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New feature for level 4+ members

We heard from several members that they wanted some more control as to when and where their posts appear. If you're a level 4+ member, you'll see a "3 horizontal line" button where you make posts which open more options including:

Draft mode: this lets you view your post before it goes live. Be sure to uncheck it once you're ready for the post to go live.

Profile only: this lets you make the post only show up on your profile and not in a group or general forum

Release on: this lets you schedule your post to go live in a future date.

Who can see: this lets you limit your post to show up to "members only" or a given level.

These features are in beta which means they have not been fully tested. We'll remove the "BETA" text once we are more confident everything is working.

By Admin8
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Does Draft mode let you save a post in progress so you can come back and finish it later?

jerry99 Level 8 Apr 13, 2019

Amazing! WTG.


I just wanted cake...

jondspen Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

no pie?


Aw nuts.. it's not for member hosted groups?

not yet... by tomorrow maybe?

@Admin okay ? woohoo! But don't rush on my account ?


Love the members only!
@admin Is there going to be a way to change this for old posts?

Doraz Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

Yes, just edit your old posts... hmmm... yeah... hmmm. I have to check the edit date field for that smile008.gif


Release on... Is excellent!! Woohoo!!! Love you!! ??


I like the "save as draft"!

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