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One week...just keep telling yourself...

DangerDave 9 Jan 13

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counting on it and hoping that there isn't more violence. I don't care about protests as long as they're not killing others or destroying --- peaceful is a Constitution given right

I'm not that humanistic, I guess. I'd love to see those MAGA morons make a move. Save the innocent soft targets they'd kill later and cleanse the gene pool. It'd have its benefits.


It should not take 20k armed National Guard troops though. May he go to jail or run away cowardly to some 3rd world shit hole with no extradition. Lock them all up

He, his cohorts and his clan aren't that smart. I see prison time for a lot, if not THE lot, of them.

There is no punishment more painful to him than being totally, not just legally bankrupt. That will hurt him the most. Rip him off his money to the bone.

@St-Sinner I thought the one quote saying that what hit him hardest so far was losing the PGA tournament at his club was probably right on the money. He believes himself to be a golf god....

@Larimar No, his loans coming due in 2023 I believe. And the Germans are investigating the bank. Soon New York can go after tRump

@Beowulfsfriend They're going to find a lot, I have inside information on just one club's worth. There's a reason my buddy wouldn't sign the tax returns for that club. shhh, FLA should investigate, too


Yes sire, my calendar has been marked

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