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Does me getting excited over the sight of a bunny at my job a sign of brain damage ? Or am i just living in the moment by being happy that it is not being torn open by a wild coyote ? (πŸ‡)


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Umbrella_Guard 7 Sep 13

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Nature has power , I think it allows us to take in the big picture and put things in perspective.
Also relieves stress.


What's wrong with being thrilled about the small things in life?

Its the most important thing. The happiest are those who know how to appreciate the most things.


Thanks for the comments.


There's nothing at all wrong with finding a small joy in seeing a wild bunny. There's also nothing inherently wrong about a bunny being eaten by a coyote. It's simply that one is considerably less pleasant to view.


Both could be true, just because you have brain damage that’s no reason not to enthusiastic about it.πŸ˜‰


Three. Enthusiasm for life is good, but yes you probably are.

I revel, nay, I frolic in my supposed insanity! Where else can you be expected to find so much fun?

@BOBdammit Good. I revel in mine too.

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