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Folks, do you know the two most vicious lies of religion?

anonymous 7 May 20

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1 Here is truth
2 God needs cash!

Great answer.


The promise of an afterlife and that you can be forgiven for your actions through faith.


That the Bible is inspired by God, written by man.

They have the man part right, however it's man's own desires and prejudices, and NOT God telling them what to write.


That Jesus was White. The concept of Hell and facing eternal damnation. The Authenticity of the Bible as the Word of God.


I know what I think they are but my list is longer than 2. Here are my top 3.

1.There is only one "God" probably a shit ton of arrogant scientists (creators) out there fucking with us and our DNA.
2. Only the preacher can commune with said "God"
3. All humans must follow the same rituals

@Lefthanded Unfortunately most of those adults have been indoctrinated since childhood themselves and are truly ignorant of the deceptions.

@Lefthanded Oh yes the leaders that knowingly deceive people for any reason should be held to an even higher standard. I agree this should have been outlawed centuries ago if not even millenniums.

@CreativelyMe. Find a way to stop the indoctrination of children and you have found a way of bringing peace to this planet.

@Axlefoley Iceland did. Last year they passed a law that teaching to a child of 12 and under is child abuse and punishable as a felony.

@Axlefoley That would probably require us overthrowing our government and starting fresh. Teach them basic survival skills and then supervise them in safe settings so they can explore without fearing consequences for messes or mistakes.


That god loves you but only if do exactly what he says even as he changes what he says. Geeze there are so many vicious lies, how to pick only two.


That ethics are absolute and dependent upon a diety?

The cosmology of a religion is the only correct one?

I don’t see the relevance of your comment to my comment, interesting as it is.

This is about religion, not Christianity. Yes, there are plenty of problems with Christian dogma, but that’s just not relevant. Perhaps you should have asked “what are the two most vicious lies in Christianity”?

Original sin. That’s horse shit.

Eternal life.

I’m good with the conservation of mass and energy, but eternal life? No.


Number 1 is eternal life,
First all atoms remain alive after we die and that is just fact. Then one must let the mind think. So your new to heaven and the first year is meetups with the ole family, you are not tired, hungry, thirsty and so on. After the next ten years you have done a lot and now you are reaching 1000 years, 10,000, 1,000,000 and just think this never ends. Now if you believe you arrive in heaven with the soul you currently have then you use time to evaluate your world, Good luck with eternity my friend, I would ask to killed somehow if I was still thinking for eternity.

EMC2 Level 8 May 20, 2018

And do you know what god did then?
No, preacher, I don't know and neither do you.


The celebration of lack of knowledge,... and that nonreligious people are less moral than the religious


Lie 1. God exists and you must believe in what we say otherwise when you die you will burn and suffer for all eternity.

Lie 2. We are your only path to God and you must keep giving us your freedom, money and mind so that we can make sure God loves you and doesn't make you burn etc.


The church roof is leaking again ?

Yes Timmy this is in the Bible ?


“You are broken and doomed”

“But I can save you.”


The honourable poster of this question does realise, I trust, that he is preaching to the converted on these points, I hope. (Sorry about the religious cliche.)

Hellfire and damnation, lol, Lefthanded is playing at something. What is he up to? sounds like he's trying to convince himself.

@Lefthanded oh, I think a great many of us here, the greater majority, know that these Bronze Age religions are the original "fake news" of history combined with the original inventors of euphemistic language (Virgin Birth, Holy Trinity). Academic Dr Richard Carrier put it nicely once when he called early Christians demonstrably "Big Ass Liars". As for religious physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children, and cover up, the global evidence against the mainstream Christian religions is indisputable.

@Lefthanded "religious charlatanism". To whom is this comment directed? I trust not me. I suggest you focus your replies with a little more care and precision.


My opinion:

  1. That you're broken and need fixing.
  2. That the next life matters more than the here and now.

2 most vicious lies?
1 Deities exist.
2 Harming others to the point of death makes you better than monsters.

Exactly 😉


The most vicious are the ones that would have it in the science classrooms and the ones that that push political agendas... those are the concern.


The blood and body of Christ. It's just a wafer and juice.


Being a former church goer for most of my life, I would say the most detrimental teaching for me was the beginning phrase...."You'll burn in hell if you (insert sin here). The second has to be how the church teaches contradictory lessons. And how they twist the Bible to fit their agenda.


Seeing that is really a fictional thing the lies are meaningless...

blzjz Level 7 May 20, 2018

Gods are real.
Religious books are the truth.

@MARDUK You clearly misunderstood my response to the post.

Q: Folks, do you know the two most vicious lies of religion?
A: All gods are real (Lie #1 ). Religious books are the truth (Lie #2 ).

Very good answer. Covers just about all the vicious lies by grouping them together as one big vicious lie.

@Lefthanded The biggest lies are usually the most vicious. They also tend to beget all the others.


@Lefthanded I read some of them. I didn't want to take their answers.

Yes, there are so many vicious lies it is really difficult to pick out the worst two.

@snytiger6 Yep.


The best Bible ever ... Dismantles the hole bloody bible on about 50 pages.


I can think of one in particular....'In the beginning was the word'

Aside from the fact that this is nicked from the Ancient Egyptians at least, the notion is crap, we don't know what the absolute beginning was and nor does anybody else 🙂

In the beginning of what though? The planet Earth or all time and eternity?

@CreativelyMe Indeed, the Bible says word but in fact we don't what it was or even if there was a beginning 🙂

@Lefthanded Sounds fascinating though. I am a firm believer in the power (magic/alchemy???) of words. I think it has to do with the frequencies though. Frequencies are mind boggling in their power. I think of opera stars shattering glass or dog whistles humans cannot hear. It is my opinion that "the word" is what humans have altered so much that we no longer communicate clearly. Maybe ancient Egyptians harmonized to move those megaliths??? Tesla worked with vibrations and it is speculated that his technology was used in bringing down the twin towers so there is much to be explored in this area and you sound more knowledgeable than most so I am going to follow you and see what you have to say about other things. Thanks for giving me something to think about!!!

@Lefthanded Yes definitely interested. I love all things ancient. I even got to see the Dead Sea Scrolls on exhibit once. My name, Melita is ancient Greek and there was an island with my name that is now known as Malta. I love studying the times before Christ and imagine where he went during his missing years because IF he did exist, he certainly was not religious. Philosophical yes, religious no way. I have ruled out religion but not a creator(s) so finding someone else that researches these things is super cool! Thanks for the book recommendation!


I would say:-

  1. Faith equates to virtue.

In other words 'If you are a man or woman of god you are a good person, by definition' - this leads to all sorts of nasty stuff. You can do anything, however foul, if you devoutly do it in the name of god. Whatever crime you commit, as long as you repent and pray you should be instantly forgiven. Anyone 'not of the faith' is, by definition, someone of lesser virtue, of lesser value - someone to be despised.

  1. 'Teaching' children the 'truth if god' is a good thing.

There is nothing more disgusting, more corrupt and more foul than abusing the trust and inquisitive curiosity of children by undoctrinating them. Let the kids grow up with healthy, open, enquiring minds - THEN present them with the bible and see how they feel about it.

Randolph Churchill, son of Winston Churchill, read the Bible for the first time in his life while a lieutenant in the army. His friend gave it to him to keep him quiet. Once through the book, Randolph said: "Fucks, this is the shittiest book I ever read!" (Expletives are his, not mine).

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