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Define a sin.



Um, any food item which contains an entire day's calories in one tiny serving?

vita Level 6 May 16, 2018



Pouring Coke into a glass of good scotch.

Single malt of course.

@Paragon69 Islay preffered


Archaic archery term meaning to miss the target

JustKip Level 6 May 16, 2018



Eating pizza with a knife and fork.

Kbdank71 Level 6 May 16, 2018

That is truly awful...


The ratio of length of the opposite side of a right angled triangle to the length of the hypotenuse.

MattHardy Level 5 May 16, 2018

The improper usage of there, their and they're. What is wrong with these people? Damn their eyes. smile002.gif

Surfpirate Level 7 May 16, 2018

Anything I did while living under my mother’s roof!!!

And mine


'Sin' means without.

torry Level 2 May 16, 2018

"Sin" means "without" in Spanish.


sin is the ratio of the opposite side to the hypotenuse

SeeCanU Level 6 May 16, 2018



"You must have been thinking bad thoughts!" Sally called across the net when my ex-husband, Terry, hit a wild, careening shot. We laughed. As a high school tennis coach, Terry was a great tennis player.

Sally and Terry were raised Catholic. Both became atheists in their early 20s. "Once a Catholic, always guilty," they quipped.

I believe the Catholic concept of sin causes people to feel guilty and insecure.

It's a good thing I am agnostic because if I were held to the Christian definition of a sin, I would be the first in line to the gates of hell. lol


I don't think the term is used anywhere else but religion.
But, if I had to define it in order to eat today....
Varying degrees of a choice gone awry.

gloriadeb Level 6 May 16, 2018

Unjustifiable excessive harm caused towards society with malice and intent.

kohlb4 Level 2 May 16, 2018

To miss the mark.

SpikeTalon Level 8 May 16, 2018

Just about everything offends someone, so let's just say everything is a sin.

phil21 Level 7 May 16, 2018

You raise a solid point there.


Most simply put it is "missing the mark."

DenoPenno Level 7 May 16, 2018


Regburns Level 3 May 16, 2018

There's no such thing. While it's not a "sin", I don't think that behaviour that intentionally harms another should be embraced.

I was tempted to make a point about laws that make things illegal, but I am sure someone here would blast me for inferring those laws were created out of the belief in sin.


I can't. Sin is a religious concept. So I guess it is something that breaks the rules of a religion.

Rugglesby Level 8 May 16, 2018

Any action, statement, or thought that is not in line with the teachings of a particular religion.

Katrik Level 6 May 16, 2018

You and Rugglesby nailed it!


An imaginary construct where one contravenes a rule outlined in religious doctrine. Is my definition.

Flettie Level 5 May 17, 2018

I had a friend tell me that "sin" was an archery term which meant, "missing the mark." So I asked him, “Is it a sin to miss a mark I'm not aiming at? Because, based on our discussion, you have a different target altogether than I do.”

Benthoven Level 7 May 16, 2018

No such thing as good or evil. If a being evolved that used all the matter in the Multiverse to exist Why would you matter.? Nothing cares about humans. We are alone.

MARDUK Level 5 May 16, 2018

I am told the word was originally derived from archery. "To sin" simply meant that you missed the target.

snytiger6 Level 8 May 16, 2018

Sin is the religious word for immorality. Of course, which actions are believed to be sinful or immoral vary from person to person, place to place, and/or time to time.

Wallace Level 4 May 16, 2018
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