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I’m bad at love but really good at lust. Anyone else?

anonymous 7 Apr 23

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Lust is easy. We are all good at that if we have freed ourselves from the shackles of restraint. Love is difficult. But far more rewarding and enduring.

I excel at both.


I think I'm good at both, and I'm not sure which I prefer. Both at once is probably best. Lust is probably simpler to do with any partner, but love requires a lucky good pairing to work well.

Gener Level 5 Apr 28, 2019

I can't answer with any recent data I have been involuntarily dormant for some time. As soon as someone comes along and will eat and enjoy life and nympho me I will give you some data lol.


The two are overlapping examples of performance art. Both require concerted training and effort to become skillful.

Proficiency is richly rewarded.


I sometimes wish I was good a lust simply because I'm human, but I must have feelings for a woman first before having sex with her. I was never one to have one night stands.

balou Level 8 Apr 25, 2019

I like to think that I’m really good at lust. I started to add: “It takes two to tango” but upon further scrutiny, I am wondering if that cliche is actually true. Tango: The Dance Of Unbridled Desire.


Tomato, tamahto, eh?


When I was your age , yes, I was much better at lust than love. Later I learned I was lusting for love and that was not skin deep.

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 23, 2019

Sigh. I remember lust.

Aww man. ?


DITTO! I'm terrible at love. I've got too many walls around my heart. I'm kick ass at lust though! It can be very shallow but never lonely.

I think a lot of people are that way.

It’s quite lonely for me


Wouldn't say really good. Definitely need more practice 😉


You're only "bad" at love because you haven't found that ideal partner. Lust gets you hooked up with them....then they prove to be disappointing....we've been there, done that. Good luck...expect it to happen when you're not looking for it....


Yes. Everyone is. We're a animals. We enjoy animal pleasures.


I'm pretty bad at everything.


Its easier been in lust


Taken from a longer poem:-
For love and lust fill different needs.
The mind, to subtle signals heeds:
Selfish hormones baldly state
Which bodies they desire to mate.
You can read the full poem on my website.


I am the other way around good at love bad at lust.


Translation: "I prefer dopamine over oxytocin."


Is that unusual...

@Bigwavedave I don't know. I get an abundance of both neurohormones when I'm in a relationship. Both can be equally as rewarding but not always advantageous.


I love to lust!!

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