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What is going on? Why is the world going mad?

anonymous 7 Apr 8

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Imagine what it was like in 1939. Things today are not nearly as insane as they were then

I think, unless we are very careful, we will blindly walk back there. When we hear world oeaders describe desperate, frightened human beings in attrocious, inhuman ways, we are almost there.


Could be all the drinking water is contaminated with unfiltered out prescription drugs. Or that the planet is off axis. Could be the heightened terrorism threat. Technology is interfering with the animal like behavior all of us human mammals are neglecting.


humans are a dead end species too embroiled in there own worth too care that they are detroying there host.


Negativity bias. [] The media uses it to their advantage ($) because if it bleeds it leads.

I think the media is a fanciful scapegoat. It's a business, like anything else, if bleeding didn't lead to get fewer subscriptions, fewer clicks, and consequently, fewer ad dollars.

We blame the media for what spenders prefer to consume.

@Xuande *"...what spenders prefer to consume.

Well, that's what "if it bleeds it leads" means. I simply said that the media takes advantage of it, not that they are responsible for our innate negativity bias.

@VictoriaNotes my apologies, it seems I'm overly defensive about this topic.

No Brexit is real

@Amisja I wasn't suggesting it wasn't. You mentioned nothing about Brexit, which is not an indicator that the world has gone mad.

@Amisja, @VictoriaNotes well Brexit is for us the world. And it has gone mad

@OwlInASack This is an international site, and clarification is helpful. Thanks for sharing your interpretation.

@VictoriaNotes yes. I thought about it and realised our predominantly US friends here might not quite understand the pain we are going through. Our heart is being ripped out by truly bad, selfish people.

It’s horrific

@OwlInASack As a U.S. citizen, I can relate.

@VictoriaNotes touché mademoiselle, touché

@OwlInASack This is eerily similar to our current situation in the U.S.

"Could the huge Leave vote merely have reflected the fact that, for more than 30 years, right-wing UK newspapers have been pumping out poisonous anti-European propaganda, leaving a great many people woefully misinformed and latently hostile to the EU?

The crude majoritarian politics of this referendum has seen half of the population (a generally poorer, less well-educated and elderly half) effectively strip major freedoms and even a cherished identity from the other half (a more prosperous and predominantly younger half)."


@VictoriaNotes I could have written those words myself. It’s exactky right

@VictoriaNotes @amisja

This is Brexit


We’ve changed radically in a very short time and it’s awful


Too many people!

There isn't you know.

@Amisja Let's see... 7,000,000,000 Humans.If one in one millon is a serial killer, that's 7,000 serial killers running amuck. If one in one thousand is a rapist, that's 7,000,000 rapists. If one in one hundred is a Trumplerite, that's 70,000,000 Trumplerites. If one in fifty is a violence-prone drunkard, that's 140,000,000 violence-prone drunkards. The more Humans, the higher the number of wingbats lurking around. It all has to do with mathmatical probability.

@davknight yeah but that’s not the problem. The problem is that they’re ignorant and persuaded of stupidity.

Imagine if the 7bn were enlightened, environment respecting, empathetic humans. Now imagine there were 1m but half of them were conservatives of the modern brand.

I’d take my 7bn every day

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