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Government releases report about Orgasm-inducing mind control weapon
its an old article but it looks interesting to share

William77 7 Jan 14

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This sounds like a business opportunity.


I like the idea of a weapon that makes everyone gay. That would be a huge help to our overpopulation problem.


Ha, ha, I guess. Do they sell a DIY book?
A lot of guys especially would probably be interested. It would be right up there with '101 Guaranteed Pick Up Lines'.

From the link

It’s not clear who was developing the weapons or whether they were ever successful in their attempts.

But it’s certainly not the only mind-boggling weapon to be found among government files.
The revelations came from unearthed documents written in 1994 – the same year that Bill Clinton signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which banned soldiers from being openly gay.

The proposals originated at the US Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, which was seeking $7.5 million in funding to research a number of ideas for chemical weapons.

Some of the ideas suggested were beyond comical, for instance, a chemical that would attract bees to enemy soldiers so they got stung. But one was particularly surprising.

The document suggested that it could develop a powerful aphrodisiac to spray on people in order to make enemy soldiers have sex with each other



bobwjr Level 10 Jan 14, 2022

Terrifying if true but I kept looking for a disclaimer.


Very scary!

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