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The degredation of America is coming to an end. It has been a long time coming, but it is time to reap what has been sewn. We have been experiencing an anti-American propaganda machine. As well as an anti white male pripaganda machine for atleast the last 12 years. Who has the least defense to this pripaganda the last 12 years? Millenials. They have been brainwashed to believe this through media their entire congnative existance. They are committing suicide at break neck speed. They are also going to be the ones "snapping" from here on out. The Democrats have won their race war. These millenial white males have zero chance to move forward. Their is no one telling them the brightness of the future. Only they are the problem. This is compounded by the fatherless homes in America. They have no positive male role models. Because masculinity is toxic. You don't like what is happening? Since this is mostly a liberal website, YOU are reaping what you have sewn!

Veteran229 7 Aug 4

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If any one post exemplifies today's culture of victimhood, it's yours.


Gee, I am soooooo sorry about your oppression.........


I find your views to be riddled with hypocrisy. You complain profusely about millennials sense of entitlement, while at the same time complaining that millennials overwhelmingly no longer support past generations sense of entitlement based upon race, creed, color, national origin or sexual orientation.

Individuals such as yourself continue to prove through your words and actions just how complimentary of bed fellows fringe outlier right wingers and left wingers make. You’re the mirror image of a third wave feminist in your belief that as a white male you’re entitled to something at the expense and degradation of others.


The problem for white males in this generation is that they are told “you can do anything you want” and that message is never tempered by reality. For women and people of color, we know, because we are told a million times in a million ways that we can probably have some of what we want if we work our asses off for it. White men are told “you can do anything you want” and the untempered message is that you can HAVE anything you want, that you are ENTITLED to anything you want, and that if you don’t get HANDED what you want but some woman or POC has what you want that it’s because they TOOK it from you, not because they worked hard for it and you waited for it to be handed to you.

Masculinity that is defined as power over others is toxic. Masculinity as entitled to others’ bodies is toxic.
Masculinity as violence is toxic.

Actually, the OP is partially correct in that some radicals on the far left fringe would like to see the pendulum swing fully in the opposite direction regarding white males. Such goals benefit no one and do nothing to build a society in which everybody enters the game on a level playing field and succeeds or fails based upon their own merits and willingness to excel.

@webbew1 There are certainly far more “alt right” out there than liberals who want to actively disadvantage white males.


That’s news to me. I thought that the alt right was pretty much exclusively made up of white males who think the world owes them something because they happen to be white and male.

@webbew1 those things are not incompatible. You are correct about the alt right - and a recent poll showed the are about 6 million of them in the US. While the idea that liberals are “out to get” white males is largely a right-wing conspiracy theory.


Fuck me.... I hope you don't own a gun. You are EXACTLY the type that snaps.

You are about 180 degrees out of reality....

I'm just a former Combat Engineer. /shrugs

@Veteran229 Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz and Gary Ridgeway were veterans also. I am underwhelmed.


And we label you as a deplorable haha... don't worry we'll get rid of your president and we'll get rid of you as well... we'll have our own white male internment camps.
We can just put you people inside of those types of internment camps and throw away the camp!😂


You don’t want to wrap them up in diseased blankets??? 😂


When you say "the Democrats' race war", would that be the one where affirmative action has been rolled back almost completely?

Oh, wait- that was the Republicans who pushed that.

You must mean the way the Democrats tried to exclude immigrants from all those "shithole nations" but encouraged immigrants from European (ie. white) nations.

Hang on- that was a Republican president. Hmmm.

You must mean the way a black president told a bunch of white politicians that they didn't love America because they disagreed with his policies, so they could get the hell out and go back where they came from.

No... wait... I'm wrong again. That wasn't a Democrat either.

Looking at recent history, it seems to me as though Republicans are waging a race war. But that's simply my opinion. (Backed up by history.)




Nothing more than what you deserve


Yes I agree the liberals are definitely reaping what they have sown.


Only someone who has been living in some sort of hateful right ring echo chamber could believe there was some sort of anti-America or anti-white propaganda brainwashing the land. Your screed makes basically no sense, and your celebration of the mass murder of Americans speaks poorly of your love for your country. I hope you grow up someday. God Bless!

You mean like intersectionalism dictating white males are to blame for everything?

@Veteran229 What are you talking about? The vast majority of Americans don't blame white males for everything, that's a stupid straw man argument. Being white and male is still a huge advantage in almost every facet of America, grow the fuck up. People like you are the biggest snowflakes around whining about non-existent persecution.


Not everything, but 400 years of domination, we have accrued some blame for sure.


These two conservatives are virulently opposed to any personal accountability. They want to continue their racism. sexism, and intolerance unimpeded. They are conservative snowflakes and complain frequently and loudly. but ineffectively.

@t1nick if people today are responsible for up to 400 years ago. Then me being a conservative...
You should be thanking me for republicans( conservatives) ending slavery the democrats clutch too. You should also be thanking me for ending Jim Crow you democrats clutched too.

Should you be? No, I wasn't there. But your illogical thought process dictates you should be.

That is how stupid you sound.


A Party that called itself Republicanism during Lincoln's time resembles nothing like today Repblicanism. So we can't really compare the two. A paradigm shift occurred after the Civil War and Republicans became conservative, and the Democrats subsumed the role of the Lincoln Republicans.

So, you are arguing names not philosophies. Apples and oranges. You do resemble the conservatives of Lincoln, just share a common moniker. Southern Conservative Democrats (Dixiecrats) voted against the civil rights bill giving the appearance of Democratic resistance to civil rights. Dixiecrats disappeared shortly after the 1965 Covil Rights Act and became Republicans.

@t1nick there was never racism here on this indigenous land until after 1492.👍




I'm not quite certain what pripaganda is but I'll assume you mean that there's been a war on white men since Barack Obama beat 2 white guys in 2 Presidential elections (ie: 12 years, almost, ago.)

Regardless, you should probably step away from the KoolAid.


Well said.


...looks like a manifesto.. from here. Is there anything else we should know?

The US appears to be in a demise when compared to having won WW2 and basically ruling a battered world. But that world is back … stronger for adversity, and kicking our economic butts..

Someone must be to blame! The industrial wealthy and their political lackies needed a scapegoat - it must be those ‘liberals!’ ...forcing you to spend your hard-earned dwindling incomes on programs to help the victims of a more competitive world.

Taxes (social responsibility) were cut for the wealthy, and the necessary funds to maintain a semblance of social security were shifted to those victims of a more competitive world...

Divisions were pushed by unchecked industrialized media propaganda and the pump was primed for a conscienceless narcissist incapable of caring for more than his image.. With that, we’re being cut off from world friends, cozying up with notorious foes while the negative repercussions are blamed on the innocent - those victims.

This is a test of our democracy - equal to all others. Frankly, I’m impressed it’s holding up this well… But the victims share some blame.. As they’ve chased shiny objects, the latest style, movies or trends … evil has dug in, deep. We’ve still a democracy (republic for the sticklers), in which, if good unites - it can take on and take out evil. Let’s make it so ~

Varn Level 8 Aug 4, 2019

Well said. I find it hard to disagree with anything in your reply.


Still blaming others. America's problems are all self inflicted but by all means keep blaming others for America's woes. Propaganda campaigns my arse. Bully's always complain everyone picks on them.
You reap what you sow. Your bed, lie in it.


Whoa... I've had all the nuts I can handle for the day. You be cracked, dude!


Your rant is devoid of data and sources, so you are making it up because you feel this way. I thought liberals were supposed to be the touchy feely types, but it looks like conservatives are the emotionally driven feely types.
Toxic masculinity? Could it be that many men are finally being called out for their bad behavior that has ruined lives? The answer is yes.
Nice try saying this has all happened in the last 12 years, which conveniently includes Obama's tenure. Dude, calling out bad behavior has been going a long time. Remember Anita Hill? That was in Oct of 1991, which was Bush Sr.
Also, Boomers have the highest suicide rate. []

Perhaps it is only because men in this country have gained their sense of self by standing on the backs of women and minorities, not due to true talent and skill. Forward movement in this country has been difficult ever sense jobs were shipped overseas. It used to be possible to find employment straight out of high school. Now finding employment is so difficult because those community jobs are just gone.


What a load of hogwash! Not one of those factors has had the same results in other countries which have the same films and video games and diets and divorce rates and on and on.

It reminds me of those dudes with big trucks and giant truck nuts dangling from their hitch.... a lot of big bullshit bravado compensation for their tiny insecurities. LOL


Some of us old white men are fighting this trend.

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