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The US sets a new low bar threatening sanctions and prosecution (wow!) against ICC officials investigating war crimes committed by US troops in Afghanistan or any investigation into Israel.


I am always flabbergasted by the new lows but this is extraordinary. No attempt of decency, at rule of law, at internationalism or cooperation. Just fascist international brutality.

OwlInASack 8 Apr 5

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Power corrupts


Bensouda’s office said that under the Rome statute governing the ICC — which Washington has declined to join since it was set up in 2002 — she had an “independent and impartial mandate"
We did not sign the statue and the American taxpayers pay even for her underwear. Our money, our decision! Very good!

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

Tell us how the victims of US troop atrocities in Afghanistan receive justice please?

@OwlInASack We pay them a lot. Actually overpay them!

@zesty You pay the victims of US troop atrocity?

Do you seriously believe this?

@OwlInASack Of course. Our troops accidentally shoot a donkey in Afghanistan, American taxpayers pay a few thousand dollars.

@zesty I think you need to get your information from somewhere better


No words...smh


We have reached a new low, but may have won the Limbo prize on how low we can go
This is a great threat to our troops, as others can also withdraw with no consequences for abusing military power. But consistent with administrations policies that no one else matters; once we separated families for so called crime (a misdemeanor) and then fracking lost kids...WTF

Exactly. Common sense should demand that we have such institutions to hold all to account. It tells us everything we need to know about the characters of those who act like this. But then I think we were pretty clear already.

@OwlInASack yep. It isn't a secret or done subtly

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