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Unholy Communion? Are you tired of all the boring church nonsense? The terrible singing, damp church pews, pre-pubescent boys with hymn books, embarrassing confessions of perpetual masturbation and ass coveting, or maybe the awkward small talk with the vicar's wife? If you're still a fan of transubstantiation and partial to a bit of blood and body of Christ, might I highly recommend these Grissini hand twisted bread sticks (Waitrose -£1.80) and a glass of this rather elegant and keenly priced 2016 Moerbei South African Cabernet blend (Naked Wines - £11.99) as a holy gratifying alternative.

anonymous 7 May 3

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Emme Level 7 May 3, 2018

Oh now you must be loaded...bloody Waitrose. Nowt up with Lidl wine £3.50 a bottle


The whole thing is obscene

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