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We just updated the Facebook and Twitter "Share" buttons to give you points when people click on your shares. You'll get 2 points for every unique click and 100 points if someone joins. You can see how many clicks and joins you get from the promote page: []

You'll find the share buttons on the post and group pages on the right-hand side of the screen (on computer) and under the "Options" drop down list.

Sharing posts you like with your friends is a wonderful way to help spread the word about our little community. Thanks so much for your help! 🙂

Admin 8 June 1

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I don't think this is a good idea at all. I do not want my posts here shared on Facebook, period. I won't be making any more posts until that is no longer an option, sorry. I assume any and all comments to posts will be visible as well... So no more comments either. This site will disappear if this is legit as a feature. Well, not disappear exactly. Just be contentless from those who feel like I do about it. Which might be quite a few. I didn't join to end up on Facebook 2.0

@sarahjustme no, it's not that, I'm an open atheist, don't care who knows, just not what I signed up for, you know? Privacy doesn't mean I have something to hide...

@sarahjustme exactly. Someone will make money off my info, and it isn't me... That's a great reason for this not to become a thing, among others...

is there an opt out of this?


I intend to keep my FB presence isolated from Agnostic.Com. Two separate interests groups.


At first glance I thought this was a great idea, but if non-members can then freely browse the site, that makes me a little nervous. What I post here is WAY different than what I post on Facebook, for instance. I have zero desire for non members to know what I'm posting here.
Also a little hesitant that people can share stuff that I've posted off site without my knowledge. Again, what I share here is not meant for general consumption.
Here, I feel that I don't have to "put on a tolerant smile" or watch what I say.
If whatever is posted can now be shared indiscriminately, that changed the whole game.
It's like Outing the whole community.
That Is NOT okay!

scurry Level 8 June 12, 2018

@sarahjustme Totally understand. I feel that way too.
My personal worry is that I do volunteer work with the public and am accessible to them via Facebook. I try to keep a neutral face regarding polarizing topics. I don't turn anyone away, and don't want to turn anyone off.
That can get draining and this place is like a breath of fresh air where people understand... or at least a place were we can accept our differences. 🙂


How do you share just the group?


If I hadn't just deleted my Facebook account...


I have a concern with the fact anybody can share a post of another member. Is there a way to block others from posting your stuff?

You can block your profile from being viewed by non members. Posts are currently public.

@Admin does this apply to sharing on FB or Twitter as well?

@OpenOptimist, @sarahjustme is that a good thing?

@sarahjustme not fun if you were able to share to a non-member in fb


Thank You, like always!


Sharing now ?


Nifty idea


@Admin What about for those of us who are not on FB or Twitter, guess we're left out...major bumsville.

Agreed !

Indeed we should be able to share back to meaningful sites like .... ?

Suggestions of other sharing features to add? Reddit? Email?

@Admin I messaged you.

@Admin Definitely "email", " Message" and "Copy" please.


way cool!




Hi, I have a question. When I first joined the site I shared the link on Facebook. I guess I got some clicks because I had 89 points from the share. Sadly no one joined so that was all I could muster. Now the points are back to zero. I got the clicks, the points were there, in that category and now gone, thanks!

Also, there seems to be a glitch. I tried several times to edit my post above and couldn't.

@CaroleKay I checked the database of clicks and didn't see any clicks recorded with your username. Perhaps you changed it?

@Admin Yes, I changed my username. It was Caroleanne.

@CaroleKay Aha, that was it. Points are updated for your account. I'll work on a universal solution next 🙂

@Admin Thank you so much.


Good thing I'm using an alias! lol


Sonder Opia is my real name LOL

@SonderOpia Did I ever doubt it?

@FrayedBear hope not

@SonderOpia ?

@FrayedBear ??

@SonderOpia why do you hope?

@FrayedBear i hoped you didn't doubt it.

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