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Single ladies msg me😊

anonymous 7 Apr 19

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Why ? Not fond of commands from strangers.


And I thought I was clueless.


Why would they? Make an effort, man?

You reek of desperation.

JimG Level 8 Apr 19, 2019
0're a guy..the one who is the pursuer. Check out the women members near you, read their profiles to see if you are someone they might be interested in, read a page or two of their posts to get to know their ideas and if your lifestyle will mesh with theirs, then enter into a conversation thread with any women who interest you to see if you get along.

If she seems to like you, private message her. If you continue to get along for a day or so, ask her to get a cup of coffee with you, your treat.


Good luck, but some advice...... As a three, why? Give the women a reason. And why not try to advance some pertinent thoughts while here? Sorry gals, I don't mean to step on anyone's toes. I just had a gut reaction with no real knowing why. Hope I am wrong.

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