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Religion is just a term created to put fear in man...

JimStanley 4 Sep 15

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It also tells people what they want to hear, you’re better than everyone that doesn’t believe as you do.
It’s the same as Trumps politics, just tell people what they want to hear, it is the lure of fascism and always has been.

You are very right

Thank goodness for communities and sites like this. That along with the activist YouTubers, bloggers and podcasters.

I struggle daily with countering religious ideas in my own life and it's so helpful to be able to organize my thoughts where the discourse is friendly and respectable.

And it doesn't hurt that a community like the that lives in reality tends to reject Trump. 🙂


Religion is not a "term". Saying the word doesn't put fear in anyone. It's the manifestation of religion that puts fear in humanity.


Religion is a con job used to control people. Religion is subjective, coming for the mind.

100% true there!!!


Religion is all about being able to control large groups of people.

as in "The opiate of the masses" kinda thing? Gotcha.


Religion was invented by the caveman out of fear when he heard a thunder and lightening in the sky.

Human beings are fearful out of ignorance. Nobody has to do it for you. If nobody told the first man, he would invent it himself.

Education as we known so far too has nothing to with logic and reason. A lot of college educated people are religious. Education of books within four walls has failed to enlighten people for centuries.


It is far more than a term. It is total system ideology enforced by a priestly cult and by a system of "true believers" creating cohesive groups intimidating others into believing as they do.

You are right with your opinion


I think it runs far deeper than that.

Tell me what you think please

Yes, not Just a term, but a practice that is threatening/intimidating.

@JimStanley I don’t think “religion” is so much a fear-inspiring term, but rather a device. A tool as old as hominids who first looked upon the sky in wonder.

My guess is the earliest beliefs were stories to explain things in the sky, which were quite scary to the primitive brain. In this respect, religion was a tool for calm, helping ease fears of the unknown.

As religion evolved, it took many forms. As clever, manipulative people figured out the power they could wield over others with increasingly spectacular stories, it’s been used for both benevolent and malevolent reasons—uniting warring tribes for the common good, dividing and murdering for bloodlust and greed, etc.

Fear is but one small result, there are multitudes of reasons religion was born. Control is probably predominant among them.

I agree. Religion likely served a strong, positive influence in early man to create communities and a togetherness or common understanding that human beings crave. These communities were able to work together and thrive.

Unfortunately, this tendency of humans to find meaning and answers where there are none is no longer useful and is likely holding us back. Religion served its purpose but it's now detrimental to our continued progress, wellbeing, prosperity, and sense of togetherness, belonging, and community. But because religion was likely an influence on our evolution, we still have the brain chemistry, for lack of a better term, that makes us ok with religion or even makes some of us require religion to navigate their lives.

Religion today serves to divide us to control us and to keep power and influence. Fear is certainly a common tool which when combined with ignorance create a powerful elixir to bend followers to the will of the church.


No, It takes advantage of the fear of death, and of the dark, and of each other, as Hitch said.

Unfortunately it works on a lot of people.


It is not the term that creates fear and the concept defined by the term wasn't created to impose fear. Indeed it wasn't created at all. It developed, admittedly partly from fear, to explain what humankind could not explain. As its various forms and parts became codified, and it became a political tool for popes and kings, yes, it became a tool of fear. Ironically, today it is used not so much to explain what humankind doesn't understand as to deny what a good deal.of humankind either does understand or could understand if it wasn't AFRAID to understand.



It remains a tool: to the ignorant, true; to the educated, false; to the rulers, useful ~

Varn Level 8 Sep 15, 2020

If religion is real,it should be one and not many


Of course.
The most terrifying book of the 20th century was Orwell's 1984 and all he had to do was show a society that had replaced theocratic religion with secular religion.
The world run by the all seeing, all powerful overlord, who judges all that you do, say and think and has his will enforced by his terrible followers, their inquisition and their all controlling "utopia" always promising better to come. With a promise of eternal torture in room 101 for those who fail to love their master leaving no room to love anyone else, or indulge in icky sex.

Yeah, Orwell had the Democrats figured out long before they even did.🤣😂

@Silver1wun Orwell was a lifelong democratic socialist, however most of his works are characterised by a warning against totalitarianism and extremism, regardless political hue.

@LenHazell53 I've asserted what and you've explained why.


That and reruns of "Gilligan's Island"!


So it doens't affect women huh? That's awesome. I thought it was to create sheeple to do as they're told, be a good boy -go forth and multiply.
It may have begun as a term but now it's a cult of many varieties none of which I GAS about.



Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27.

What is there to fear about helping widows and orphans while avoiding worldly corruption?

Word Level 7 Sep 15, 2020

You’re a weird guy and I love you man 😂

@Word This Bible quote is a phrase used by the powerful , Kings, Priests, Popes and Bishops to calm the masses.. It has NEVER been followed up with adequate provision. Why are you still repeating it?

@Mcflewster I have never heard the such quote the phrase. And, I have never heard of anyone (in modern times, other than myself) taking a defense for religion as the biblical text defines religion.

I think those that use biblical text with out using its definition for religion is like the typical illogical atheist Jim Jones that is quoted to of said:
Marceline Jones admitted in a 1977 New York Times interview that Jones was trying to promote Marxism in the U.S. by mobilizing people through religion, citing Mao as his inspiration: "Jim used religion to try to get some people out of the opiate of religion." Wikipedia

@Mcflewster why is it that people "outside " or not into reading biblical text calls people "religious " because they have read biblical text?

@Word you are right

@Word All people have tendency to be religious in the fastidious sense of the word and if you use it in that sense only I have no quarrel with you. I have been to Bible study classes myself but only to try and understand the mode of thinking. Religiosity (in both senses) is a sliding scale . Where are you 0 to 100? I would be at about 25.

@Mcflewster as to helping widows and orphans while avoiding worldly corruption I would fully accept this definition. I once considered myself Christian and would do some of those things you might call "Religiously ". Prayer, meditation, fasting, listening to thoughts as for communication from "God" for prophetic words.

Not into the "religiosity " any more for the most part, other than, from my personal experience there is something I would say that "science " has yet to discover. To what I would consider undiscovered I point people to consider brainless cognition of slime mold and parasite cognition of the zombie ant fungus. So to say in an opinion with out have any other evidence to support, I would accept there is something of a cognition capability that can have its cognition that interacts with people causing them thoughts of it being a "god thingie".

@Word "there is something I would say that "science " has yet to discover. " some 'thing' ???there are countless 'things' that you have yet to discover using science - no other method or process- indeed.

"I would accept there is something of a cognition capability that can have its cognition that interacts with people causing them thoughts of it being a "god thingie"." Could you please reconstruct this sentences? It sounds as in cognition interacts. It is people that interact.

@Mcflewster people, or a person, would only interact because of cognition. Dead people don't exactly interact. And I would be speaking of or speculating about a cognition that is not housed in the confines of an animal brain. But, to speculate that however, where ever this cognition capability is housed could interact with people.

@Mcflewster I will elaborate on some of my thoughts. Perhaps you have read my comments along these line before. Speculation based on an observation. Not saying it is a hypothetical neither saying a lot of supporting corroborating facts to support if that speculation is close to correct. But, speculate as a starting point to consider or evaluate more.

Consider bipolar schitzoeffective or multiple personality people. Consider slime mould cognition, zombie ant fungus parasite and physically conjoined twins.

I ask a question: could 2 or more completely seperate cognition capability "things" be "housed" *(for lack of a better term) in the same brain structure?

@Mcflewster Is conjoined twins one person or 2 people?

@Word I would say that even being so close, that Abby and Brittany could have different cognition from watching and hearing the same thing, giving independence of thoughts and therefore they are two ordinary people in one body.There is obviously no chance of separation. Please tell me what that proves wrt to our discussion though.

@Mcflewster not saying it proves anything is one point I am making, the other you just don't get I guess

@Word Fine, I will continue to ponder.


I think religions started because of fear and ignorance in man. And it didn't take long for some of those men to see that it is a useful tool to take advantage of others,


It isn't just a term. It is an entire way of life, of programming.


I think of it as a term used by men to control everybody else; especially women and children.


Fear is the glue holding everything together. Take away the fear of hell and nobody would believe the stories of the Bible and they would be looked at like Aesop’s fables. I know this personally. I was converted to Christianity at 18 and didn’t know anything about the Bible just that I didn’t want to be burned in hell. The more I learned the more I questioned but I fooled myself into thinking well this may sound crazy but it’s in the Bible so it must be true.


Not the term but the practices that are fearful:
Fatwas, Spanish Inquisition, witch burnings, exorcisms, threats of eternal damnation, warnings of Satanic warfare and impending Armageddon, First Church of Football!
(That last one represents my own adolescent gay boy fear of not being accepted as man enough for sports comeradery, lol) 😁


Would it not be that Religion/s are created from the fears of humans and thrive by increasing as well as nurturing those same fears?


And establish a set of rules and mores in a time when such rules and mores weren't well established.
And answer questions that people did not (and in some cases still don't) have.
And act as a anthropomorphic stand in for phenomena we did not understand.
And serve as a tool by which we can practice unraveling the known from the unknown or unknowable.
And point to the limits of our imagination and/or knowledge.
And maybe, just maybe, hint at a larger truth.

Powerful term that religion is....

@TheMiddleWay :And all of your points can be delivered eventually by science no need for religion.

As long as there are limits to science, there is room for religion... or music or art or literature... and any other means of understanding humanity and our role within the universe outside of scientific inquiry.

@TheMiddleWay Science can say more about understanding Humanity INCLUDING music , art and literature. Some people shun science and are therefore deliberately creating a hole for fantasy ( some of which is good) to fill, but they would be better humans, better people with science.

Science cannot speak to Van Gogh's effect on some people but not others... why Bach is revered by most but Schopenhauer unknown by most... how people love Dune but not it's prequels.

Beware scientism: the dogmatic belief that science can and does explain everything, that science is our new god.

@TheMiddleWay It does not explain everything yet, mostly because new needs for answers keep arising . We are not yet of a collective mind to explain everything. If you joined us it might help. It remains to enjoy everything first then explain it.

Scientism does not exist only science..... as a means of knowing and decreasing uncertainty

If you tried it out on something that would actually help you personally then it might grow on you?

@TheMiddleWay By The way the answers to some of your artistic enjoyments lie personal and deep inside your head. Why would I want to explore and explain all that? . I enjoy art too.


If you joined us it might help

I'm sorry if my phd's in theoretical particle physics and medical physics and 20+ years teaching physics at the university level aren't enough "help" for you. 😀


No shit, Sherlock!




Most religions within them, communicate threats which appeal to our fears.
That would be how I’d say it.
But I get your sentiment.

Mvtt Level 5 Sep 15, 2020


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