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Crazy hobo at my job claimed that God told her that I owe her a free cell phone.

It creeped me out.

She later started accusing me of stealing phones before she was finally banned.
This is why we can not have nice things.

Umbrella_Guard 7 July 11

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Our mental heath system is a joke. I worked in it for seven years. It only helps people by accident, not by intention.


Hobo?! Not only are you showing your age but insulting the poor woman. If you're going to be an atheist or agnostic, at least be a humanist. Is the threat, a toothless one at that, really outweigh her value as a human being?

Yeah, there's a difference between hobos and mentally ill homeless. Hobos live a a vagabond lifestyle. Mentally ill homeless people are living a nightmare on the streets.

Unlike you, I believe mentally ill people, along with other repressed classes, should be respected for being human beings. What have they done to you that you feel they shouldn't be defended from insult? I am always surprised when agnostics and atheists join oppressors in attacking the underdog. Don't you realize that you too are oppressed by theists, including put to death by the oppressors? You are fortunate that you are not among their number.

Hobo dates back to the founding of America. There were homeless people who wandered from farm to farm with a hoe. They became known as hoe boys which later was shortened to hobo. This class of the working homeless is still around. Shiftless tramps are another story.

I've known about hobos for a very long time. While visiting a Catholic Worker house in Iowa I met many hobos. It was located right by the train tracks so many came their for a respite from their rough life. But the mentally ill homeless are seldom hobos. I've worked with the mentally ill in a couple of capacities and can tell you their lives are anything but easy. Almost all of them live in extreme poverty getting only the very meager SSI payments each month.

These homeless clientele have jobs. San Diego is one of the few cities that charges homeless patrons for using their sheltered facilities.

Why should I apologize for assuming that these are good people ?


I admire your attempt to show empathy but forcing people to work for access to help is what " St.Sinner " has been arguing for most of this thread ( while ignoring the fact that she already had a paid job that barely paid enough to get her out of under-employment in the first place ) because I did not think it was a important part of the story.


This is why we need better mental health care in this country.

It is available everywhere for a fee. The government cannot give everything for free.

@St-Sinner No one said anything about it being free.

I said it is available. Work and earn it.

@St-Sinner Funny thing about mental illness. . . many suffering from it often find it very difficult to find employment. Because most people don't feel comfortable around "crazy" people!

Whoda thunk it!

So. . . to hell with them?

That wasn't the direction I had planned to take this (two words. Single-payer). But none the least, here we are.

Humanism or capitalism. What's it going to be?


It can be very difficult/impossible to work and earn anything if you are suffering from severe mental illness.

Something that is available, but out of reach due to economic and medical restraints, isn't really available.

@St-Sinner I said it is available. Work and earn it.

If one is insane, the odds of finding someone to hire them are dim. Showing up for work can be a major struggle for them.

@St-Sinner > The government cannot give everything for free.

The PRIME role of the government is to protect their citizens be it from invading armies or sleeping in the streets with delusions of bats eating their brains. Governments collect taxes to pay to the protection of its citizens. How extensive that protection should be is a debatable topic.

@St-Sinner Incarceration is also not free. But fiscal conservatives never seem to have a problem with government handing that out to citizens.

So what should the government do? Pay for all kinds of sicknesses at other taxpayers' expense? There are many tax breaks, exemptions, discounts, concessions, reservations offered. If a person is totally incapable of making a living just like many other diseases can cause, what do we expect the government to do exactly?

@WonderWartHog99, @Leontion

Ok, they cannot work and earn it. What are we suggesting that the government and other taxpayers do for them?


Exactly, a universal, tax funded, healthcare system would do much to solve this problem.

@St-Sinner, @BufftonBeotch

That's a very good point about incarceration not being free.

Right now, we are using the prison system to deal with much of the mental health issues of society. It's a very stupid way to go about it.

@St-Sinner >Ok, they cannot work and earn it. What are we suggesting that the government and other taxpayers do for them?

One option is to elect them to the highest offices in the land. Remember, you heard it here last!

The reasonable thing is to at the minimum is get them off the streets where they won't harm themselves or others. They make up a significant percentage of the jail house population.

A compassionate thing is to toss them in the loonie bin until they start having extended periods of sanity.

Unfun fact: the largest provider of mental health treatment in the US is the prison system.

@WonderWartHog99 Mentally ill people are more likely to be the victims of crime than perpetrators

@MizJ Honestly I wonder if the FBI keeps a record on that.

@WonderWartHog99 [] A scholarly relevant article with citations

I would try to help as much as a I can but not expect the society or the government to do a program for them or whine about what we don't have while living and enjoying what we have and express gratitude wherever I can.

I am critical of nonsense for sure.

Bernie insanity seems to perking up here again. It was put in the ground twice before.

@maturin1919, @RoboGraham

That is exactly what should not happen in this country. Else we will have a bloated social entitlements overload like in most Europe. Bernie has been driven out twice for ranting socialist nonsense.

@MizJ While an interesting scholarly article, it did not cite FBI crime statistics. It does present a good case that if you're crazy, you're more likely to be visiting the slammer than people that most people consider sane.

Defining EXACTLY when someone is crazy and to what extent is tricky.


You are regressive

@WonderWartHog99 Excuse me. First, the term mentally ill i s preferable to crazy. Second, I didn't realize that only FBI statistics were valid.

@MizJ > I didn't realize that only FBI statistics were valid.

Apparently you didn't realize I was asking for FBI statistics. (Scroll up). Whenever I discuss issues relating to crime in America, the go to source is always the FBI. There is no hope of talking to gun nuts without them dragging out FBI statistics. Want to talk about wife beaters? They'll drag out FBI statics EVERY TIME. Want to talk about crime in the black community? Same story. As a general rule if there is crime in America, the FBI has the stats.

Insanity appears to be the except to FBI stats.

Your study does not mention NATIONWIDE statistics. Closest it comes to that is "According to one study, 12 percent of adult psychiatric patients receiving treatment in the San Diego County health system had prior incarcerations, while 28 percent of Connecticut residents treated for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder had been arrested or detained."

>. . the term mentally ill i s preferable to crazy.

Preferable to you, although I'm certain you're not the only one.

@St-Sinner I do not know why you are trying to blame this on Bernie Sanders . This shelter is not only temporary but it also costs money for these clientele to utilize. This is July, therefore it will only get seasonably hotter as time goes on and that will make these infected guests even sicker.

My employer had a sick sense of humor to call his company " UMBRELLA " as he sends his all star guards to this large quarantined building.

Very pragmatic, feet on the ground, not about living in a La La Land and not always wanting what others have.

Start a private insurance company, lower your rates, offer insurance to all, cover all preconditions and see how long it can go on. If you cannot sustain, don't expect other taxpayers to fund a crazy idea. Your wishlist is not my problem. I am fine with the system we have and am grateful.

@St-Sinner governments give nothing for free, even their own wages come from the shared wealth. Some Countries are more generous in giving to the joint pot than others, but I must admit, in the Countries that I’ve lived in Mental Health is a band aid rather than a priority. I’ve had a quick look online and it seems that even in Countries that do prioritise Mental Health care there are still issues in changing things. Perhaps we need to look at penalising any perpetrators of abuse and using their fines to support people’s Rehabilitation or medication. Might make people think twice about having kids they don’t really intend to care for too?


That is an excellent point. A capitalist approach to healthcare can not cover all members of society adequately. Which is why a collectivist approach is superior.

I am not a policy maker nor am I interested in being one. But as a tax paying citizen I was expressing that I do not like like socialist tones of "this should be done", "we should have care for all", "we should health care for all". Done but by who? Obviously the implied suggestion sounds like ther government should provide. I was saying we should hold our representatives responsible for making a good framework in place with good laws and regulations to make it work for the population. Maybe the metal health insurance should be competitive and available to all. Make the market forces improve the quality and prices.

We continuous see how our Democratic representatives do not work for us and work for the industries and lobbyists. Instead of holding them responsible, we go on ranting against the opposition and the capitalism. Democrats can do it if they unite and do their jobs. They did a good job of tobacco an cigarette Democratic members have done a large damage to our cause by talking socialism at every election. We turn off independent and moderate voters, go for lousy candidates with crazy ideas and don't elected as a result.


Are you opposed to social security? Medicare? Public roads? Police and fire departments? Public education? The post office? Public parks...? If not, why is Med4All different? All of these government funded programs have socialist tones.

The reality is that your tax dollars are being taken from you and used for all sorts of purposes that you may not agree with. My opinion is that, if the government is going to spend so much of our money, they may as well spend it on public good which will help people and improve society generally. They spend far too much on war and if they cut the military budget a bit, Med4All would be easily affordable. And it will save money over time.


  1. Social security has to be funded heavily by the government and is going bankrupt every year.We have 401K and many other IRAs with great tax benefits. If you have the discipline to control costs and save money every year, everybody can be a millionaire in 25 years. But living beyond means (wanting large homes, European vacations, eating restaurant food and having drinks, leasing expensive cars, raking up credit card bills and getting burying in debt up to you eye balls) has become the American dream. I am not even talking about dropping out of school, teenage pregnancies, drug use etc. There have been many good alternatives to social security that the tax payers do not have to fund WHEN going bankrupt. This is a very rich country. It is possible. There are many places in the world where competent people can't make it lifelong due to the terrible social, political and economic environment.

  2. If the healthcare industry is regulated properly and our own lawmakers do not suck up to lobbyists and industry a fare marketplace will give you good and affordable healthcare.

Anything you give to the government is always mismanaged and we the taxpayers end up holding the bag.

The solution is make the real democracy work but instead of making it work by participating and asking our own representatives work for us, we are constantly blaming somebody else. Our problems today are due to our representatives selling us out.


Mental illness is one of the large complications of homelessness. I wouldn't take it personally.
She probably had the same encounter with dozens of people that day.

Yesterday, it was tempting to run over a guy with a bull horn toting a sign that said "Jesus says if you marry a divorced woman, you are committing adultery."

@WonderWartHog99 , thank you for resisting the urge. Only Trump has the privilege of running over people who question his marital infidelity.

@SanDiegoAirport Trump tries to pay the gals off if they'll shut up about it.


Please be reminded that President Ronald Raygun cut services that aided the mentally ill that President Carter attempted to mainstream after Geraldo Rivera exposed horrible conditions in mental "hospitals", where we locked them away far from the public. This is the result. Homeless military veterans living in tents on the streets of our massive megalopolis'.


I can understand something like that creeping you out, it seems others also found this person's actions out of line, but what does that have to do with possession of nice things? 🤔

It is not a nice phone. It is a cheap TRACFONE .

@SanDiegoAirport Now I understand what you meant, yes that sucks.


Mental illness isn't really something to be irritated with or make fun of. Things like "crazy lady" and such are WHY there shouldn't be lay persons in positions of authority over societies most vulnerable.

And you might want to watch what you say out loud, or on the internet, about people you encounter and where you encounter them. People are getting fired left and right at the moment for mocking, making fun of, and/or things of that nature when they're outed.


I am permanently banned from twitter and facebook.

I am only allowed to chat here because the moderators who banned me from were merciful enough to let me return with a warning.

It is true, I am on thin ice.

I was not trying to bully her. I was flattered when I thought she was asking for my phone number.

Either way, my job is in danger :

@SeaGreenEyez that’s a good point.


Yeah I used to do grounds work for a hospital and a homeless guy started trying to attack me for mowing. Wouldnt back down so when I got physical I defended myself. Lucky for me he had the glassiest of glass jaws.

redhog Level 7 July 11, 2020

Sorry for leaving out important details :
I work as a security guard for this homeless shelter.

I do not know this lady and I thought she was flirting with me because when someone talks to me about phones, I usually assume that they are trying to get involved in my life.

Eventually, she got increasingly hostile and as I said earlier : insisted that god told her things.

There are cameras everywhere at this venue ( if someone stole something : they would know ).

Long story short, she was already banned for some other drama she caused inside before going outside to my posted guard perimeter to confront me over this weird assumption she had .

A cluster of security guards showed up to ask her to leave but that only gave her a excuse to sing loudly over them. Police stopped by a couple of times which worked for a while before they would leave and she would return.

She finally left for good by my lunch break and my supervisor was merciful enough to let me spend the rest of the shift in the interior of the building where my prejudiced mexican co-worker was trying to find ways to victim shame me for being in this strange scenario ( but to be fair, he would apologize by insisting that he was joking excessively at my expense ) .

Wow, what a day you had and to top it off your co worker too. What a total jerk he must be.


Social distancing is good, but Christian distancing even better!


Xian craziness everywhere

bobwjr Level 10 July 11, 2020

"Crazy" is the operational word. When dealing with others one always need consider the source. If Bozo the Clown starts spouting off we should live in the woods, eating each other buggers, consider the source. Hey, it's a clown.

Yes, it is a clown and I know its color. Last I checked it is still there.


I would feel sorry for the lady who accused you. Definitely some mental brain abnormalities that she has.

I hope she finds a more accomodating venue soon.

These clientele are mostly made up of attractive people.

California has this bad habit of giving them 15 seconds of Hollywood fame before dumping them on the streets.


I can relate to your situation. I was invited to a wedding last September in Porto, which I was able to attend, but a Dutch guy that I travelled with a few times decided to tag along because he thought the wedding was for him as well. The excuses were: "in Asia I would be invited as well" and other bullshit. The guy is over 50 and I put up with a 5-year old style from him. Then he found surprising that I simply cast him aside. People, by jealousy, envy or whatever are starting not to see things properly. Making the comparison, the crazy theory behind it will make you wonder where the Hell that came from. Fortunately, in your case, other people saw what was wrong. People are getting crazy.


I don't know the whole story between you and the lady who is accusing you. More information is missing.
I think the accusation of stealing is very serious and if you have evidence to prove that the accusation of the lady is not true, you should consult an attorney.

Really??? She's very clearly mentally ill.

That is my biggest fears. The shelter closes down in October due to budget cuts but that will not stop people just like her from trying to sue me over dialog she initiated.

@JonnaBononna Really? I haven't met yet this lady and the other person involved in this story. So I can't assume and present a diagnostic of mental illness. My opinion was given according to the first story that he shared where I mentioned that it was missing a lot of details.


You've got some mighty colorful people out there, by the San Diego Airport!


Empathy! Could you not at least pity her husband?

She's married?

Empathize with her parents, siblings, friends or at least the landlady and dogs

@St-Sinner I don't know enough about her to sympathize with her kit and ken.

Husband , can you please get your wife off of the streets ? She deserves to be pampered like the princess she is.


Crazy is the word

barjoe Level 9 July 11, 2020

I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs.


Wow, your luck’s not brilliant, but no one could accuse you of having a boring life. Take care, expensive toys can be a pain in that way, like you say: cheap and cheerful can be just as good 😉

My phone is insultingly cheap but the contacts are not backed up to my computer because I did not expect such a scenario.

I deleted my banking app and LYFT app because they had my debit card info on them.


Bad news ( or good news if you hate security ) , Umbrella lost the Convention center's homeless shelter contract. Also the price of silver is unusually high as gold is peaking from a 10 year average. Are we spiraling back into another "march madness" market crash bubble ?

I might be panicking over nothing. Maybe I am just bad at security ? Either way, I should not panic.


She needs help, sorry your discomfort didn't allow you to get that.

I will tell you the same thing I told customers at the zoo I used to work for : " This is not a prison, they would perish without the help of this non-profit and it is not my job to save you from the cage you stupidly open. Harambe died because of bad parents just like you .

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