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As the magnetic pole shift starts to speed up, u can hear the rumblings around the world . Earthquake swarms becoming the norm. Can't forget our beloved Yellowstone, she's really starting to act up .Bad girl she is , her harmonic trimmers becoming more pronounced, earthquake swarms increases, last but not least her uplift, becoming quite noticable don't you think. We're way over due . I think it's time for Mother Earth to wash away the cess pool man likes to waulow in , to cover this once beautiful planet with a healing Ash. To erase the memory of man who so caulisly treated this planet like a dumpster . So bring it on Yellowstone better than a slow death of man made cancer.

Bushshaker 7 June 4

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Alarmist nonsense. The magnetic poles have always moved and on occaisions have flipped, It is a problem for navigation and possibly foe migratory animal species but there is no evidence that it can affect the incidence of earthquakes.


actually, the shifting magnetic pole is meaningless alarmism. it has always shifted.
what really counts are the geographic poles.
even though the magnetic n. pole could eventually end up in great britain the geographic pole will be much farther north & therefore much colder.


Nice one! I don’t know the science of this but sounds interesting. Like a dog and its fleas as the old cliche goes.


Gee, this was a cheery message to read over lunch.

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