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Is Google indoctrinating us? The attached screen shots are what Google returns today when you start typing a search query for "women can " and "men can " - the results appear as if hand tuned to push a political or social belief. While you might be a supporter of the messaging of the "women can" and "men can" suggested search results, what happens if Google starts favoring a view you don't support?

anonymous 7 June 24

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1984 Big Brother = ReaGUN who sold out freedom to corporations controlling us all...5G is final solution to population control as most people will die before Social Security age


I don't use google for searches that would have those kinds of results.
Even if I did, I wouldn't pay them any mind.

So, no. I don't think google is indoctrinating us.
I know how to think for myself.


Google's suggestions and search results are tied to the Google user account you are logged in with.

Install Firefox or Tor, and try the same search... You'll get different results. Because they can't cross reference the new browser to your Google account.

camne Level 7 June 24, 2019

@Donotbelieve I do too - but Google is the search engine for it.
Or at least is on mine - you may have installed something else.

I'm thinking about utilizing the browser that comes with my Antivirus software.


Not what shows up in mine. Not seeing how it is indoctrinating though. It's 2019. It's not really a surprise that these would be among the top searches that start with those words.


This explains so much; I've had 19 periods and 2 babies since 2017.


Well . What will had been a right leaning agenda ? I am curious . If u consider these results left leaning , I am dying to know a right leaning sample 😂


If you can get your hands on any psyops ( psychological operations ) materials, and in particular the ones designed for peaceful campaigns you will probably cease to function in society.

Google is definitely biased, and in fact they deliberately boost certain sites to direct more traffic there. That's why I use . They give results based on relevance rather than who pays them the most, and they can even show non-listed sites Google won't list at all.

I wish I was geek enough to reprogramme my phone to only use


It really has nothing to do with "what Google wants you to see" and everything to do with what other people are looking up. It's all because of an algorithm that gathers information based on what other people have typed into the search bar. It gives you the most common endings to the "men can", "women can", or whatever beginnings. That's all.

Kynlei Level 8 June 25, 2019

@Bierbasstard I feel like most people probably just look up random shit because they think it's funny.

@Bierbasstard No, I don't think so either. Just kids and teens searching whatever randomness pops into their heads, most likely.


What the actual...

Gareth Level 7 June 25, 2019

I think the results will differ depending on previous searches.

I don't think they are indoctrinating. They are trying to sell ads. And they are collecting our data to be sold for profit. There would be no motive to indoctrinate.


I don't get quite the same predictions.

Isn't the prediction algorithm based on popular searches? Assuming so, wouldn't it be relatively easy for a third party to manipulate popular searches with a bot net? This is just taking advantage of the kind of sloppy simplistic coding that google search has evolved into.

Personally, I can't stand google search these days. I don't give a shit what's popular, but that seems to be what it pushes, no matter what you search for. I long for google search of the late '90s, when I could actually find info a lot more easily. Remember "search within these results" and boolean operators? How nice it would be to sort results in specific ways, like time, instead of the only way google offers, supposedly "best match."

bingst Level 8 June 24, 2019

I don't think letting Google "push a left-leaning agenda" is any worse than allowing it to push a right-leaning agenda.


Stop using Google to search. There are several search engines. I personally use Dogpile but DuckDuckGo is also noteworthy.

I do as you. The problem begins the general population is not so intuitive.


I'm less worried about indoctrination of any sort when it comes to these platforms (because we know which side makes most of those claims . . .) than I am worried about how the algorithms create unintended consequences.

A few years back, I wrote pieces on my blog concerned with this.In around 2014, I begun to notice how the more conspiratorially inclined in my social groups (really, the more gullible people around me) were largely basing their world view off of micro-targeted content. Something that I then thought was unhealthy at best, potentially dangerous at worse (if were dealing with someone with a volatile mental health state pursuing a volatile subject matter). I just never thought that this could be ratcheted up to the macro level. Or at least, not nearly as easily as it turned out to be.

I suspect the results are less a scheme to indoctrinate and more a combination of your personal search history being analyzed in conjunction with a huge chunk of other search histories.

The more information and metadata you vacuum up, the more you can play with that material to find consistencies. And when you find those, the more you can use them on your user base to keep their eyes glued to this service.

It's all about monetizing your attention. Some platforms do it by designing apps to be more psychologically addictive than slot machines (HELLO SnapChat!). Others do it by making use of every single informational breadcrumb you give them.

And now, these things are even starting to take a biochemical turn. People are freely spiting into viles and sending this extremely personal material off to learn their genetic history, to get a false picture of what diseases they may be at risk of, to get a false picture of what foods they are allergic too. All the while, likely not considering what happens to this information later. How it could become a part of a persons advertising matrix 5 or 10 years down the road when the market figures out how to monetize your DNA.

A bit tangential. But when it comes to this topic, it's almost never as clear cut as one would like it to be.
One is right to look for look for deception. But rather than basing the suspition on bias, just follow the money.

Mb_Man Level 7 June 25, 2019

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@GreenAtheist I did not ask you to be impressed. Not having to squat in weeds is a good thing for personal reasons.

@BufftonBeotch we are not cows we are Google SHEEP

@GreenAtheist I can find any damn thing I want.

@BufftonBeotch with 5G radiation your pubic hair will fall out while you puke like Nagasaki survivors

@GreenAtheist Pubic hair is so 70's

@BufftonBeotch true Playboy stopped publishing centerfolds last year


Facts and Truth have a Liberal bias.

Sorry your fee-fees were boo-booed.


Thank you. I was looking for a leftist "women candle company" to buy some candles from.


Yup my results are much the same and I stay off Google except where I need it for certain things that don't run on Firefox. So it's not going on any political bias I have - I don't use it for news or searches - I use it to pay bills. (see first two screenshots).

Now they would have a bias from what I do with email etc. I have no doubts about that and what I do with FB - but I doubt that's all of it? I'm sure they have a book on what I searched back before I switched to FF.

I'll check Firefox next and see how the searches compare.

Well it might be time for a new browser - the results were almost identical. *Firefox has Google as the search engine - however - it's based on my searches I'm sure. So it's mildly altered.

Of course I do have a certain slant when I search. I wonder how someone who isn't from the left would fare doing this test on their browser?

That's the screenshots I want to see. To see if they're peddling the same thing to everyone.

Google search should be pretty much the same whether you're using Firefox or Chrome. What can make a difference is whether or not you're logged into your google account, and if search history is enabled in your google settings.

Also, Admin didn't specify it correctly. It should be "men can " and "women can " with the space at the end, which accounts for some of the difference. Additionally, what searches are trending (popular) on google search is constantly changing. (See my comments.)

I got the same 😊

@bingst There were slight differences which would be accounted for by my searches on Cancer. Using Firefox - so "cookies" most likely or search history.

They're both Google - but using different browsers so there would be a difference - though slight. I did write "Women can" and "Men Can" - I presume that's what you meant. I could gather what was searched from the screenshots. 😉


This post is a demonstrateson a much larger problem.
truth and therefore our reality, can be manipulated by simply changing a website in this case Google. the book" 1984" Orwell gives us a shocking metaphor into the dangers of totalitarianism. as you might remember Winston's job was to change the records of the past to match the current reality. this can be done with Google all-in-one quick stroke of the keyboard. it won't be long and there will be no other references and it will be our fault.
" we never should have trusted them"

m16566 Level 7 June 24, 2019

Funny story : Recently I decided I was getting too fat so I started looking at alcohol as a contributing factor so I thought I'd consider vodka. I thought I'd look at sugar in my booze so I began googling "is there any sugar" and it autofilled "in vodka". Either Google is getting to know me too well or there are a lot of people wondering about the sugar content of vodka. Like me.

I googled sugar content in vodka also 😊


I believe that those are the most searched items rather than indoctrination.

Google blocks my search words changing each in biased the xian Webster Dictionary completely false definition of Atheism.....the offered useage quote of Thomas Paine deism is equated as Atheism because he "denies" jesus

@GreenAtheist I have never experienced Google changing search words. Give me an example of a word that has gotten changed so that I can try it. I need evidence.

@Stephanie99 Google mis defines Atheism

@GreenAtheist "disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods." Isn't that the definition?


Fake news! Men can't get pregnant... Men can't have periods. Men can't etc., etc... It's an issue of nic picky semantics...

Trans men can do those things.

Yes, I know..
trans men <> men
If I Google... Men can.... , the search results should not include trans men.

@Bobby9 that's an outdated and ill-educated notion.

@Cutiebeauty do you type in every single word when you Google or do you on occasion paraphrase? I don't even bother to correct my spelling let alone type out every single word. If I'm looking for "What year did women gain the legal right to vote" I'm going to start typing in "women can vote" and go from there. If I catch some headline that says "man gives birth" I'm going Google something just as simple such as "men can childbirth".
Algorithms do what they're designed to. Nobody is "fixing" Google results to present bias unless it's your own searching.

@Bobby9 a trans man is a person who transitioned to a man, and unless they have a hysterectomy they have a uterus. Next time you try to be condescending know what you're talking about first.


Not the results I got. How is this left leaning exactly?

They are the results I got today.Totally not left leaning.


This is what I get.

Wow, these sound much more neutral. Interesting.


I get a slightly different list when I pop those 2 terms in. Couple identical but not the same. Dunno if its modifying based on personal search history, location, or eye color (yes, it knows).

1of5 Level 8 June 24, 2019

Interesting. Google allegedly gives suggestions based on user searches. The results you posted are certainly surprising

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