have the best health safety net here, but if you know how to negotiate it, it can be there. Sorry you had to see that.


Fuck, man. I'll give you some hugs, sit beside you, and put my arm around your shoulders just to let you know someone is there. I wish I could do it in person.


I have no expertise in this but sure that you need to talk to people and you should probably seek at least some professional counseling. That's a terrible thing to go through and I'm serious about seeking help.

OCJoe Level 6 Mar 1, 2019

Damn - not an easy thing to go through. Please seek help - suicide hotline in your area ?
Take good care ...


"Mental Health Support " We do have a group. You are welcome to join.

The folks there are supportive too. In the same way these folks are.

Many of the same phone numbers and resources are pinned to the group's front page


How can we help?


I am so sorry.


Yikes sorry to hear it


I'm here for you, if you want or need to talk about it.


So sorry you're having to deal with this, and looks like some locals are stepping forward with options for support. Please do reach out for some face-to-face processing/counseling of some sort. We direct patients to, which has a great search engine for local and targeted services. Holding all the best for you, friend!


I am so sorry. I wish I could you help in some way. Please seek professional help if it gets too heavy to handle. Digital hugs your way.


I think better you ask help the psychiatrist, he will helps you deal with it.


I am so sorry. That is really tough. Hugs

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