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I’m getting numb-er


OwlInASack 8 Mar 18

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Thank goodness we have the police to protect us!


Contacted my friend David, he hasn't replied...worried

It’s horrible. Leaves you on edge. Someone’s dead. 20 injured. Possibly terrorist related. Don’t know what’s going on.

Who are these hating peoole?

@OwlInASack I just don't understand it. I really don't.


Shit I have friends there

Holland always seems to be on the front line, which is doubly bad when you remember just what a snmall country it is, can't be much threat to anyone.

@Fernapple of course it's horrible, but very lucky that the numbers are small, and the emergency services are superb. I don't believe that the Dutch feel them selves on the frontline at all, and statistically it is extremely safe, and people are generally aware of their high quality of life. Certainly all my Dutch friends.

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