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Somebody please tell me why we still have the Patriot act. Do you realize the checks and balances are out the window. It was supposed to be temporary to fight terrorist. They extended it twice. You know how much power a president can weald by evoking the act . Same with Homeland security, temporary. Someone help me out like why.?

Bushshaker 7 June 21

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I suspect it allows the president to bypass congress, where each congressional rep gambles that it will benefit ‘their president.’ And, no president wants to give up ‘their’ new found power…

Varn Level 8 June 21, 2019

Because the New American Police State only grows stronger. It never 'devolutes' of its own accord.


Income tax was first implemented in Great Britain by William Pitt the Younger in his budget of December 1798 to pay for weapons and equipment in preparation for the Napoleonic Wars.
I understand the the French were defeated at some point in recent(ish) history so I expect to see your temporary measures done away with soon(ish) after ours.

Didn't Lincoln do the same to pay for the civil war by creating the income tax. Before that the only tax was the sales tax. A nice concept by the way.

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