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I do not know who to trust in the atheist community. Politics made things awkward.

I stopped visiting these places I used to hang out at :
The Unitarian temple,
The Sunday Assembly ,
And the "Ask a atheist booth".

I envy those who know how to sell out to the internet.

Umbrella_Guard 7 Jan 16

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You can ask me I'm a Canadian Englsih guy living in Quebec.


Stay away from the internet. Problem solved. You're welcome.


If you find politics awkward, don't talk politics. I've found it fairly easy to steer clear of in casual relationships. I get along with a wide variety of people, conservatives and liberals. I work for some pretty flaming conservatives; that client's CEO is all giddy from a recent White House visit in fact. It's only a source of upset if you decide it has to be.

Awkward political discussions are hardly limited to atheists these days. In fact they have little to do with atheism to begin with.

I am not sure what you mean by "sell out to the Internet" ... perhaps you could elaborate?

I have met a few #Youtube internet personalities at my hotel job and some of the atheist venues I listed .

You know what they say about " Grass seems greener on the other side ".

I envy these influencers ,even though they face more instability than I do as a minimum wage scrub.



If I can trust you, you can trust me.


Sorry you've been disappointed or have misplaced your trust. We're a pretty good group here.


Athiests are just humans, no more trustworthy than anyone else. Thinking that we are puts unrealistic expectations onto the community, which results in disappointment.

1of5 Level 8 Jan 16, 2020
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