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What do you fear more... the Covid-19 outbreak or its effect on our psychological, social, political and economic health? What can we do as individuals to mitigate damage?

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I fear the fascist corporations will increase their stranglehold upon our republic.... but I am hopeful EcoSocialism will advance local organic living and SUSTAINABILITY peace through Green jobs WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US


With the 2 Trillion support package just passed, that will mean about a quarter of the total national debt has happened just since Trump became president. My worries lately is about how if our national debt grows too quickly then U.S. Treasury Bonds may no longer be considered a "safe" investment, causing the U.S. economy to possibly collapse. The faster the U.S. national debt grows then this far out possibility becomes more of a possibility


I checked "other" because I have almost all of those fears. I can only think of 2 positive things that might come out of this. Schools that are schooling online now will possibly continue to school online. This includes colleges. People that are being set up to work online from home may possibly be able to continue online.


imo support or engender a black market, Amish or Mennonite ppl, etc and i wouldnt spend a dime at some Corp place. Keep calm and garlic on 🙂


I don't fear ,I blot out the fear, and take the precausions that they are saying to do, the empty storeshelves can be a problem, and the economy, and having to stay isolated at home, cool Blue Oyster Cult album cover.

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