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The last guy I was "seeing", mostly talking and texting, told me he was married and separated 2 months into us talking. I was very disappointed to hear this but I stuck it out another 2 months and it proved to be a waste of time. I saw him only four times in 4 months and after a very interesting visit, don't ask, I left him a message and said hi what are you doing? He did not answer. I did not hear from him for a week so I texted him and said I waited too long to hear back so I am assuming we are over. I hope you and your family are well and I wish you all the best. To any of you "single" men out there who are still married, do not contact me! I did not wait 6 years to have someone waste my time. Also after I saw that he read the message, I deleted and blocked him.

anonymous 7 May 19

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„All the lives we’ve ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves“
— Virginia Woolf

IAS1 Level 5 May 20, 2018

Liars and losers taking advantage of bad choices by women ....never too late to choose good single Atheists and drop the dickwads


I was on a second date with a woman a year ago this past February when she told me that she was separated. The movie ended and I took her back to her car and never looked back. That's info that should be told at the very first conversation!! I'm divorced in every sense of the word! I have no room for cheaters in my world. That's why I divorced her. Remember: "If they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you." You can quote me on that.


When they are not giving you what you want LEAVE.
Going to share some "tapes" I play in my head, one of them works for ALLLL kinds of relationships.

  1. If you aren't doing what is necessary to sustain a relationship with me and aren't bothering to find out what that is you are in essence "trying to get me to fire you".(barring some critical, verifiable, life circumstance)
    This works for services, doctors, veterinarians, relatives, "boyfriends", "fair weather friends", users, relationships which lack any sort of reciprocity.
  2. To expand on the point above an analogy: You do not hang a 500lb thing by a thin strand of jute and expect it to stay in place, unless you want said thing to fall on your head.

I may be single the rest of my life, so be it, than to be in a lopsided relationship. Consider he did you a favor. You'd just have been inheriting someone else's problem. I don't know how old you are, but as we age the quality of women jumps into orbit vs availability of suitable men. Simply because uhm, guys have a tendency to do this thing that is die first.
There are also "dry" regions for both genders. I freaking hated Texas. Whenever Michigan guys are bumming for girlfriends I tell them to move there where the ratio was 20-1.


I had been separated nearly 9 years and had been in 2 subsequent relationships yet I met a lady who insisted I get a divorce. This may be why. She was determined and I was divorced within 2 months.


For me, "Separated" should mean living apart. If they're still sharing the house, they're not separated.


Yes. On the dating sites, I always avoided the ones that said "Separated."


"Separated" means MARRIED.............always.


Alone for 8 years means I don't want to waste my time on curious sex or coy compartmentalizing lifestyles. ....seeking a political bride of courage to wage peace through GREEN JOBS. ...THAT kind of love inspires others like Eleanor and Franklin or Jack & Louise 1915-1920

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