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Good to see your President, dear American friends, unable to use the word terrorism when it’s a white guy killing Muslims.

OwlInASack 8 Mar 15

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To be honest, I’m surprised he even expressed this much sympathy.


I just can't bare this hate. Those poor people. It is terrorism.

Me neither. I cannot conceive of hating any group such that I would mow them down with a gun in cold blood. I cannot comprehend them. But I think it’s clear it comes from all that hate talk which is so mainstream. A bit of bad chat and some folks go further.

Those poor families.

@OwlInASack I watched the correspondent on CNN this morning. She had watched this guy's own footage. I can't make it fit in my brain that someone can shoot peaceable people...children. Makes me cry.

@Amisja likewise: I was in tears watching the news this morning.

@OwlInASack hugs


he is that way with events here too.hopeless


Even his "warmest sympathy and best wishes" message is typical awkward Trump construction. Sympathy, when heartfelt, is "deep" and best wishes seems more apt for a birthday card.

What an utter embarrassment. He reaches new heights of tone-deafness and incompetence.

Yeah. I hate the word terrorist to be honest - it’s so abused. But he loves it usually. Just not this time as this is his political base.


This is in character for Trump. He does want to offend his racist base.


And god bless ??I am laughing .

Yeah. That’ll help

That Family Guy color chart is amazingly accurate.

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