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Women Take Note. (No violence please)

anonymous 7 May 31

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I know your game. You're just buttering him up before the ten packs of flat pack furniture, you ordered, arrive. And of course the landscaping the garden bit. I know of what I speak happened to me. Oh "Stand by Your Man" Wish you all would. Sorry having a why did I let her use me day. To be serious love is a partnership and if you find it thank it whatever thing you pray to.


If that is what a person chooses, I guess it is OK for them. I however think that both people in a relationship should cater to each other equally, no matter what gender.


Sounds like the wrong interpretation of a bible verse.


Alternately if in a relationship and shared home,

if you see a job that needs doing, do it.
If you see your partner doing a job that needs doing, join in and it will be done in half the time.


This is why I think I need a wife not a husband.

lots of great toys out there @Crimson67

@Crimson67 yep! if you find some pick up two, one for me.

I prefer real too I can please myself too well and too fast there is good stuff in letting another do some of the work and the inter action is soooo great and im not so much into women either not totally opposed just never got into it but at my age im more like whatever the traffic will bear and a sub is fun you can make them do all manner of things you never dreamed you might have fun doing


In exchange for which , you will be insulted , critisized,and hated . Seems like the more I did for him ....

On behalf of all men, I'm sorry you hubby was a dick head, be sure most of us are not.
Incidentally you could have been describing my first wife above.


Traditionally he's supplying income with which fills basic needs of, food, clothing and shelter. Nowadays it is looked upon of exploitation of a female. We are not the idiotic society from long ago anymore, every body are to be treated as equals.

Really? what planet do you live on? I want to go.

I don't know about planet, but it has been my experience that you make the WORLD you want to live in, at least as far as your own front door, out of which can be thrown the bad shit you no longer want, need or are willing to no longer tolerate.

@Kojaksmom I don't like snarky comments of what I have to say and I can't see how any of what I commented on would offend you. So please don't comment on any of my posts.

@buzz13 okay, no problem . snarky is one of my primary modes of communication.


Not sure. Is this referring to a romantic partner or a maid?


We share cooking. Its whoever feels like it.

We clean for a living, so we do the same at home.

I can't stand how he folds clothes, so that one I totally do (with the help of our 12 year old daughter, son sucks at it as well...)

Both of us suck at giving the other any type of massage (I have bad Carple Tunnel and he only has 2 fingers on each hand)

And we don't pray

My wife hates how I fold clothes too, so after laundry is done by me, so I do mine, she folds her own, and we both are happy

My husband would just toss them in his dresser if I let him... I'm always going through and folding his stuff again anyway, but I'm a bit OCD...


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Not when I'm the only one earning an income.

@ProudMerry Has he turned everything pink yet? I had a BF do that once - LOL


Well, I could use someone to take care of all my needs, cooking, cleaning, laundry, sex, grab a hoe and work in the garden. I could play more music, hike with my dog, go fishing. There's nothing wrong with that. LOL

Ah , Iss , she does all the work , you have all the fun .....

@Cast1es I'm not really like that, but because I'm not trying to date, I can joke about it.


Definitely violence.

Make love, not war !



Not at all, we deserve it ?


I remember when I was first married, we both came home from work at the same time, and my husband would plop his rump onto the couch, open a newspaper and ask when dinner would be ready.

I would plop down next to him and remark, "Whenever you finish making it.."

If my husband ever uttered one word of criticism of my cooking or cleaning, that was the last time I did it. Expecting your wife to be your cook and maid while she is also working is the way to get dumped.

?Every Man Needs A Maid? Neil Young.

You still with him? Or is he dead, he, he.

@Jolanta I stayed with him because back then I was religious, but eventually I dumped him. We stayed friends for years but he's still such a misogynistic jerk I haven't been able to tolerate him very well.

@birdingnut I am happy that you eventually left him, sometimes it is not so easy to do that. We question ourselves as women a lot. Good on you.


Nothing wrong with each attending to the needs of the other in every loving relationship.

Would be nice , if that's what they had in mind - it isn't . They expect a one way deal .

No we don't, some men do, some women do, because in all honesty some people are arse holes willing to exploit or be exploited.

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