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Men and manhood. “What’s up with this male-dominated world? How did we get sexism, patriarchy, misogyny in the first place?“. There are four rows of three images. Each image takes you to a page for a podcast.

anonymous 7 Aug 28

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I am listening to S3 E7 "Himpathy"

twill Level 7 Aug 28, 2020

@MissKathleen No, it's not. It messes with the assumption of women's bonds with each other also. ....even with an obvious case like Matthew. It's hard to stand up and be righteous even in the most obvious circumstances ? I'd say yes. That's what has created these situations, these assaults against women

@MissKathleen Indeed


How did we get sexism, patriarchy, misogyny in the first place?

For thousands of years, what today is called sexism was a societal norm and was born of nothing less than necessity.
Men took on the roll of hunter in hunter gatherer society while women became the gatherers, because it did not endanger them or their children, as mothers and child bearers were far more important to tribal society survival than men and needed to be kept safe.
The Human male was stronger and so necessarily became the builder and protector and more often than not the victim of harsh life.
Women were more likely to survive harsh winters as the female body is more resistant to heat and cold and also requires less nourishment and is a very efficient procreater, capable often of producing off spring for her entire (then) adult life.
All of this lead to accepted gender roles for the good of the family and the tribe.
However as we moved to a more agrarian society, women and men had a far more equal roll to play, on a farm based life a woman could utilise animal power and tools just as well as men and did so.
Many records exist of women running farms after the death of the husband in the middle ages.
It is around this time that the unease begins to set in with tools making women more ambitious and the churches begining to fear for their easy meal ticket, if a woman can run a farm, she can certainly preach a sermon.
Only need look at Chaucer to see the men and women of the pilgrimage were equal.
Common laws existed for the protection of women, the so called "rough music" for public humiliation and punishment of spouse beaters and abusers, was applied equally to men and women.
Religion's blaming of Eve for he sins of the world, and the extirpation of the old godess' of nature began the decline of these equal but accepted and different gender roles, as the church began to promote the idea that men somehow outranked women. but in every day life they pretty much continued as equal partners until the industrial revolution.
By the 16th century things began to turn sexist, after the religious chaos cause by the likes of the Tudors was blamed firmly on women by the Catholic church, with Elizabeth and Mary being held up as examples of the dangers posed by "modern" womanhood, and the theatrical media of the day being encouraged to mock women, especially clever women as the root of all trouble.
Modern sexism as we recognize it today is a very new phenomenon mostly coming out of the Victorian age, but massively exacerbated after the end of WW1. with he myth of the returning heroes, encourage the exaltation of men and a return to to a mythical golden age that never actually existed.




IMO young boys are trained to rely on their ego. So they make a big deal about sports, then everything they do is to stroke their ego. They lie to make themselves look better. It is a mess.

@MissKathleen Yes I realize I generalized. After all I am not an ego maniac. I've lived my life with superior women

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