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4 am rant hour. I'm in a real life horror movie. , Tommorow I need to daughter son in law, and two grandkids (6 and 1 years old), to sell their house, and get the hell out of their. You see they live in Oregon not far from the ocean, radiation levels are getting dangerous from the Alaska coast line to Mexico coast. Will they listen. These shits that is keeping Americans in the dark on this greatest threat to man, should be taken out and put against the wall, Charge, Crimes against humanity.

Bushshaker 7 May 26

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I would do more fact more checking before meeting with your daughter and her family. If you are wrong (and usually you probably are because you have a tendency to not verify your conspiracies) you may stand the chance of angering or alienating them.

I've been fact finding over two years, hoping it gets better. It's not. Thanks anyway.

I'm censored. Wake up people.


I might consider plastics and various chemical pollutants to be a more serious and immediate concern...

Connect the dots on utube. Go to DANA DURNFORN MARiNE EXPEDITION, last live talk. I can't do links. Things are getting worse . You guys have to catch up. Theirs alot going on. Listen ...Miss information, by the mainstream meadia, I'm censored on a few sites. Later


radiation at what level and what type .. are fishermen pullng out deformed fish? There is a lot of natural radiation around ... as a child I had a luminous dial watch - now banned as that was way over current limits, but don't think it is killing me, even now. Bigger problems to worry about. Get yourself some more information, but keep them out of the sea for now


Buy them iodine supplements...

Were you this concerned with Chernobyl?

"Uptake by marine life. In 2011, around half the fish samples in coastal waters off Fukushima had radiocesium levels above the Japanese 100Bq/kg limit, but by 2015 this had dropped to less than 1% above the limit. High levels are still found in fish around the FDNPP port. High levels of 131I were measured in fish in April 2011, but as this has a short radioactive half-life, it is now below detection levels. Generally, with the exception of species close to the FDNPP, there seem to be little long-term measurable effects on marine life." (science journal and study)...

There are more radioactive particles in a banana than in the fish from that area...why? Water cuts the half-life of radioactive particles very well, the weight of the particles will sink to the bottom and be covered by sediment and remain there..

Please read and not rely so much on YouTube...

You never cease to amaze me. 🙂

@Sticks48 My relatives survived Hiroshima...I know a little about is not a bad thing...

This is a thousand times worst then Chernobyl. We have 3 meltdowns, We don't have the technology. Not fixed. They can't even get robots close before their burned up. fried. Your hearing lies. Need to be addressed. This is going to effect EVERYONE. Later

Blame that on Obama , whan took out the first Admenment , you see we're a security threat to the nuke people. Where else do I get the truth . Just connect the dots.


I'm guessing this is a reference to the Fukushima disaster. You'll be happy to know that resulting radiation level increases in the US are pretty negligible.

"It's been seven years since a magnitude-8.9 earthquake in northeastern Japan triggered a massive tsunami that led to a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Seven years since radioactive materials from the plant poured into the air and the ocean and began making its way toward the West Coast of the United States.

Now that seven years have passed, how radioactive are the waters around the U.S.-Canadian West Coast? And how radioactive is the air and soil on the mainland?

The U.S. and Canadian coastal waters in the Pacific are contaminated, analyses show, but radiation levels are still well below federal standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency, said Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. [Japan Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011: Facts and Information]

The levels are so low, that swimming eight hours every day for a year would only increase a person's annual dose of radiation to an amount that is 1,000 times less than a single dental X-ray, Buesseler said.

"It's a very small risk that I consider negligible," Buesseler told Live Science. "I'll go swimming in those waters. I will eat seafood from those waters without any concern.""

For more, see []

Jerry ... Fact , 3 meltdowns at Fukashima. Fact.. since 2011 tons of highly radioactive water goes in the Pacific. ( I don't use numbers) . Fact we don't have the technology to fix. Fact Mainstream not reporting the truth. Fact the Pacific is dieing, the plackton gone., Food chain broken. , Life in the sea are starving. The Chinook salmon are decimated. You need to go to UTUBE for the truth, Connect the dots, alot of misinformation with nuke shills running around, check out organic slant . People need to know what intells a meltdown. We're in trouble , good luck.

@backwardsman Because Youtube, where anyone can upload anything, is much reliable than respected science journals.


Boy, You Merkins love your conspiracy theories

@chaoticmind . t[]

Very true. i loved the stories about the alien spaceship in area 51. This film takes that story a bit further

It I had a dime every time I heard that. Do you know what a nuclear meltdown is. Kinda scary isn't it . Back in the early 70 I was part of the earth day movement, we created the EPA. After we got hit with the fallout, Obama raised the the safety limit on just trying to open Everyones eyes, you have to connect the dots. Truth is on utube ,

@backwardsman The EPA actually established the Emergency Responders could easily tolerate 10 times the amount of radiation that was previous established. If you are worried about Obama, then you perhaps should read the even less strict rules being considered by the Trump administration...

Since you like Youtube so ya go...



Yes you have a question. ?

@backwardsman how much radiation was detected off coast of Oregon in rems actual measurement


This seems like extremist thinking. Do you have credible sources?

Love to throw links to you .I can't . I m experiencing censorship.


I feel sorry for anyone who has a cranky old bastard telling them what they have to do. They're the ones unwillingly in the horror movie.

1of5 Level 8 May 26, 2019

Don't u know it. Sometimes I ask why do I try to convince people. Way I am. We're all facing this .threat . You don't want to wait until reality slaps you in face , then it will be to late. Get a jump on the pack. The can't hide this forever.

@backwardsman whoosh


Ohferpetesake...are you prepared for their laughter?

I'm ready..

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