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I ask here because I can't ask there. is often down for extended periods of time (such as now, 9/9 all morning)

I've not been on enough to know if this is periodic or sporadic, intentional or accidental.

Any insight?

TheMiddleWay 8 Sep 9

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Yeaup, that was it: my work network has it blocked.
If I go through my mobile carrier, I get in.

Thanks for letting me knwo it's up...

Hmmm.. Usually your security software blocks things for a reason. Good purchase- whatever you invested in.


Was just on there, had no issues.


It may be your device.

Slug's been working fine for me all morning.

I've tried on my computer and my phone and out on both.
Come to think of it, both are connected to work network; maybe block.

Let me disconnect my phone and go through mobile and see if that's it...

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