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Paul Manafort: walking white privilege


Does anyone want to argue now that it doesn’t exist?

OwlInASack 8 Mar 8

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In essence, white collar crime has always paid, even when it's "punished."


As I understand he was looking at 5 to 20 but got a year less than the minimum. Maybe he narced enough to get a bonus year in his favor. Unlikely he starts a gang war in prison and gets out on good behavior in 2.5. Welcome to the suck.

He was looking at 19 to 24 years and got 47 months.

That never happens to a minor drugs offence committed by a black person. The comparisons made in the article are horrible. The override of the sentencing guidance likewise only ever happens to rich white people


hopefully New York state will bring charges for the State Tax and bank fraud.


It does not exist. Having seen the way you evade true discussion in the past I'll just leave it at: it does not exist.

You mean of course that I refuse to engage with you because out of nowhere you call me a fool and a moron?

You really want to pursue that here? Let’s see how that goes for you.

Folks - get your popcorn. We have a (presumably white?) denier of white privilege who abuses randoms, hilariously misrepresents those he disagrees with (apparently I love ISIS which I hadn’t realised until informed of it by the lovely poster) and then gets more abusive when called on the original abuse.

This should be fun again. Not


"White" privilege? Or class privilege? Remember that, here in America, there is liberty and justice for all. Just us rich folks that is!

justice for all means that neither the rich nor the poor are allowed to sleep in the streets.


no debate here

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